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Soldiers And Prisoners


My mom had just passed away in 2014 and I just found out that I was pregnant. The manam'ko (old people) would say that if you're pregnant you're not supposed to go out late at night. There is this long strip of road in Guam between the village of Ipan, Talofofo and Yona that is said to be haunted. All my life we've driven past this road and nothing has ever happened.

The night I came in my sister, her boyfriend and I decided to go to Kmart to buy some stuff and by the the time we got out of kmart it was 2:30 am and we lived all the way in Inarajan. We stopped at the traffic light on that road. We were the only car there and I see a shadow walk across the street and then vanishes in thin air. I asked everyone else in the car if they saw what I saw and they said they don't see what I'm seeing. So as we drive further I see silhouettes of soldiers marching and prisoners dragging themselves across the street. My dad had told me that that road was the road our people took on the way to their death when Guam was occupied by the Japanese. I never went after sunset after that.

There was another incident on the same road where my sister and I smelled embalming fluid in the car. I think someone was following us because it went away after 10 minutes.

My dad has seen a soldier standing on the side of the road during the hours of 12 - 3 am. Don't ever go alone when driving that road I've also heard of a man who asks for a ride then when you pass the gas station he disappears from the front seat...

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Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
I hate that your not going to be active in the comments.

I was going to mention that I vaguely remember that road. My dad was stationed at Anderson AFB in the late 60's - early '70's. I have fond memories of Talafofo Bay. Actually have some old family 8mm films of it. 😆

When we first moved to Guam we lived off base for 6 months. I can recall some pretty spooky stuff.

Anyways, sad your not going to participate in a discussion.

Oh, Kmart? Really. Sounds like things have gotten pretty soft since my time there.
roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
Reading this story, reminds me of stories my grandfather told me happened during the War... Sad but true and those spirits haunts even after the Wars ended, and yes Guam had lots of such stories and events happened during the War.

It was a tragic of the 20th century for all people whom were in the War, alive or not, people suffered and still have strong thoughts. To say the truth negative feelings will be stronger than positive ones, so it is not surprising if the place is haunted, really anything can happen.

Spirits do have smells according to the information I have, it is either the last smell they smelt or the smell they always smell before their death, not always but they will let living person know their existence by letting out some smell. One of my friend from a Chinese community nearby said that when "they (ghosts and spirits) " are here you will smell the incense stick they use when saying prayers for the past ones.

One thing... Kmart from Inarajan!? 2:30am!? How long did you guys shop for? Oh that's 3 things... So you guys went from Inarajan all the way up to Tamuning? Was it that urgent? Well, I am not hoping for an answer for that but... Really? Fuels there must be free...

trentinray (3 stories) (67 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
I know I am culturally naive, but is it the norm there to shop at Kmart at two in the morning? Is it like an around the clock kind of area like Vegas? Or maybe the o/p is a graveyard shift kind of person.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-04)
IF you decide to read the comments. 😐

I like your story, war is a horrible thing, it is possible that all those spirits are a residual haunting.

As for the smell of embalming fluid, I'm more inclined to think that it were the fumes of some chemical substance in the area.

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