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The Devil And The Farmland


One of the most unexplainable troubled moments I have faced with the unknown took place when I went with my mum to India to sell off our land to the Highway authorities, as they acquired the land for expanding the coastal roads and reducing the traffic congestion in the area. We flew down from New Hampshire for a month and decided to stay at our farm land for one night before the land acquisition.

To give a small briefing of the land, we had a 2 bedroom villa in the middle of the farm which was surrounded by teakwood trees. The back doorway led to the beach sand and the sea shore was within 10 metres from the last tree inside the wall. It is such a beautiful place to stay but it can get depressing and scary if there are no people around. My mum, I, my uncle and his family of 5 (4 children, uncle and aunt. Let's name my 4 cousins A, B, C and D) along with my friend went to the farmland. We had a housekeeper who stayed there with his family. He had kept the house clean expecting our arrival and sent his family to his hometown so that we can be accommodated in the house. We reached the farmland by around 11 am and had a heavy lunch. There are no shops nearby and the closest grocery store was 20 kms away. So, my cousins, I and my friend decided to stock up on our snacks after our lunch as we were all very excited to go play in the sea.

We played in the sand and the ocean for 7 hours straight and were literally dead tired when we decided to return home. All of us had dinner and departed to sleep. My friend and I decided to sleep in the terrace along with my uncle. It was a beautiful night. All we could hear was the silent noise of the waves and nothing else. The moonlight hovering over our faces, it was like a dream moment when I suddenly heard someone walk (like the noise you get when someone walks on top of dry leaves). I turned to both the sides and saw my uncle and friend sleeping. I wanted to get up and check, but the lazy bum I am along with the tiredness of playing in the ocean, made to just close my eyes and lie down. The noise now got a bit heavier like someone is running in the woods. I got up and woke up my friend and asked him if he can hear the noise. He acknowledged that he can hear it too and we turned back to wake up my uncle and realized he was gone. It was quite shocking because he was right next to me the first time I heard the noise.

Though it was around 11:00 Pm the moonlight was bright enough to lighten the entire forest area around our farmland. We started looking towards the direction from where we were hearing the noise. We saw my uncle from the terrace and could see him running in the farmland. He was looking back constantly when he was running and he seemed to be running away from something. We decided to go look what it was that's troubling my uncle, and took an emergency light (hand torch) and started running. The moment we came out of the apartment, there was eerie silence. We couldn't hear the sound of the ocean anymore or the sound of the leaves brushing against each other. Though we were in our late teens, the silence started to trouble us and we decided to hold each one of our hands and run towards my uncle.

We can see my uncle run exactly in front of us. He was waving his hand at us and looked as if he was scared. We were glad we found him and we stopped him. He had bruises in his shoulder as him someone scraped him with their nails. He had a huge slap mark on his back as if someone slapped him with their plain hands. He said he is being chased by someone and asked me to alert everyone. It was completely shocking and I immediately shouted at the top of my voice to raise an alarm. It woke up everyone who were sleeping in the apartment and showed up at the front door fearing that something might have happened to me except my cousin, A.

As always, my mum was the first one to sense that something is not right there. Mum started chanting something and walked towards the front gate. We like disciples, started following her. And suddenly out of nowhere, we heard someone growl behind us. We all turned back to something outrageous. A was there and I can bet he was not alright. He was walking on 4 foot (both hands and legs) and approaching us. My mum started chanting loudly and the growl became even angrier and louder. That's when my mum said, he is possessed and asked us to lock the main gate as he might runaway and it will become hard for us to track him or control him. I would have almost peed my pants because I have always rubbished the thought of coming face to face with someone who is possessed. My mum asked me and my friend to go grab his foot and his upper body. Bad choice. Very bad choice.

