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Figure Passing By The Door


Date: Early 90s

I am not quite sure of the exact year this took place but I know that it was between the years 1992-1994. When my siblings and I were younger we used to sleep with the bedroom door open all the time. You know how you have those nights when you'll wake up and can't seem to go back to sleep, then you just lay there and blankly stare around the room until you drift off again? Well, on this particular night I was doing just that. The room was pitch black aside from the little LCD screen that would shine from the VCR and the alarm clock. As I lay there gazing around waiting to fall back to sleep, for some reason my eyes directed me towards the doorway and I stared at it for a little while. The only thing that was in view was the doorway into the kitchen. At this particular time there was a small night light on in the kitchen, though it wasn't directly in my view. I remember that the light wasn't bright at all and its illumination was just soft enough to allow you to navigate in the kitchen without bumping into anything.

I don't know if it was meant for me to look at the doorway or not, but after a few minutes I saw a dark figure slowly easing by and it went into the kitchen. It startled me because it didn't look like either one of my parents and it was somewhat faint-like. The shape was that of an older woman but there were no features, just blackness beyond darkness. I noticed that the lights in the kitchen didn't come on and there were no noises being made. I was frozen with fear just staring at the doorway. The next morning I asked my parents about it and neither of them had went into the kitchen, but they got up to use the bathroom a few times (which, by the way, was not visible from our bedroom doorway from the angle that the beds were in. Only the kitchen doorway was visible).

It was just very creepy seeing something lurking around the house like that. That event marked the first and, to date, only time I actually seen an apparition (aside from the Bingham Light, which I count as different. You can check that story out in my profile if you like). There were a few other times when I thought I seen one but I wasn't sure. I eventually told my sisters about it and one of them (I can't remember if it was my younger or older sister) mentioned that one night she had saw the same thing and it scared her. It was reassuring knowing that I wasn't the only witness, but at the same time it was unnerving because that only confirmed that there really was something going on.

Ever since then we could never sleep with the bedroom door open. Even until this day, being a grown man, I still feel very uncomfortable sleeping in any bedroom with the door open.

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Dee-J (13 stories) (74 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-28)
spiritwaiting: Wow! That was a very unnerving experience you just shared there. Your apparition actually stood at the door. I would've freaked! What was your reaction?

As far as the figure I saw, I know this may sound odd but when I saw it I immediately sensed a bad vibe off of it. Luckily I didn't see it do anything but walk in the kitchen. Heard no noises or nothing. It's almost like something woke me up just to see it. Had I not been staring at the doorway I would've missed it.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-27)
I've had a similar experience in one of my experiences in my profile.
The shadow figure, walked into my room, I saw it come in, thought it was my daughter.
When I looked up it was still there, and quickly realized that it was in the shape of my middle son, not a girl.
So when I turned my cell phone around to illuminate the room it was gone.

Yours seems to be a ghostie, just going about business. Did the spirit seem to do anything else besides just creep through?
Thanks for sharing
Dee-J (13 stories) (74 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-21)
Hi C2C,

Yea the part that I saw the ghost slowly lurking by is unnerving even to this day. Not all of them try to make their presence known, so I guess in a sense it is a little more freaky when you just happen to catch an apparition out of pure chance. UGH!

Your story about the closet sounds like it could be a possible haunting to me. It seems like it's a spirit that wants to pester you. The reason I reasoned that it's a spirit is because you said it happens after you get in bed for the night. I know that has to be very creepy. Does it still happen?
C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-21)
Hi Dee-J: I'm the same about sleeping with the bedroom and closet doors closed, though I don't know why, not remembering any scary personal experience. I have a closet door in my bedroom that appears to come open after I get in bed for the night. I always have to get up and close it again, no matter how tired I am. I've come to the conclusion it just doesn't click into a closed condition and drafts open it. It's a sneaky, quiet, self-opener though. Often I will lay in bed reading, both doors presumably closed, only to look up and see the closet door open, but not having heard any sound. Many times this past year I got spooked seeing the closet door open, knowing I've shut it. I even wondered about having a poltergeist. It's irksome and discomfiting. What's scary about your story is the sneaky, lurking, quality of your apparition. I guess it would really freak us out if they just went barging about, making a lot of noise, waving or saying Hi and turning lights on and off. I guess you could say they are thoughtful of our feelings. Makes you wonder though, what and why are they doing what they do? That's part of the mystique I suppose.

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