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This story is fully based on the encounters my Tita (gma), mother, aunt & uncle all experienced while living in the house. To start, my (Mother's) family is from Colombia. Being Catholic Colombians they are pretty religious, my mom, uncle & aunt all going to the same Catholic elementary school I was later sent to as a child. They moved here when my mother (the eldest) was just 15 and the family lived in the same townhouse until I was born.

The year I was born (1999) my family was living in a townhouse complex behind a Sobeys in Oakville, Ontario. They had never had any unusual paranormal experiences in this house before my arrival. The first month of me there was the usual newborn hell, always hungry & still having an irregular sleeping pattern. After the first month I quieted significantly for the most part, the nights were the worse. Keep in mind we were living in a tiny 4 bedroom townhouse so my mom & I were sharing the bedroom, her single bed on one half of the small room & my crib on the other with the rest of the usual bedroom furniture crammed into the small space. Her being the eldest (24), both my aunt & uncle were still in school at the time while my Tita was a full time Nurse at our hospital.

As usual, my mother would be up with me all day keeping me entertained & what not until my Tita would get home at 11pm/12am. As any grandmother would be, she was quite upset with my mother still having me awake by that time but knew there wasn't much she could do.

The first night of my second month in the house is where it all started. My Tita came home like she usually does but instead of the mostly quiet household she usually walked into, it was filled with the loud screeching of baby me & everyone in the house still being awake in the living room together trying to figure out how to get me to stop.

Her being a nurse & raising 3 kids mostly on her own she took things into her own hands and tried everything she could, including a quick car ride around the block which usually worked. Once she would get me asleep or at least quieted, she would bring me up to my bedroom to the crib & leave, shutting the door so I was alone in the room and hopefully uninterrupted. Usually on these kind of nights my mother would stay in my Titas bedroom to avoid waking me with her snoring or to use the bathroom.

Around 2am both my mother & Tita woke up to me SCREECHING, figuring it was just the usual baby thing my Tita came to check on me. Upon opening the door slightly she saw a woman fully in black bent over my crib, the women made no movement or sound as my grandmother stood there in shock to see a stranger bent over her first screaming grandchild. After a few seconds my Tita bounced into action turning on the lights & fully flinging the door open, only to find the room completely empty with just a very agitated me.

After the first encounter, it started becoming a regular thing, transitioning from only nights to throughout all times of the day. Eventually everyone in the house saw the woman in black that liked to follow around the first baby of the family, she mainly stayed to my bedroom & only wandered when I was sleeping outside of it like daytime naps in the living room and several times she was seen in my aunt & Titas room when they would bring me to lay in their beds.

For the most part she was never seen actually making contact with me at all, just standing over or sitting on the rocking chair in the bedroom. At one point my Tita did walk in once to see her stretching her arms towards me like she was going to pick me up but she disappeared before any contact was actually made.

My family became very nervous that the spirit may be something darker, my grandmother had her own experiences with the paranormal back in Colombia but she'd never seen a spirit of any type actually almost make actual contact with someone.

Within the fourth month of us living there, we moved out & down several homes in same complex. My Tita tried telling everyone that it was because we had been renting the first one & now owned the new one but everyone in the house was pretty convinced it was because of the Lady in the black almost 'making contact' with me.

After moving, we never saw or had any other issues with the lady in black. To this day the townhouse complex is still standing & I actually moved into an apartment with my parents literally around the corner from it when I was around 14. The townhouse we had once lived in proved to still be an issue for whoever had moved in after since there were forever switching 'For Sale' signs outside of that place for the 3 years I stayed in the area, it was definitely comforting to know at least that my family wasn't just crazy!

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CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
4 years ago (2018-06-21)
Welcome Spookybear,

From your description, it seems as though the woman may have been watching over you in loving way. Perhaps your grandmother's mother (if she was deceased at the time), or her own grandmother? Was the woman wearing a black dress or only seen as a black shadow type figure?

I understand your grandmother's reaction given her religious upbringing, beliefs and past experience, but it seems as though the woman meant no harm. Every time she was seen, she disappeared, which leads me to believe she didn't want to scare your family.

Thanks for sharing 😊
Socracy5 (3 stories) (64 posts)
4 years ago (2018-06-16)
Hey Spookybear1999,

Welcome to YGS, I don't know why I feel a little sad for the woman, I feel like she's sympathising with the baby you rather than causing any actual harm.

I hope her soul to find peace. The house seems pretty "active", more accurately residual haunting but it is a matter of thought that out of all apartments, this particular apparment seems to be rather spooky, a little research on the background of the complex might reveal their origin. Good grief you shifted.


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