He kicked me so hard that I almost broke my thigh bone and punched me on my stomach that my intestines would have entangled inside. This time there was no hiding my fear. I peed in my pants. Maybe because of the hard blow I received in my thigh and stomach at the same time or maybe because of the fear, nevertheless, I peed and for once, I did not really bother what others are going to think of me. My friend caught him from the behind and I tried somehow to get hold of his legs. We pinned him down and finally everyone pitched in to stop him from moving. We tied his hands and took him inside the building.

And now, my mum is no expert chasing spirits. But she can sense things as long as I know her. I have seen her help people before and advice what to do, but for the first time I felt she was helpless. My mum was not sure what to do next. I have never seen my mum this worried and A seemed to be targeting my mum and intimidating her so much that she locked him in a room and went out. Mum said that this is beyond her control and we need a person who is experienced in chasing spirits away. At this time of the night, so far away from the city, we knew that finding help is not possible. And then, the housekeeper said there is someone in his village who might help us. But the problem was, his village was 10 hours' drive from where we lived and to go there and come back, we would lose a lot of time.

Given that we did not have any other option, we decided to go get some help. I went with my uncle and the housekeeper to his village, spoke to a sage and requested him to come. He refused to come initially. We offered him a lot of money (around 1000 USD) but refused to budge. After a lot of pleading, my uncle fell on his foot and requested him to come. He finally accepted but refused to take any money for the service. He said it is against his customs to do this for money, but we can donate the money to the local temple as a token of appreciation if he manages to chase the spirit away.

We reached our farmland a couple of days later and mum said A is still locked inside the room. She said, he has been relentlessly growling and has not eaten anything in the last 1.5 days. The moment the sage entered the room, A started acting ferociously. He tried to untie himself, but since he was not able to do it, he was biting the end of wooden bed to hurt himself. He was bleeding profusely and I think he lost of couple of teeth in the process. The sage went to the corner of the room and drew a line around him and sat there. He asked A what he wanted. A wouldn't answer. He asked A if he would cause any trouble and again no answer. He stood up suddenly, took a broom and started hitting A. A kept laughing the whole time. These were really shocking for us. And suddenly A started to be very abusive. Now, I am not that well versed in tamil, but the words he spoke sounded very ancient and very hurtful. I still do not remember the exact words spoken, but I remember my mum asking us to close our ears or walk out of the room.

The sage requested some candles and lit them up around A. And then started chanting something. A started to growl and now pleaded to leave him. A disclosed that it is the spirit of a person who died in the beach a few years ago. He said he wanted to live a complete life and would like to stay in A's body and not cause any harm. The sage kept chanting something and not listening to A. A was growing frustrated and suddenly said he is here to kill someone. It was completely different from what we heard a few seconds back. The sage asked the entity to leave the body of A and runaway. After some growling, A fainted and the sage immediately carried A in his arms and bathed him. He applied some holy powders on his forehead and requested us to take him outside the apartment so that he could 'Clean' the place. After the cleansing, we took A to a nearby temple and tied some holy thread around his wrist.

The sage then told us that he was possessed by a Devil (Chaathan) and it was trying to take over his body completely. He said the entity was so powerful that he could sense the negativity the moment he met us in his village. He refused to come initially because his daughter was recently married and he did not want anything bad to happen to her as a result of him helping us. Luckily nothing bad happened.

He asked us to vacate the apartment and mum was glad that nothing much happened. We sold the place to highway authorities and the land is not available now. It has become a wonderful long road to drive. Not sure what happened to the chaathan now but nevertheless, this incident completely changed my outlook towards the surroundings. Apologies if its too big to read, I tried to put in everything I remember of this incident and tried to explain as much as possible.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-18)
quite a creepy story. It must have really hard for all of you to cope with this situation. The entity must have died in the sea and I have heard many such stories. There is a pond in my aunt's village where a girl was died accidentally. My aunt and her friends were bathing in the pond when something grabbed one of the girls foot inside the water. One girl caught hold and saved her. My aunt witnessed all this by her own eyes.
HunterJack (4 stories) (26 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-07)
nalchen, your story was really spooky, and I liked it. Tht devil or chaathan may be the person who lived in your land before. And something bad had happened to him/her. Such an soul tying yo hurt others. Not all the such souls are try to hurt. But someone have very bad incidents/thoughts will try to disturb the residents as they want to stay in that place.
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
Hi Mack,

Thanks once again for your comments and insights from an alternate perspective.
It looks too technical for me to understand and infer some thoughts but nevertheless, It is good to have this discussion every now and then. Not for the difference in opinion, but the amount of knowledge we gain in reading/addressing these concerns.

