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Was This Sleep Paralysis?


I stated in my previous stories that I had only had 3 distinct experiences. This one was not counted amongst them as I do not know what this was.

I was 21 when my husband at the time and I had just moved into a new house in Arconpark, Vereeniging. About 2 weeks after we moved in my son was born.

Shortly after my son's birth strange things would happen. On many a night my husband would jump out of bed, grab his revolver and run outside. When he came back in, he would tell me that he saw someone at the window. Now my husband would have very vivid dreams and act out. He would walk around, talk and even respond when you asked him something. He looked and acted as if he were wide awake. It was freaky. The only way I could see that he was sleep walking was his absolute expressionless face and the fact that he would fall back onto the bed like a dead man and be snoring within seconds.

In any case, one night after falling asleep he again jumped up, grabbed his revolver and ran outside. When he came back I asked him what happened and he told me he had seen a child outside. He was NOT awake during this episode.

Now our bedroom window's only went halfway down the wall from the ceiling but ran the entire width of the room and halfway into the wall at right angles to this. Like an L shape.

The following morning I was in the garden when I saw a child's handprint on the window just above the windowsill. It was strange but having no fence around the property it was explainable.

There were definitely odd things going on according to my husbands vivid sleep walking/talking self but I just ignored it because he never said anything about this while awake, until one night.

I had fallen asleep on my husbands side of the bed (closest to our on suite) as we had just moved my son to his own room and he was extremely restless.

It was approx. 2am when my son started crying and as I tried to get up I couldn't move. It felt as if someone was sitting astride me holding me down. I fought with all my might and managed to fall off the bed. Even while lying on my stomach on the floor, I still felt as if I had someone sitting on my back pushing me down. It took every ounce of strength but I managed to leopard crawl to the bathroom and fought to switch on the light. The minute the light flicked on the weight on me disappeared and I could stand up.

This only happened once in the 3 years that we lived there but it was also the only time I slept on my husbands side of the bed. I had never experienced sleep paralysis before nor since so do not understand what happened.

After some research, we found that the original owner's son had committed suicide in the garage and the mom, not being able to live with her grief, also committed suicide a few years later. Exactly where she did it, we never could find out.

Although I never thought that what had happened to me was paranormal, it has stayed with me and bothered me all these years since. I never could explain it.

My husband always walked, talked, fought, laughed, cried and answered me in his sleep all through our married life. Unfortunately my daughter, born just after we moved from this house, inherited this trait from her dad. Between the two of them, we had many a scare and many, many laughs at their expense.

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Jessicqqqq (5 stories) (56 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-25)
That wasn't sleep paralysis. During sleep paralysis, you can't move at all besides your eyeballs. I know what you're going through, just not the name of it. I've had that happen to me as well. I think it might be the mother. Maybe she was angry with herself and jealous that you still have your son so she's trying to get back at you for it? It's always an option.
annie16 (13 stories) (53 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-24)
Thank you Randy. My "Husband" is now my ex-husband. As I stated this was many years ago and because of what was happening we got rid of the gun.
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-23)

Thank you for sharing your stories.

What your husband experiences may not be sleep paralysis because he is able to move around and talk. During true sleep paralysis these things are not really possible because the body is completely unable to move. However, there are many other sleep conditions such as
"false awakenings" that can make a person think they are awake and experiencing things.

Please pardon my next statements as they are of your own business but since you shared I am going to offer my 2 cents worth.

Knowing that your husband has abnormal sleep I think it is a recipe for disaster that he would have access to a gun during these times. Don't take me wrong. I'm not a gun control advocate and believe in gun rights. But only when someone has a clear head should they access to a gun. Way too many times have we read about a family member being accidentally killed in the middle of the night due to mistaken identity. Imagine how that could be multiplied ten fold because your husband has a gun while not in a clear headed waking state of mind. You could keep the gun where you have access for emergency sake. During these times what your husband experiences is very very real to him, but not true reality.

Again, I'm not trying to lecture or tell you what to do as that is not my way, but reading your story really alarmed me to the point of where I felt I must say something to get you to consider the danger.

As a person who has been a long time sufferer of sleep paralysis
Myself, I hope your husband can find or do something that can help him get better rest.

Please do take care

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