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When I was young, my family had to move from Arizona back to California and our cousin let us stay at her old apartment for a while. It was a one room apartment.

At the time, it was just my dad, my little brother and sister, and me; my dad took the living room while we took the room. We were all 3-4 years old at the time and we all experienced some weird things happening. To keep it short, I'm going to explain my story since we all experienced different kind of things.

As a kid, I had trouble sleeping, sometimes staying up longer than my dad. One night, I was just thinking in my head when I looked toward the bedroom door and seen this dark figure standing in my direction. I felt it was looking right at me and I didn't get a good vibe from it. I couldn't see any face, hands, or legs but I could see it wearing was something like a hood (I assumed it was wearing a robe). I was really scared but I didn't want to tell my dad, so I just stared back at it. Though it didn't disappear, it just stayed there still standing in my direction. After some time, I had enough and threw the cover over my head. I kept it over my head for about ten minutes then I peeped my head out, I seen it was standing at the foot of my bed. I then, threw the covers back over my head and then fell asleep with them over me.

This happened to me for over a five year period. Each time it did the same thing, and I never worked up the nerve to tell my dad. Sometimes I think if it was just my imagination but its appearance was just too consistent for it to be.

My friend told me that they were hallucinations but I tested it one time by leaving my closet door open. Not even an hour has passed and I seen two of them that looked like they were coming through the walls. I just don't have any explanation for what these things are or what was their purpose. I'm sure it was for me since they only moved whenever I looked away.

I told this story to an old friend and he suggested that they were protecting me. However, I'm not sure.

Even though I'm convinced that they were real, I question it since we moved from those apartments (we moved to another apartment within the same group you can say) it seemed to follow. I wonder if I could see it if I see it again through astral projection but I never got that far. I always get scared and back out. Any of you know what it is? Is it friendly or dangerous?

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Xakie (8 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-10)
... Hello first off I can relate to your story as from a very young age I was stalked by a similar figure. In fact I have seen many of them before and been followed by them as well. Your encounter with this shadow person is not a good. They feed off of fear it makes them stronger and I speak from experience as my own encounters were very similar. Let me tell you first hand if he keeps following you then you need to get rid of it. This may seem crazy but there is only one way I know of to stop them you have to face them and tell them to "leave you alone" and that you are not afraid of them. This in most cases causes them to vanish. I know it is hard and it can be terrifying I have been followed by three different one all at different times in my life. My first one stuck around for 8 years but I got rid of him the others were not around long. No I did not use exorcism or any of the sort these things are not demons there kind of like lost spirits in a way, but not a good lost. In my opinion at least Helena123 has the right idea in mind they have no right to be there none at all. It has worked for me before so try it please. Remember you are the stronger one you are living they are not anymore. Remember this advice and face it like a boss stay strong and go about it in a safe manner please. Oh and by the way thank you Helena123 your advice is spot on as well! Stay safe...
Helena123 (25 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-27)
Hey! 😁

OK, firstly I want to say I 100% believe your story.

Secondly, *follow your instincts* they are your complete and utter friend with these shadow beings/figures. If you, in anyway whatsoever, think it is not friendly (as you suggest above) then it's not, I can guarantee that.

The hooded/cloaked ones are, in my experience, NEVER sweethearts. They are not protective sadly, they are predators and normally of the inhuman kind. They have likely seen something in you that they like and YES they do simply walk through walls (the darker ones especially enter through corners and closets for some odd reason).

Do not astral travel if you can help it; your instincts are completely right on that. Astral travelling can be dangerous as whatever being it is may attack you in such a weakened state of consciousness (since you are out of your body and more exposed) and normally they will attack in a group which is particularly unpleasant.

Remember, if things ever get hair-raising with it (whether in a dream state or fully awake) e.g. Tomorrow or even in 10-40 years time from now, as these things can wait for decades - just remember to tell it/them to leave you alone *very* firmly and if you have any fear (which is normal!) push that emotion as much to the side as you can.

When you speak, be quite angry with it as it has *no* right to be near you and watching you, it is exhibiting predatory behaviour (watching possible prey so to speak). Please DO NOT in anyway threaten it; just tell it to go away (even if there is a group, do exactly the same thing). If needed, use the name *Jesus* as for some reason that name in itself, really tends to scare them off and again, if necessary, imagine a bubble of light around you emitting lots of light (crazy sounding but it works, we'll probably find out in a couple of hundred years why!)

If in a dream state and you cannot talk in the dream (which can happen), don't worry again, as they tend to be telepathic so simply tell it to leave you alone through the power of thought and, it will hear you loud and clear. 😊

A quick few points, remember unhappiness or fear brings bad things in. So, for example, someone in that other property (or in a nearby location to it) might have been very sad or depressed or gone through something bad and darker entities were attracted in before you and your family even got to the previous property. The more happiness you feed into your new surroundings e.g. Thinking positive thoughts, the less likely it will come anywhere near you.

Lastly, don't worry that much about it! 😁 There is thing's that we don't get yet as science or medicine can't keep up but it's OK. These beings may even touch you, call your name, steal items of clothing from you etc. But again, just keep following the steps above and you will be fine honestly - take care, Helena

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