Let me put it this way, When there are multiple varied levels of spiritual interaction with the unknown, why should the possession/take over be analysed from one aspect? Should it always be mutual. Can a forced take over never happen? Can an unknown takeover never happen? Can the spirit stay inside someone and just exhibit itself when deemed necessary?
These are a few questions that pop up into my mind immediately after I read your commment.

Spirits travelling into neighbouring countires. Well, I have not heard of anything like that so, not in a position to comment. But maybe can never be surprised if that turns out to be true, because these countries were once together.:) in that sense, we all were once together.
But why are these not attacking the tourists.? Well, how many of the tourists are visiting the rural parts of the country. Very very few. The tourists are always given an insght into the best parts of the country and not into the other alternating world. So, it is different.

Laws of the universe are the same for all living things. Sun rises in the east and goes down in the west. But, isn't it at different time zones at different places across the world.
When there are mild differences in each part of the world, there ought to be certain differences in aspects that is very little known to us. Just my opinion.

Well, when we scientifically try to explain this, it is hard as certain aspects of nature cannot be explained via science. I think it is best left untouched.

And as I always say, Some of my insights have been passed on to me by my mum, whom I have grown seeing and learning things from. Not just aspects of life, but aspects related to after life as well. There were certain instances in my life that made me believe in what my mum believed is true. So, yes, these are different issues I think, but a very nice way to look at your opinion.

Thanks for the enlightening views again Mack. Really appreciate your healthy conversations.:) Have a nice day.

nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
Hi Rook,

Excellent analysis and insights on the same. It is true that the atmosphere is more susceptible to instant possession. For instance, When witchcraft was practiced in the United States a few centuries ago, there were a lot of cases that required attention all around the country. Not because it was treated as something epidemic but the extremities that could cause or feared to cause. But now, the practice of witchcraft, though deemed illegal, is very rarely present in modern day America.

But, in India, even now, in remote areas/villages, the art of practicing black magic is still there. When villages are slowly reforming into towns/cities, the chances of we exploring and coming across these sorcerers are on the rise.

So yes of course (purely my opinion), the atmosphere is susceptible in remote areas of the country.
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
Hello BeautInside,

Thank u so much for your comments. Appreciate your take on the story from a different aspect. I somehow feel that its just the tradition and culture that turns out to be a barrier in these scenarios when it comes to common grounds of understanding. "Small signs that goes un-noticed" is a brilliant take on the story. Some of these are not noticed. Like in my instance, we were not sure if any black magic was practiced at the beach behind our farmland. No idea. Probably no one ventured into the place for years together until my cousin entered the place. I understand there are Ifs and Buts... But ya. I can empathize on why others feel that way.


Thank u so much for your comment and insights into this incident.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Rook, you make a very good point and I agree entirely regarding mediums / channeling. However in my opinion, these are often a conscious cooperation; a willing surrender and both parties are working together for a common goal, such as bringing comfort to the mourner or the dissemination of spiritual teachings, truths etc.

This all my opinion (so I don't have to keep writing "in my opinion", "from what I understand", "it appears to be...")

There is a spectrum of spirit inspiration. At one end there are mediums and psychics who can easily converse with spirits; the "channels" are open. Then there's a whole lot of us who might see some spirits, hear some voices, have prophetic or meaningful dreams / sleep experiences.

Then there's also the inspired artist, writer, musician who receives their inspiration and abilities from spirit. Those who know what I'm talking about will be nodding.

