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Radio Channel Surfer, Playing With Tv


My story starts in Rhode Island where I live with my boyfriend and his sister, and her family. I believe it was a summer day not sure just know it was sometime this year 2009.

My boyfriend's dad loved country music especially Hank Williams Jr. To get to the story I was sitting inside the house with my sister in law. We were just sitting around talking watching the kids play when all of a sudden I got up to go put something into the sink. She had one of those under the counter radios with CD player and all. I believe the song was a song by Pink not sure. Suddenly I looked up at the radio now mind you the radio was set to a certain station which was 93.3, I looked at the dial and the numbers were moving like someone was changing the stations but the music continued to play. I was like whoa what in the world. I told my sister in law about it she said her dad never liked rock music, so he was changing the station as if to tell us hello country please. He has been gone for 5 years. It is nice to know he is still here with us.

In a similar experience my boyfriend's mom just passed away a year ago from cancer. Some family members have had some experiences with the afterlife of mom's spirit like sometimes smelling cigarette smoke as mom used to smoke as well as other different things.

One experience that has just recently happened is my stepson has his XBOX hooked up downstairs in the laundry room I was doing laundry when all of a sudden his TV came on. Now I was alone in the laundry room the remote was sitting on the bench so I know no one was turning it on and off. I thought maybe there was a glitch in the wiring but then after about 15 minutes of this I have come to the conclusion that it was either mom or dad's spirit playing around. Who knows but it was quite entertaining. So I just said out loud are you guys having fun playing jokes on me ha-ha funny I said.

That has been so far the only experiences I have had so far with them. It is now coming up on the one year anniversary of my boyfriend's mom being gone. Wonder if she will play with the TV this time.

Thank you taking the time to consider my story.

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