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Anne's House Update


It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. There are few stories I haven't shared. I thought maybe keeping experiences to myself and putting less energy towards it would keep activity in my life down. That's been the case for a while... But since it's close to Halloween my coworker was intrigued by my stories and I feel as though since I've been talking about them with her I've been sensing something... But honestly maybe I'm just crazy!?

It's been probably a year since my last experience. I don't know if I'm attracting it or what. It doesn't feel negative. I just don't know if I want to share about it yet. Is it possible that It's all in my head? I don't know unless I'm literally seeing things. Then I'm really crazy.

Anyways... If you haven't read my story about Anne's house, I recommend you do that so you can understand this update.

Anne is still in contact with my boyfriend's mom (Mandie) whom I have gotten closer to after falling pregnant and having her granddaughter. We now talk a lot and she was telling me about the crazy paragraph long text messages she gets from Anne (remember she is schizophrenic). I'd like to add Mandie had no idea what I experienced in that house, because at the time we weren't very close. Anne also didn't know what I saw, with her being so deranged I didn't want to add to her hallucinations and confuse her idea of reality even further.

That all changed though, because in these text messages she was talking about her home, stating she sees someone looking in her window at night (from the back yard, which is where I saw this figure), and that sometimes there's something in her bedroom with her. She was saying how her home makes her feel so extremely depressed and uncomfortable, she never feels truly alone and always feels like she's being oppressed. It seems as though her hallucinations get worse from there, and in her stories she is always the victim of some insane scenario.

Mandie was so surprised when I told her what I experienced, and apparently this isn't the first time Anne has said things like this (going back years), but she always just thought it was stemming from her disorder.

Mandie has gone ghost hunting several times with some friends that are always looking for new places to investigate, so she asked Anne if that would be something she'd be interested in and she agreed to it.

On the morning of the investigation she backed out. I think that maybe the idea of addressing this or making some sort of change was too much for her to accept. So I guess I'll never really get closure on this experience (which honestly impacted me greatly, being in this house was a very negative and depressing time in mine and my boyfriends life). I still think Anne draws this entity to her, she really doesn't do anything to help herself or bring any positive energy into the home. I still pray for her often.

Thank you for any comments!

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-24)
Oh what a perfect storm in that house! My estranged father is bipolar, a condition which can present quite similarly to schizophrenia and has historically oft been misdiagnosed as such in spite of very different causation. We have always said he "has his demons" - in Anne's case, such a paranormal turn of phrase might be more truth than whimsy.

The very idea of an individual dealing with a mental condition also having to cope with a haunting sounds cinematically dreadful! I can just see one feeding off of the other! Schizophrenia is a conniving condition to battle - it can churn out an unending torrent of negativity - and if the theory that the nastier entities are fed by negative energy, they must be having a field day with Anne. The more they manifest around her, the more fuel for the fires of her schizophrenia, the more negative energy for them to gorge upon.

I wish there was some way to get her out of that house or to somehow cleanse it or at least shield her. Its a stretch but I have heardeffectlks being cursed long-distance - if that can occur, then perhaps the reverse might be possible for the right person? Grabbing at straws, I know...

I wonder if a side effect of a mind wired differently because of a mental issue might be a deeper sensitivity to the paranormal and/or beacon-type effect? The cynical side of me sees a paranormal neon sign floating over the heads of such individuals advertising an all an entity can eat negative energy buffet - if only there was some way to turn it off!

After all, it wasn't so long ago that much of mental illness was attributed to spiritual possession - perhaps such theories weren't entirely wrong in all cases. Mental illness (in addition to many other misfortunes including other forms of illness) can often be quite isolating - anything that isolates you from your peers and loved ones can make you vulnerable. Imagine the frustration - every contributor to this site has battled with whether they should believe their own senses when faced with a possibly paranormal situation - imagine if that battle was part of everyday life - and whereas most of us can talk to others as a sounding board, if nowhere else, at least here - imagine being so isolated that you can't or knowing that, because of their awareness of your condition, they will likely never believe you... It must be nightmarish!

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