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And Then The Boy In Me Spoke!


I have drawn a certain fascination for your website as it facilitates a medium for people to pen down their horror stories. I am new here and thus it is my first story.

My wedding preparations were in full swing. I, being a bubbly girl and all of 24, was quite upbeat about my future. I was to get married in November 2008. I was in Hyderabad with my cousin brother and his family when my parents summoned me to Jammu in late August. It is pertinent to mention that it was during this time that Amarnath agitation had taken the city by stride and seize. The protests had taken a violent turn and Army had taken over. My parents thought it is best for me to cut short my trip and return home lest I might get stranded and be unable to attend my own wedding!

I obliged and one fine day reached home in early September. Since we are a nuclear family and my brother was studying engineering in Pune, my parents and me would sleep in the same room. So this particular night we retired to bed after dinner and a usual chit chat session. I sleep towards the open end of the bed and my mother was sleeping besides me.

Not too long after, I began to feel quite uncomfortable. All of a sudden my body became heavy and it was like my physical self was captured! Since I woke up in the middle of the night, which created commotion, my parents too got up and switched on the tube light only to find me sitting upright and turning my neck here and there. My mother looked worried and she was constantly calling out my name and asking me what happened?

I could hear her but was unable to respond. My father was standing behind me when I turned my neck towards him and said, "I am not Sakie (named changed) I am Rahul." My parents were shell shocked! They looked blank when that boy in me again spoke up (in my mother tongue). "I am Rahul and I was sent here from the crematorium to harm you. But since you all seem genuinely nice people I will not harm you. I was sent here by her aunt (he named her, yes!) so that I can ruin your daughter's future. I want mukti, I beg of you I want mukti."

In the meanwhile my father went in the adjacent pooja room to fetch the holy book of hanuman chalisa and both of them started reciting it with utter faith, all the while crying in pain to see me in a horrible condition. This continued for a few minutes and then I beckoned them to take me to the washroom. I was unable to control myself so both of them accompanied me.

However, we had to cross the pooja room and the lobby to reach there. Sadly, I was pretty much conscious all though out and was aware of what was happening. As soon as I reached the washroom, the entity's grip on me waned and I felt released. But my entire body, especially my neck, was in grave pain.

The three of us thereafter started howling. They took me back to the bedroom where we started to ponder over what we had just experienced! We felt cheated and at the same time grateful to God. We are a deeply religious family and believe in the power of the Almighty.

The next morning my parents took me to the concerned person who confirmed our suspicion and I went through ghastly procedures to release the trapped soul. Until we were done I used to see a black shadow following me everywhere especially the washroom. And yes, you guessed it right. I did in fact, suffer physically, mentally and emotionally all through the procedure but luckily for me, the good soul didn't wish to stay behind and was gone soon and for good. I never experienced anything of that sort ever after!

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Freespirit999 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-02)
This is a classical case of "Conversion Reaction"! Period! Case closed!
Better see a Psychiatrist.
Vikram (14 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-29)
Hi Sakie,

It is really painful to go through the experience you had. That too just before the marriage.

I hope you are happily married now.

Now to the part of the aunt. I know of my close relatives (my father's Mother, brothers and sisters) who depend on black magic for literally everything. Even for a fever, their first choice would be to visit a tantrik. Year ago, my father, who is really brave and has a bit of arrogance kicked a tantrik breaking his teeth, while he saw him performing some pooja in the middle of our ancestral house. In the days which followed immediately, we saw nine kind of pulses mixed and threw into our house, a black hen was cut in front of our house and kumkum, lemon were thrown into our house through a window. It turned out that my father lost a lot of money in business, sold that house and ended up in a rented house. Almost every time my fathers sisters used to come to the place we stayed on rent, either to tie a rakhi or for some other reason and used to bring sugar or some sweets or some lemons saying that it is prasad from some mandir, something wrong used to happen. Either fights at home, someone falling ill or losing money etc.

After almost 10 to 12 years of this continuing, we met a very well learned astrologer, who is a lawyer by profession, astrologer by passion and Brahmin by blood. He told us exactly what happened all these years even without we telling him about it. He suggested that we get a pooja done to all our family members. First impression was that he was trying to loot money in the name of pooja. But he did not charge us a single penny. He said that he makes a lot of money through court cases and does astrology and poojas to help the society through his skill which is passed on since generations.

He told us a few precautions which will help us in many other situations including the one from my aunts. You will also benefit from it if you follow it. Here are a few:

- He said shift your rented house and don't let them come into the new house.
- The information about developments in your family or about you in terms of work, personal life or private life should not be revealed to them in any way.
- Since they are envy of you, any growth or development would make them harm you again
- If you happen to get an invite, Don't go. If you can't avoid, go during the day time after you take a bath. Dont accept any thing to eat. Not even drink water. Don't accept any gits. If you have kids don't take them with you.
- If you have a event in your house, don't invite them. Keep it simple and within the house.
- To put in a nutshell you need to isolate yourself and your family from them.