So point is that there are many varied levels of spiritual interaction, but primarily it would appear that there needs to be a mutual desire or cooperation for it to be successful and GENERALLY it's for something positive and constructive, because that's what the Universe is all about, right?

Leading on from that point, when I continue to read these "instant" malevolent possession stories, it just doesn't make sense to me. SURELY, there would need to be a complete and utter desire within the individual to be possessed for it to happen. And who, in their RIGHT MIND, would WANT to be possessed by an evil, selfish, vile individual soul (because that's exactly what these people were / are, who would desire to attempt to "take over" or severely affect (negatively) another innocent persons mind / soul / body for their own selfish purposes?

Which brings me to another point; exactly how many of these evil people are deceased and lurking around India? Do they "travel" into Pakistan, Bangladesh? Why don't they affect all the millions of non-native Indian people who have traveled into India?

If spiritual possession by malevolent, evil, selfish souls is SO easy in some cultures, why aren't there hundreds or millions of higher spiritually evolved souls / angels returning to earth and taking over people in order to spread love and light on our violent planet? Why are all these possession tales always negative? Could it be simply because we all enjoy a spooky campfire ghost story?

Now, I believe the Universe is maintained by unchanging natural laws. These laws have been in place for ever, and they are perfect in their operation. Call it "God" if you like, or "Allah" or "Nature", whatever floats your boat or fits your personal belief structure; it's all the same thing. We humans and our souls are all part of these natural laws, which include life after death, and spirit influence / possession.

I don't believe that our differing human cultures and beliefs can change the natural laws of the Universe. That would result in a chaotic place. Just because someone believes that they can be instantly possessed by an evil entity, doesn't the mean it will happen.

That would be like someone discovering a previously unknown country in which the inhabitants can jump 20 - 30 feet in the air with ease, simply because they didn't believe in gravity.
Or if I suddenly realised I could stay underwater for 2 days without needing to take a breath, simply because I believed it was possible...

Anyway, I've rambled on enough. I'm enjoying the differing opinions on this possession subject, as I'm sure its an area of great intrigue and mystery to many folk.


rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)

Great Points and wonderful back and forth... However I feel the need to clarify my original question (s).

It's not that I do not believe in 'instant possession'. I actually do, when a Medium channels a spirit, let's them use their voice/handwriting skills and possibly even mobility skills... That is a type of 'instant possession'. This can happen either by a Mediums invitation, in which case it is controlled, or by an individual (s), with no knowledge, no defenses, no CLUE, summoning spirits... The whole 'use my energy' statement gets turned into 'here use me' and its 'OFF TO THE RACES'.

Any type of true possession is rare, our spirit (s) naturally resists a 'hostile take over'...Which is why a 'spirit' has to wear down it's victim.

From the responses it seems that the Cultural Norm (and possibly Religious Norm) is that 'instant possession' can and does happen... If that supposition is correct then individuals are raised in an atmosphere which allows them to be a bit more 'open' and thus 'more' susceptible to possession.

It seems this may be a matter Cultural/Religious Norms and/or lack of precautions taken by individuals.

In India, being 'more open' a Possession seems to be more common than a 'Spiritual Attachment' and here in the US... Being a wee bit more 'closed' (unless one is a Medium or has 'opened' oneself) an attachment occurs and then after a wearing down period the actual possession takes place.

I hope that sums up this discussion and that I am correct in my understanding of the 'Norms' in India.


BeautInside (3 stories) (326 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Hi nalchen,

Very interesting account and very interesting insights from the posters...

I also noticed a different pattern when it comes to Indian possession experiences from Europe or America's possessions as it usually starts with a change in behaviour commonly mistaken by a mental illness instead of a sudden possesion.

