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News-paper Fluttering?


I never had "THE" actual ghost encounter until date, wherein you actually see or feel some entities around you. I always heard something eerie every time.

This incident happened with me in June 2012 in one of our relatives's house. Me and my mom had gone to their house just to give them a visit. They were living there since an year.

The aunt, me and my mom were having conversation and we were only 3 people at that time. Firstly I would describe the house; we were in the living-room and just in the front-left of the living-room is the aunt's daughters's master-bedroom. As there was no one else in the house, the light in the bed-room was off and everything was quiet. Even the area where they reside, is bit quiet in the evenings.

In between the conversation, I suddenly heard kind of "fluttering" sound, which sounded like that of news-papers being fluttering due to air; I just shrugged it off and kept quiet. Later on, the sound became continuous and I realized that its coming from the bedroom. It would stop in between and then again suddenly would resume. It was becoming irritating after some time and when I saw my mom's and the aunt's reaction, they were talking merrily without any knowledge about what's happening!

Later on, I asked my mom whether she is hearing some sounds of paper-fluttering and she said no.

The fluttering continued for some more time and then I was very confused about that though I kept quiet and tried to ignore it. I thought that may be really some newspapers must be kept and must be fluttering due to air. Later on when me and mom got up to leave, I peeped in the bed-room and saw that the bed was clear! Nothing was kept on it; No newspapers and the room was very intact with lights and fans off.

I thought of asking about the same to the aunt's daughter but then didn't as it would doesn't have seemed proper. My mom too scolded me for thinking something irrelevant as frankly, she doesn't believe in paranormal things!

I don't know what was it, but whatever it was, It was very weird.

Has anyone from you all experienced this type of stuff? Let me know...

Thank you!

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Dip1904 (115 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-10)
not enough information - it can be as you say, truly paranormal or you are just being paranoid. As mentioned by notjustme - may be your mom and aunt were deep in conversation plus they don't follow paranormal activities that much so more so they won't pay any attention to it even if they have heard it... Or may be you've got a crazy SOB poltergeist who is kinky
LoveParanormal (7 stories) (10 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-01)
[at] notjustme
Thank you very much for comment.
Yes houses in India have bars but now days everyone has the french windows and the aunty too had the same. I don't quite remember as I haven't visited them after that day but for sure, they doesn't have those type of bar-windows.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-31)
Hi there. I'm not sure I would call this paranormal because there isn't enough for me to judge it. However, if I am not wrong, the houses in India are sort of like houses in Vietnam, the windows have bars right? So most people leave their windows open (this is just my guess, your aunt's house could be entirely different.) So could it be possible that a bird or someone outside the bedroom window was doing something?

I seen what houses look like in India thanks to the TV, and it's very similar to the ones in Vietnam. Also the life style there is similar too. I mean in ways of people hanging outside their homes with their neighbours or even reading the newspaper on the side of the house. Your aunt and mom may not have noticed because they were deep in their conversation and the sound of newspapers may not phase them as we tend to tune out sounds that we are used to hearing.

Example, in Vietnam people use their car horns for every reason, like "beep beep i'm turning, or beepbeep, hey neighbour!" so no one pays attention to it, but in Canada when I hear a beep I'm fully alert.

This is just my input. Thanks for sharing.

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