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The White Lady In Tierra Verde


It was way back in 2004 when I ran away from home and stayed at my friend's large 2-storey house in Tandang Sora with four bedrooms owned by his older sister who lives overseas. There were 4 of us staying there including my friend's 3 year-old son. That place has become a safe haven for most of my friends whenever we have troubles at home.

One night, my friend, Archie, and I were playing video games in the living room (I still remember it was Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill 4: The Room) when we heard footsteps going down the stairs. It was my friend, carrying his kid who headed straight to the couch and they started to watch us play. I found it very strange for him to behave that way because I know he never allows his kid to stay awake late at night. They were sitting there for five minutes without saying a word when I started to ask him what's wrong. He told me to ask his kid instead. He was just a toddler, and he uttered 2 words, ''babae puti'' (lady white). I already know what he means and it pisses me off furiously.

I immediately run upstairs. His kid followed me weeping and saying ''Eymer wag'' (Homer don't) over and over. I took him into my arms and came crashing into their room. I began yelling ''I don't know what you want, just don't scare this kid again or else I'll take drastic measures and mess you up''. I even then said that if she wants to talk, talk to us grown-ups instead. We went back downstairs and they only went up to their room and went back to bed when dawn comes.

After a few days, while I was talking with someone on the phone I saw Archie running hastily down the stairs. After the call, I went and asked him what happened. He said he heard a woman's voice whispers his name in his ear while he was playing the guitar on the balcony. The same thing happened to me the following day. While reading a book in the garden, I heard a woman's voice clearly whispering my name in my left ear, as if it passes by along with the wind. I don't want to be bothered that time so I just shrugged it off.

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lady-glow (13 stories) (2914 posts)
5 years ago (2017-06-16)
Hi Hommie: Interesting story, though I find the information a little too vague.

Do you know if this was the first time the little boy saw the white lady?
Do you know if your friend have seen her before and/or after this day?
Did your friend ever consider that his son had a nightmare?
Why do you think the kid was so terrified about you going to his room? Did he say anything about the white lady doing something bad to him or having a frightening appearance?
Why did you react in such a violent way? Have you had a previous encounter with this particular white lady?

I have read all of your experiences and, to this point, I'm not sure if you are a sensitive or just very lucky going to haunted places.
You seem to enter in contact and/or attract different entities but they never try to ask for help or deliver a message even if they have been following you for some time.

Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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