Well, I shared one experience of mine (not trying to detract from nalchen's account, just trying to make a point) here and until Tweed called me out for the small things I didn't have noticed them (yeah this is me:) ). So, what if in Indian possession cases there are also changes in the behaviour of the individual but they are small and somehow discreet changes? Not so easily noticed? I mean we are talking about diferente cultures, beliefs and rituals... If there is any difference I don't believe it is that big, maybe there are also some signs but perhaps they are so small people won't even notice until it goes too far.
This is just my opinion, for what is worth.

aartis (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
This is the story I m talking about
aartis (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
[at] Mack and others who have doubts over sudden possession by spirits, with all due respect I Disagree.
I have been born and brought up in India and I personally know people (friends, relatives) who have been Victims of sudden possession. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Time and place plays a major role in this.

For example the night of amavasya (no moon) especially midnight is risky. I personally know a friend who was violently attacked at midnight when she was walking on the road surrounded by trees.

I also posted an experience of my friends wedding several years ago in ygs under a different account. As I forgot my account login details (not having accessed ygs for number of years) I created a new account.

I will post link to that story and you can see how violent spirits can be in India. Just like people in different parts of the world are different their spirits after death also possess different types of desires desperation and greed. You cannot conclude on others cultures without experiencing it yourself.
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Hi Randy,

Thanks for your comments and I relly appreciate your inputs.

However, I think I responded to your concerns as well when I replied to Mack. If you still have any questions please feel free to contact me.

nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Hi Mack,

Thanks for your comments. But to be frank, I have never thought of making it a movie unless I read your comment. I think I should be focusing on that as well with a tag line "based on a true life story".:) :D. I can totally understand why some of these are not plausible/acceptable from your view and all your questions makes valid sense.

But not sure if my explanation would help overcome your strong beliefs in the way a possession takes place. I will try to split my response in two, 1) what I agree with you 2) What I have alternate opinions.

1) "Many people who appear to be "possessed" simply have psychiatric episodes, are unbalanced attention-seekers or are gripped by a "religious fervor" and willingly send themselves into states of mania / hysteria."... Totally agree. There should not be any conclusion made based on ones behavior and that can be related to either psychiatric disturbances or a possible possession (which is rare). Knowing A, I really hope he did not make a fool out of himself all these years, and the sage did not come there for a reason and not take money until the end. But again, am not ruling out your approach to this case.

-Surely an extremely powerful 'devil" could just affect anyone, not just a "weakling"-.
Agree. Well, given the fact that we are selling the farmland and the scene appears to be a perfect setting for something spooky. And I also PARTIALLY agree that a real powerful devil will target anyone and not just a weak person.

2) Alternate Opinions.

Target weakling.
The person need not be a weakling. We are under the common ground that a strong devil can affect anyone. Let me give a scenario. We both are walking across a place where a devil is stored after performing black magic. While walking I get a phone call and I ask you to carry on and I ll join later. We both are strong and against these beliefs. The Devil may not necessarily target me first if it comes across you or vice versa. So, when we are at the wrong place at the right time, irrespective of the stature, the chances of we getting possessed is more.

Instant possession.
I responded to Rook in my earlier comment. But however, I think this is totally a cultural changeover or the approach to being possessed. I was raised in the United States and I can correlate why you are having these doubts. However, I think we need to look at this as two seperate countries with completely different cultural and religious beliefs. The pproach towards treating a possessed is different in both countries. The cases of possession in these countries are completely different. So, when the so called common grounds of being possessed is different in countries, I personally feel we need to analyze them differently.

Sage's conversation with Possessed A.
It sounds so easy when you put it on paper. But to get the entire transcript/conversation its going to be a very long story. The sage had to chant something for more than an hour to even make A speak and then more time to control it. So, it wasn't as easy as I mentioned in the story. But I had to cut short my message as to be more precise with what the outcome was.

Happy Ending/Possession cured

Not sure what else would have been apt. We go seek help only because we want the possessed to be cured. Be it a life incident/movie, I think we all look forward to a happy ending and we try our best to get there. Knowing that A is going to suffer for a couple of days before we get the sage, we still did it in the hope that we could cure A. And we were happy that A is cured. Maybe if the sage was not able to cure A, we would have gone is search of someone else. But nevertheless, I think we would not have stopped until we found a cure to A, a fairly "happy ending".

