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I don't know what to do, and am asking for any kind of advice or insight. I know this site was fairly welcoming and helpful in the past, though I don't regularly come on anymore. I'm not sure what to do about the events that have occurred in this home, or the home before that.

I'm beginning to believe that it's not the places I live in that are haunted, but maybe me. No matter where I live things happen. Sometimes people notice it, sometimes they don't. It's getting to the point where anything that occurs without proper explanation no longer phases me, because I'm simply used to it at this point. What's been going on in this home doesn't scare me or my husband, though it raises future concerns about my daughter.

I originally wrote this up several months ago, but neglected posting it due to bad timing (submissions were closed), or just going on with life and forgetting about it. But since typing this up there have been a few additional occurrences, which are included first.

The other night my husband and I prepared for bed, both of us in the bathroom, when my husband and I (he noticed it first) thought we heard voices speaking. Our first thought was that our daughter had woken up, but the monitor registered nothing, and the sounds continued. I've heard this before in this home, but always shrugged it off. This was a first time for him. It sounds like distant voices mumbling, and it's unclear what is being said, but very recognizable as human voices with no discernible source.

At another time we returned home to find the shower on, by itself, and everything in the bathroom soaked. Annoying, really.

I've been working with a counselor to help process some past trauma, and after one extremely successful session after I'd let out 'body memories' (can't remember the proper term), I returned home and from outside on the porch I could hear very forceful banging coming from inside our home. I opened the door and inspected the house for any sign of intrusion (animals/people), but didn't find anything suspicious. It being a beautiful day, I relaxed outside on our steps below the front porch, but continued to hear forceful banging from inside.

After I posted my last submission I tried 'smudging' the house and focusing on bringing positivity into the home. While I did this there was rapping and banging going on throughout the house, but always away from me, until only a few rooms remained and the noise retreated to those back rooms until the whole house was finally done, and everything became quiet.

This next one is a smaller thing, though it gave me the heebie jeebies. All that happened was while getting ready one morning the song "Seven Devils" by Florence + the Machine came on by itself.

Okay, after this is the original post I meant to submit months ago (with some editing for time reference).

One night an incident happened that really freaked me out. I had been reading in bed, the cat beside me, and the bedroom door closed but not latched. I'd already felt as if 'being watched,' and began to hear what sounded like someone's weight shifting just outside the door, then BOOM! There was an incredibly loud and startling racket outside the bedroom. I began thinking the worst that someone had broken in, and stayed extra still and quiet, reaching for our gun, and trying to listen for other noises that might give somebody away.

After a while of hearing nothing else I called my husband to calm down a bit and be on the phone with someone. While we were on the phone I heard something slide around in the master bathroom on top of the counters. My husband works in law enforcement and decided to come home for a minute to have a look around. We searched everywhere. Nothing, and there wasn't anything out of place, but after hearing the noises in the master bathroom, I didn't think we would find anything. Our daughter never woke up, even though what I'd heard had been extremely loud.

One day when I walked into the bedroom two things happened at once. Something made a crashing sound in the bathroom, and at the same moment the dvd player turned on by itself. Not sure what that was about, or what could have caused either.

One night, while I was home alone and my daughter asleep, something tugged on my ponytail. I was sitting on the couch, winding down, when my hair gently pulled back, without anything around to have caught on it.

I thought I'd already shared this, but couldn't find it, so I'll mention it. My husband was at work, and I was putting our daughter to bed. When I came back out to the living room the screen door had slid open, open to the night. I immediately closed it, checked everything, but of course found nothing. This also happened to my husband, except he says he saw it open by itself. Ironically, this is more weird since we hate that screen door and can barely open it ourselves. It's not an easy thing to open.

One more thing, though I'm not sure how to interpret this. My daughter has an imaginary friend now, and I realize this can be perfectly normal, though it still raises questions for me considering everything else. It's not something she verbally communicates, since she can still hardly speak. The only reason I think she even has one is because of the times she suddenly looks off to another location in our home and immediately gets excited. She plays peek-a-boo with her hands toward it. She also has gone up to the spot she's focusing on and shows off her toys to it like she does to us. She does this by holding her toys up for us to see, but she does this to the 'spot' where she pretends someone is there. [Note: As of submitting this, my daughter hasn't played with her 'imaginary friend' for quite some time. Could've been a phase]

Thank you! ~aya

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-06)

I 'feel' that Tweed is correct with both of her comments... Here is why...

You stated...

"I've been working with a counselor to help process some past trauma,"

Even without 'working through' this trauma the 'energy' build up inside of you becasue of whatever you experienced that caused this trauma... Is being released in the form of kenetic energy... This is causeing things to move, doors to open... Thumps on or 'inside' the walls.

Other entities MAY have attracted to this energy... I think you will find that they disapate over time as you continue to 'work through' this trauma.

Thanks for sharing.


Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-06)
hmmm Hi again, I've just been thinking about your experiences. On reflection I'm leaning more towards this is a conscious entity/ghost. For the simple fact it seems to 'annoy' you when you're relaxing. I don't know, but it feels deliberate now that I think about it. Either way regular cleansing/shielding is still a good idea.

Just on a whim here, is it possible this presence isn't negative? Could it be someone trying to make a frustrated point about something? Do start a journal if you haven't already, these are the kinds of details which determine what you're dealing with.

Whatever it is, you'll be able to get to the bottom of it one way or another. 😊
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-06)
Hi Aya,

It sounds like you have some poltergeist activity, more like psychic energy outbursts than an actual conscious entity. There may be an actual entity as well, hard to say.
You mentioned therapy for a trauma. Unfortunately sometimes trauma can lead to poltergeist activity. It's important to keep your home smudged. I would do this once a week, and also incorporate some mental visualisation cleanse/shielding daily.
You said you had a pretty bad day of bangs directly after a break through session with a counselor. When we have breakthroughs in therapy we can also experience reluctance. Our former bad thinking kicks in and we resist change. Sometimes getting better can feel like 'getting worse' for a while. But you had a good day after this session, which is great! However, maybe, whatever was in your home that day wasn't too thrilled about your progress/new positivity and threw a tantrum! BTW I laughed at you ignoring it and enjoying the nice day, WELL DONE!

Think about when these weird/scary incidences have occurred; were you and/or your husband stressed at that time? Start a journal if you haven't already. Patterns will no doubt emerge through the details.

If it's a poltergeist the only way to rid it completely is by maintaining positive energy within your home and the people in it. Don't fret if you're having a bad or stress filled day, it happens. But make a point of redirecting that stress into something positive. Always end the day on a positive note. Something small, maybe a piece of chocolate and a giggle, anything positive. Getting everyone on board with this is even better.

Something else to consider is the people who come through your home. Is there anyone who visits who may be pessimistic or negative? I don't mean 'bad' people, just anyone who may be a bit of a grump. If you can think of anyone like this, make a point of smudging or salting, or anything like this after they've left, before they arrive would also help. Negativity can get into homes in all sorts of ways. No need to ban anyone from visiting you, please don't this it will only make matters worse! But a quick cleanse and shield of the area will keep that positive energy maintained.

Your daughter may be seeing a guardian type figure. She may also be imagining things. But *if* she's seeing a ghost and reacting positively to it, this sounds, to me at least, like a positive presence. Cleansing/shielding won't get rid of good ghosts, only negative ones. Think of the times your daughter has shown 'nobody' a toy. Were there any annoying/scary bangs etc that day/evening? Or was it a peaceful day/evening?
If your daughter was reacting badly to an unseen presence, I would say that's a bad thing. But it seems to be consistently a positive experience for her. So far, it sounds like she's safe from harm.

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