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A Sudden Passing


I want to share an interesting experience, one that occurred last year. I was working at a daycare, when the director's husband suddenly passed (suddenly as in he became very ill, and was in the hospital for only a month before he passed). The owners were shocked. The director, as you can imagine, was heartbroken. She had planned on traveling in the near future after retiring with her beloved husband. Whatever drive she had to keep working up until that point was nonexistent. The owners decided it was time to close down. Money was always tight and everything became too stressful for them.

I had never met the director's husband, and had only been working there for 4 months. She was at the hospital and texted the owner right after he was gone. When I heard of the news I broke down crying. It hit me hard, and I'm not sure why. I suppose I just felt bad for the director, but we weren't too close or anything (and no, it wasn't "time of the month" lol). I can't explain it. It's like I just took on the pain when I didn't have to.

A couple of weeks passed and I went over to the daycare while they were cleaning out the building, just to chat and get advice on finding a new job. As soon as I got there, having been fine, I now felt off, and was very sad. A little time passed, and while talking, I notice a marker, once still, *rolls* a few inches and hits the floor. It was in the perfect line of sight for only me to see it. No strong air conditioning, wind, or fans, the building was still. Nobody else saw it (there were 5 people in the room) and it wasn't near anybody to have caused it. I felt chills. But of course I dismissed them, picked up the marker, and put it back.

Side note: not implying this is absolutely paranormal, just interesting in regards to how the room also felt at that time.

I was there for about an hour and a half, when everyone else decided to head out, so it was just the director and I there now. The room was a continuous abundance of energy, I could feel it in my core. Grief. I decided it was simply coming from the director. As I'm feeling this, she brings him up. "I never imagined that I'd have to be without him. My best friend. What will I do." I felt this urge to comfort her. I didn't even know what I was saying before I said it. "I'm sure you two were very close, but you have to understand, he will ALWAYS be with you. Maybe not in the physical world, but you will always have his love surrounding you. I think he would want you to travel, experience life, and take him with you every step. He wants that for you." After I said this, the lights flickered. Once, and then twice. We both noticed, and she looked at me smiling. I had so many goosebumps. Emotion spewed through her expression. "Well I guess that must be him. He heard you." she said.

I felt this new sense of comfort, gratitude, peace. I don't believe these were my emotions, I think her husband was thanking me for what I had just said.

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