I do agree we are on either sides of the fence, but not far you know.:)

Thanks Mack, for giving me the opportunity to explain things better. Mabe since English is not my native, I struggle to convey the same correctly as my understanding but being born in a different culture and raised in a different culture has opened my thoughts and views about certain things.

nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Hi Priyanka. Thanks for our comments and pitching in with some inputs to others questions as well. Appreciate it.

I still somehow feel the housekeepers suicide is related to it but can't vouch for it as 1) I did not see it 2) I have no proof for it. But nevertheless, its a strong case you know.

Thanks for your comments. Like Priyanka said, Inida is a land of so many different traditions. For instance, there is a certain pattern in which a possession takes place in USA: No sudden possession, Apparitions, shivers and threatening takes place for a while before one is possessed. But In India, with the stories I have heard to from my mother and to the ones I have experienced, its been sudden and really quick. 1) Culture and local belief is an important aspect to be kept in mind 2) The local methodologies to get over possession. Example: When a person is treated for possession in USA, the priest tries to converse with the possessed and helps relieve the person of their troubled possession. When the priest says that the demon/spirit is gone, we don't know what happens to the spirit. But in Inida, (I maybe worng here, but other experienced posters from India can help me out on this), They try to control the spirit using black magic and stall its powers in a sacred thread/box/Tree etc. THis may sound absurd, but if am correct, there is a place in a nearby state where the possessed are treated in groups (chota nikora - If I have typed it correctly)

Though I was born in India, I have been raised in the United States until I was 18. So, I don't know which of the spirits are stronger, but I feel that its a lot to do with the local culture. From my experiences in both India and the United States, I feel there is a difference in the occurrence (purely based on my experience).
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
I am going to add the opinion that Mack has made some very valid points.

I am of the opinion that possessions overall do not vary in different parts of the world. I base this upon the idea that while we may have different races,cultures, and religions while on the living earth that these differences do not hold once crossing over to the spirit realm.

Also I would like to add that due to "Hollywood Paranormal " I think the words "demon" and "possession " get tossed around and stick way too often. While a believer that people can be negatively influenced thus attracting more negativeaty I think that true demonic interaction and true possession, while possible, are extremely rare. Extremely After a few seasons of all of the absolute flooding of the TV channels with paranormal shows it seems that because someone is in a bad mood and a bit testy acting they are labeled possessed.

If you would be so kind as to make a little room on the fence?

lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
This was a case of instant possession and speedy recovery.

The way you were able to tackle A after "He kicked me so hard that I almost broke my thigh bone and punched me on my stomach that my intestines would have entangled inside..." is impressive!
Thank goodness for endorphins!

Did you get any bruising on your leg and abdomen?
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
Hi Nalchen

Thanks for taking the time to put together this experience and sharing it.

There are some aspects of this story that I'm struggling with. One of them is the apparent fact that this deceased person whom caused all this trouble was described as "... The spirit of a person who died in the beach a few years ago. He said he wanted to live a complete life and would like to stay in A's body and not cause any harm..."

I personally don't believe that a spirit can simply approach aa apparently normal, healthy, well adjusted person and then simply "evict" that persons own spirit, or take over their mind / soul on a whim. If that were possible, then there would be literally millions of cases of this kind of thing happening all over the world at any given moment, and all through history. And that simply isn't the case.

Spiritual / demonic possession is a very contentious issue. There are very few, if any, well documented, genuine cases. Many people who appear to be "possessed" simply have psychiatric episodes, are unbalanced attention-seekers or are gripped by a "religious fervor" and willingly send themselves into states of mania / hysteria.

