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My Scarest Experience Yet


The experience I about to talk about is my worst yet. I was at work. We have 5 Bases that we work at through out Chesterfield County. This incident took place at Base 2. Since this experience, (a lot of my co-workers have had experiences also) a local paranormal group out of Lancaster came to investigate this particular base I'm going to talk about.

We work 24 hour shifts. My co-worker and I that worked at this base had been working together for about 2 weeks now. The first week, one night I thought he was in room crying. I finally got the nerve to ask him why he was crying the night before and if he was ok. He looked at me like I was crazy and said he had not been crying.

None the less... Time passed and one shift we had been running out behinds off. We finally got in around 2am or so and decided to crash. I remember feeling like someone was standing over me when I all of sudden had awaken for some unknown reason. I chalked this up to the fact that my face was right up against the wall. So I turned my head (I was lying on my belly) and noticed that I wasn't dreaming because the alarm clock said it was 3:21am. I remember thinking "you have got to be kidding me, I need to go back to sleep in case another call drops". So as I process this thought, I go to turn over on my back and can't. I know that sounds strange, but that's the only way I can explain it. I thought to myself, maybe I am dreaming... So I look at the alarm again to make sure I am awake... I AM... I try to move again, this time though it feels as if someone is literally lying on the back of me and holding me in place. I cannot even move my head anymore. I try to call for my partner, but nothing comes out of my mouth. I keep trying and I've started crying because I'm petrified and don't understand why I can't move.

Finally a scream of my partners name came out of my mouth. Apparently, I screamed so loud that it scared him and he fell out of his bed getting to me. He opens the door and ask me what is wrong and I tell him I can't move, that there was something holding me down. He say's there is nothing on me. I told him to turn on the light. He does. He sits on the bed, because he realizes I am serious because I am crying. When he sits down beside me, I was able to move. I can't even tell you how fast I got the hell out of that room. I'm not sure, but I think I knocked him out of my way doing so. I can honestly say that is the most scariest feeling I have EVER experienced.

I sat on the couch in the day room and he came over and I told him what had happened. It was then he preceded to tell me of everyone's experiences of this same base. I make him stay on the couch with me with all the lights on until 8am that morning when our shift ended. I still refuse to even go in this room even during the daylight time. Hardly anyone sleeps in this room. There is so much that happens in this building itself that it is amazing in itself. Now don't get me wrong... I thought maybe it was my imagination and that it was the disorder where you wake up before your body actually realizes that your are awake... But my gut feeling knows what happened. I don't believe anything other wise.

I have seen apparitions lately too... I do want to say that I am not alone, nor am I crazy having all these 'things' happen to me. I try to embrace all my experiences, but sometimes I get caught up in all of the skeptics who give you another way of looking at what has happened... Any comments will be gladly accepted... What do you think? Have any of you ever had this type of experience?

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southernparanormal (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-04)
what team investigated your station? Because as of right now, my team is the ONLY local team from Lancaster. And It was not my group, so if you could please let me know ASAP!
newtck (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-17)
Wow...sorry for not answering everyone back until now. I'll try to cover all questions in this response if it's okay with everyone...
To Ohiowatha:The 'base' is just an EMS building where the crews on duty stay over night for their shifts. The apparitions I've seen are what I believe to be a little girl around 9-11 years old at the home I bought 3 years ago now. I thought that it was just me, but now I know that's not the case, because my youngest son has seen her too last year. My daughter wants me to investigate the hx of the property, but I'm hesitant to because I get creeped out so easily when I'm there by myself. My dog, Conner, doesn't help matters either. He always barks at nothing and when he gets like that, he ALWAYS insist on sleeping at the foot of the bed closet to the hallway and just stares and growls. It so freaks me out!

To KimSouthO: Wow, other experiences can get pretty long and unusual... But I'll share them if you would like... The hx of the base... All I know from the 'investigators' is that there was once a house there yearsssssssssss ago and it caught on fire while there were children inside. Later a funeral home was built there and now it's our base.

To whitebuffalo: Not that I know of. We still had our job to do, so we didn't get all the details. Maybe if I could find the card they left, I can see if they have put the information on their site...I'll check into this...
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-11)
What sort of "base" is this, Newtck? Can you fill me in on some of the apparitions you've seen?

Thanks, d
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-10)
Although you mention different occurances in the comment section, the experience you speak of that occured while you were sleeping sounds a lot like sleep paralysis. I am not making light of your situation at all, I can understand how terrifying it is to not have control over all of your faculties and to not truly understand what is occuring to make it this way.

The other experiences and occurances you list, I would be very interested in knowing the history of the base and the land that the base is centered on. There may be some very active 'entities' involved with the space.

Keep us posted on any further occurances,
God Bless!
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-10)
Hello again newtck,
When the investigators went through your base they did not attempt to release the small child, teenage boy or the older woman? That is curious. I would have thought that would be one of the things that was pretty high on their list of things to do there.
newtck (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-10)
Other experiences that others have stated they have had are as listed.
One of our medics has actually spoken to a gentleman in the restroom after coming in off of a call. Another has carried on a conversation with a little girl sitting on the same bed that I was sleeping in. Alot of them hear the "crying" coming from that room. Another states that she always hear children laughing and playing, but when she gets up, there is no one around. Not even outside.

The paranormal group found:
an orb
an EVP of a little girl saying "momma"
and states there is 3 spirits... A child, a teenager boy, and an older woman.

Our base also has a candle shop that is actually built into our base and she has ALOT of things happen. Just this past Christmas everything in her shop was knocked off of the walls including the brackets and shelves that were screwed into the wall.
Ramzey (9 stories) (130 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-10)
Oh my, you have experienced the paranormal! This must be a place that has acquired pain over the decades. For such presences to linger, that's usually the case. If you ever get the chance, maybe you should take some quick pics, see what shows up. That might clear your head if you actually catch something, which 89% of the time, cameras don't. But, do not let this interrupt your sleep pattern. You'll then create the energy for it to do so. Be at sound mind and fear it not, it'll leave you alone-Got Faith in the Lord?
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-10)
Hi newtck.
The majority of your story seems to center around your Sleep paralysis experience. Yes, that is what I think happened when your partner came in an seemed to "break the spell" by sitting on your bed. Unfortunately, it does sound like you are going through a stressful time on this base (24 hour shifts) and that could effect your sleep practices.
But I also think you have a base that has a lot of history reliving itself. You say that there are other experiences that the others on the base have dealt with already. I think your experience is unrelated to those others, though you have not said what those things were. Any of these other things with other people happen in that same room? I would think that would signify something other than just Sleep Paralysis.
Keep us posted. Thank you.
FRAWIN (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-10)
Hello newtck. Yes it sounds like Sleep Paralysis but I`m not sure. Has other people experienced what you have in that room? If they have that would send up a red flag. What did the investigators find ? Was the other people`s experience the same as yours or were they different? What I`m getting at is if other people have been attacked in that room then that would pretty well rule out Sleep Paralysis. You may be experiencing both, Sleep Paralysis and paranormal activity.

Tilis (2 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-09)
Something like that has happened to me twice before! The only reason the weight or person got off of me is because I kept fighting to get up or turn over. I didn't try to yell because
1. I didn't want to wake anyone up,
and 2. I felt it weakening.
It was scary, though, so I kind of know how you feel!

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