While this may appear as the action of being scared, it is truly an action of a wise because we stay away from what harms us. Along with this, if your do regular pooja and hawan at your home, that will remove any kind of negative energy which may be in the form of residual energy around you.

- If you avoid them they will feel the grudge even more and try to harm you again. But regular pooja, havan and maintaining strict isolation of those people, will leave them with very little scope to do any kind of harm.
amiett (2 stories) (17 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-26)
Hi Sakie,
I can feel empathy for you as I too have been undergoing the same since last 15 years. I have narrated my experience in my story that I have shared in which evil spirits were sent to destroy my family. Everyday new spirits are sent to attack me and my mother. But fortunately we no longer are afraid and have learnt to fight them with our spiritual powers. Still sometimes when the power of the evil spirit is greater than ours we suffer physically as well as mentally. But I know how you feel and what you went through. Please let me know if you need any help and guidance.
I am not pro but can sense spirits and also drive them off from the person they have possed

sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-26)
Hi Sakie, welcome to YGS. I just want to ask you, do you have any physical condition? Did you experience anything weird in your childhood days and heard anything about your aunt doing such things like contacting a tantrik or mantrik to do something harmful to someone through paranormal entities. I am just asking. Because sometimes, the brain plays in different ways and it is not just that it has to come out immediately after some incident. It might come out a long time later and would manifest as if we are possessed. It only requires a trigger, that is all and the trigger could be anything like seeing a horror movie or reading a paranormal book or article etc.

But, I will tell you, it is not so easy for any spirit to have possess you or anyone for that matter. It is quite difficult and it should be a real malevolent spirit to do so. So, my feeling is that if you still have any such feeling of seeing anything related to a shadow or something, better you do consult a psychoanalyst before turning to paranormal.

I don't say that it is not paranormal but my feeling is that we better we eliminate other causes before turning to paranormal. So please don't get offended.

Regards and respects to you.

Sakie (1 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-25)

Thanks for showing your concern and interest in my story.

God Bless!
WillowWaly (2 stories) (97 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-24)
Sakie, I thank you. I appreciate your thoughts re the deal regarding Rahul.
Sakie (1 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-23)
Hi WillowWaly,

Yes, absolutely. Mutki is precisely how you descibed it in your comment. Since the dead Rahul's ash was stolen from the crematorium, his soul was forced to be used as a tool to create turbulence in my life, I am sure it was longing for peace and freedom from the shackles of being trapped in a human body against his own free will.

Sadly, it was my aunt 😢 and he named her and of course, she is a notorious lady who has troubled my parents in the past as well. And we are well aware of her dubious character so there was no chance to doubt what was told to us.

And I forgot to mention that Rahul told us that he had died in a road accident. I pity the soul as much as I pity myself for the incident.

May he rest in peace as it was his goodness that let me be free else I would have to live with it for God knows how long!

That's why I say our family's unflinching faith in the Almighty and prayers has worked wonders for our family and will always do!

Thanks for reading and commenting.
WillowWaly (2 stories) (97 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-20)
Sakie, I googled 'mukti' and it came up as meaning 'liberation, freedom, release.' Is that how you would describe it? Is that your sense as well?

Was this YOUR aunt who supposedly sent him, or the aunt of the boy Rahul? Did you know a Rahul when this happened?
Sakie (1 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-18)
Hi Sheetal,

Thanks much for reading my story and commenting. I have read your stories!

What you said is every bit true. Envy is a deamon that leads humans to sometimes cross territories, they should actually not venture into.

I am really sorry to hear your story and hope that your Chachi is doing fine now. Do take expert help to ensure her well being and that of the other family members.

Yes, I was under expert-care for quite some time but our unflinching faith in the Almighty kept me and my whole family going!

Unfortunately my family has fallen prey to the jealous vultures within the family and we all have been subjected to black magic for years now. Have lot more to share and will do that in my subsequent posts!

Jai Mata Di.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-18)
Hey Sakie... It is really painful that envy make some people to use the poor spirit to take revenge and spoil some one's life... The same thing is now happening in my home... My great great grandfather's spirit is become the puppet of Tantrik and we know who are doing all these things but unable to ask them because we don't have proof... My Chachi who was wed in year 2007 also suffered from this entity and she suffered from miscarriage, untreatable disease and so more and we finally took some strong action and salvage the entity... I would suggest that you should still follow some precaution... Because we never know how envy people can harm us

Stay blessed, Jai Hanumaan

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