However, I do believe that people can attract negative spirits to themselves for a variety of reasons, particularly through severe drug use, and alcoholism for example, and those people can be strongly influenced and affected because they are physically and mentally weakened and in many ways, already "lost". But this influence happens over a long period of time; months, years, decades even. Not 100 % full-blown random "possession", seemingly in the blink of an eye. That just doesn't add up for me.

Personally, I believe these instant-possession tales are the product of superstition and Hollywood. It makes for a great "scary" story. And, let's be honest, it's been done a LOT, because it makes for a perfect premise; a group of people suddenly find themselves in a remote house; it's either a car-full of brain dead, (but attractive, of course), teenagers lost somewhere and they stumble across the house (usually in the woods) or, in this case, it's a deserted farmyard near a beach.

Everything seems OK at first, but one or two of the protagonists declare the house is "spooky, or "creepy" (or in this story's case it's described as "depressing" or "scary") in order to "set the scene" or mood for the viewer, or reader.

Then very soon after arrival, something inexplicable happens. In this case a person seems to suddenly vanish without a word, then is seen running around outside. That person was seemingly randomly and viciously attacked, punched, scratched and chased by a ghost (this occurrence is relatively unusual in itself for people to show signs of genuine physical spirit attack) but in this case, the Uncle was not instantly possessed, only attacked, but for some reason the cousin A was instantly possessed.

Both Lady-glow and Rook have also expressed doubt about this "New and Improved Instant Possession - just add highly implausible Scenario and Water!" - I too wonder why wasn't the house keeper and his family targeted by this spirit, or attacked, or haunted / possessed? The reason given that cousin 'A' was a "weakling" just doesn't make sense to me, considering the spirit was described by the Sage as being "... So powerful that he could sense the negativity the moment he met us in his village..."
Surely an extremely powerful 'devil" could just affect anyone, not just a "weakling".

Another aspect which just seems unlikely to me is how easily this "Sage" person seemed to remove said powerful entity from cousin A:

"...The sage asked the entity to leave the body of A and runaway. After some growling, A fainted and the sage immediately carried A in his arms and bathed him. He applied some holy powders on his forehead and requested us to take him outside the apartment so that he could 'Clean' the place..."

Really? It was as easy as merely asking this powerful demon to simply leave cousin A and run away? It's all too simple, too convenient.

And of course we have a classic happy ending; holy man removes evil presence, the house on the beach conveniently demolished by the new road so nobody can ever find it to verify the story, and everyone lives happily ever after, except the poor house keeper.

No disrespect intended Nalchen, and I certainly am not questioning your integrity, but for ME, personally, this story just seems implausible on many levels, so I'm on the fence on this one.


PriyankaMenon (2 stories) (41 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)

Welcome to YGS, very interesting story indeed, I can relate with your experience dear. I felt bad about your cousin A and the housekeeper. I wonder your housekeeper commited suicide due to this reason since timing is same.


Very interesting question, but we don't really know. India is home to thousands of culture, language and religion and despite this we all live together. Even though our region, language and culture are different, but still I can relate with this story.

Similar to this story once my maternal aunt got possessed and as far as I know it happened suddenly. She had gone to fields and it seems she entered in some area after that her behaviour changed.

Even whatever stories I have heard until date never showed early signs of possession we directly came to know by change of behaviour, language and many more. Some times to keep them under control they are tied with the help of thik iron chain, but still they manage to escape.

It will be interesting if someone does an research on both US and India for ghosts. I would love to know the experiences and results given by the researcher.
aisyah1987 (2 stories) (31 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
This is very scary.
Worries me knowing that there are others out there who still don't know about these things...
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
lady-glow asks a very interesting question, one I have been wondering about myself.

It concerns cases of possession... In the US and in India...

Here in the States (and other European Settled Countries) it seems that possession takes time to happen, the spirits wear an individual down both mentally and physically before they are able to 'take control'. However in India all it seems to take (at times) is just seeing the spirit and suddenly the individual is possessed.

A) Are spirits in India simply just stronger than in the US and other places?

B) Does the 'overall' spirituality of the area in question effect how susceptible individuals are to possession?

