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The 15th Floor


This happened about 10 years ago when I was working as a night security officer in the Victoria London.

It was a tall building with 15 floors right by Christchurch gardens.

When ever I did my routine patrol I would start from the 15th floor walk through the kitchen and into the canteen area. Now every time I did a patrol through that kitchen I had such a strong feeling that I was being watched.

At first I was uncomfortable with the idea of having to do a patrol there but I had no choice and eventually accepted it and got on with my job but always acknowledging the feeling of being watched in the kitchen.

During, I would say, the 4th year of service I was expected to watch a health and safety video and the only place I had the facility to do that was on the 15th floor canteen (next to the kitchen). So I went up and turned on the canteen lights put the VHS in the machine and started watching the video. Within 10 minutes I heard some plates rattle behind me and a pan drop to the floor. I turned around and saw a black mass of an oval shape about 5ft 5 approx glide towards me from where the pan dropped, stop right in front of me for about 5 seconds. I just looked at it in amazement, it had no facial features or any outline of clothing to identify it, just a big ball of black mass and it then drifted through the wall next to the window.

Now I would have assumed that I would normally have darted out and down stairs got my things and left the job. But no, I just carried on watching the video called my work partner on the radio to tell him I had seen a ghost and as I expected he thought it was a load of rubbish.

I did not feel any fear or freeze at all when this happened and I don't understand why.

One thing I had been doing when having my break over those years in the night is that I would take a stroll at the back of the building and look at the graves, some from 18th century and be fascinated by them.

When I tried to investigate what could have been the reason for this experience I could only come up with the link from the graveyard and that it was connected to me only. No one else ever has feelings of being watched or seeing anything, just me.

Nothing came up on the building which was probably only 30 years old.

But the grave yard came up as a surprise with a certain COLONEL THOMAS BLOOD who was apparently buried there.

Apparently books have been written about him and a film made. Although his grave maybe now unmarked I feel pretty sure he had been watching me those nights wander around being nosy and decided to take interest in me?

Anyway who ever it was they meant me no harm and probably just wanted to confirm what I had been feeling by letting me know I was not going crazy.

If your ever in Victoria take a walk to Christchurch gardens, you never know your visit might be acknowledged.

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Calamity (2 stories) (53 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-05)

You had an interesting experience, and it certainly could have been related to you visiting a grave yard.

I am curious though, why would you think that it was Colonel Thomas Blood watching you? He wasn't the only person to have been buried in that cemetery. Couldn't it have been someone else?

Also, and feel free to correct me, but I thought there were no more graves in Christchurch Gardens. Hasn't it all been made into a public garden?

Thanks for posting,


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