C) Do the overall Religious beliefs have any effect on the how/why it may be easier for an individual to become possessed?

Just a couple of three questions...


nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
Hi RCRuskin,

Thanks for your message.
I can correlate your message and the summary. A few corrections to your insights/message. I agree that, me being the eldest in the group should have taken better care of A, but I think we were just too lost in the happiness of seeing sun and sea at the same place after so many years (New Hampshire is predominantly cold except for a few months).

A was growling and ferocious, but, mum's intervention cannot be called as an excorcism as she does not specialize on that. However, I would say, she was just trying to control its behavior for a while before we can all pi it down.

The issue being a multiple personality disorde; I did not look at it from that front, but maybe that is an interesting way to look at it, but me being there and seeing all these, was convinced that he was present (ofcourse, mum and the sage made it evident that it was possession, but there is always an alternative side to a coin).

And the housekeeper died 3 months later and not years, so... Ya, like you say, it might be related. But I do not wish to confirm it as I am not completely aware of what went wrong or the complete inquest into his death.

RCRuskin (9 stories) (834 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
Nalchan, thank you for sharing.

I just read through your account twice, to make sure I have my play card straight. (A play card is a list of who is playing in a sporting event so fans would know who to cheer for. At least, this is how I use the term.)

You, A, B, C, D and your friend go to the beach and play while the grown-ups deal with the business of selling the property. All during this time, you noticed nothing unusual about A's behavior, which is understandable. Playing along the beach and in the ocean is a busy and fun thing, one I love very much. You probably also had to keep an eye on your younger cousins.

Later that day, after bedtime, weird things started to happen. The first most notable event being an invisible thing (?) crunching on leaves and then it attacked your uncle.

Then comes what to me is the most interesting part of your story:

It woke up everyone who were sleeping in the apartment and showed up at the front door fearing that something might have happened to me except my cousin, A.

Your cousin already seemed to know the specific bad thing that had already happened. During the night, he gets on all fours, growling and barking, attacks you and your friend and during the exorcism a few days later, claims to be the ghost of someone who died and just wanted to live out their normal life span. These are two very different behaviors and we would normally associate them only with two very different persons or personalities.

Yet, it was just one personality, so it is of little wonder to me that demons, one in particular, is called the father of lies.

So good to know that the new bride and her husband were untouched by this evil. Yet, I somehow feel the caretaker's suicide years later is related, I am sad to hear of his death, and hope it is ultimately unrelated.
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
[at] lady-glow,

The devil was indeed very powerful. The sage told us that A was possessed early that day when we were out swimming. I don't know how true it is, but I think it is a common practice in India practice a lot of black magic/devil worship in remote areas around the coast. So, by mistake when you come across something like that, there are high chances for you to be impacted. Am not saying that everyone will be possessed, but the weakling in the group has a high probablity to get impacted by these. So, maybe, A came across something like that.

The housekeeper denied any such happenings in the house before and even he was surprised. To be brutally honest, I have no idea what happened to the Devil. But the housekeeper, went back to his hometown after we sold off the property. He died under mysterious circumstances 3 months later (comitted suicide after drinking rat poison. We were told that he was so scared to come out of his room after 8 PM 1 week before his death). I don't know if it has any relation to this, but just felt like I should post it here.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
If the "chatthan" was as powerful as the sage said, how come it didn't vacate A's body to enter anybody else's? Did the sage or your mother say if something about A made him more susceptible to possession?

Do you know if some other person has been possessed by this entity?
Did the housekeeper say if something similar had happened before this experience?

I find it odd that the events happened with such violence instead of starting with little things and then escalate in intensity.

I'll appreciate your feedback.
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
[at] AzraelX

I was born in Chennai and raised in the USA, and yes, my grandparents are from Kerala.
AzraelX (8 stories) (115 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
Since you call the 'devil" s "Chatthan", are you from Kerala or your family originally from Kerala?

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