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The Man In My Bathroom


This all started a little over a year ago I believe. My house was built in the 1950s and was very retro when we moved in. We did renovations and made it more modern to fit us. I have a son who is now 3 and have had other family members living with us (they've moved out now).

It started with my bathroom, one night everything on the shelves "fell" off and was scattered on the floor. Except for the bag that was on the top shelf was set neatly on the ground. My sister heard it but thought it was the dog or cat, but my son and I, being in the same room, heard nothing at all. I got up to use the restroom and saw the mess, got my mom and sister to look and ended up leaving the mess there.

Next thing I know I'm back in bed I hear the brushes and hair tools being played with and moved around, I open the door leaving the light on so whatever it is can get out.

Things only got worse, I felt Heavy all the time and had awful nightmares of my son being taken or me being dragged out of bed. I felt as if all my energy was being drained from me constantly.

I was Praying one night which I don't do much of, after praying a man's voice at the end of my bed yelled a deep no at me and I froze and began to scream for my mom. I refused to sleep in there for a week until someone came to help.

A man came and told me what he thought, something was there and was irritated. Never heard from him again.

Next thing, my nephew tells me there's a man in my bathroom and he's not nice.

Things stopped but last night, someone started banging on my bed frame to wake me and we heard a girl whisper (my friend says the girl said my name).

I believe there was a child here once from video recording a voice and also my clothes get tugged on at a low point or feeling little hands brush my legs. My son was speaking to someone and asked "what happened to your face" then proceeded to take their hand and say bye mommy and walk to the door. He refuses to sleep in his room because of the monsters and my nephew would cry and scream about the man getting him.

My family has had few experiences but I've had the most, and have tried protection, rocks, sage and I've even talked to them and asked them to leave but nothing seems to work. I wake up at night feeling an awful dread and feeling of being watched, it's very uncomfortable and my son wakes up crying at night.

Advice, anyone?

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MrsRizzo2429 (4 stories) (93 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-14)
Who is the man? I am very sorry that you have had to go through all of this with your son and nephew.
Many blessings!
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-07)
I will third the recommendation for Rook's cleansing method or any other that resonates with you. I know other methods have failed in the past but maybe only because they weren't repeated enough - think of it as only taking half of the prescribed antibiotics in a course but not the whole regimen, the infection would just rally and come back. Perhaps to begin with, perform a cleansing every other day, then after two weeks, knock it back to every fourth day and so on.

Keep your crystals and other icons and charms, they can't hurt. Try to keep yourself and your household as upbeat and positive as you can - that makes for great good energy - play together, goof off, make things, keep happy upbeat music playing, bring out items, keepsakes, photos even decorations that make you feel happy and place them around the house, burn incense, keep blinds and curtains open to allow as much light in as possible, open the windows if the weather permits.

Many old traditions hold that good use can be made of easily obtainable herbs and plants - for example: St. John's wort, juniper cedar, rosemary and thyme are said to help create a protective shield when burned; vinegar poured in a dish and left to evaporate over night is said to stop spirits from manifesting; boxwood, rowan and blackberry are said to ward off spirits; bathing in a bath with chamomile and/or dandelion is said to act as a shield etc...

Might as well make use of whatever methods you have to hand and keep at it. Remember, you are stronger than whatever entities are in your home.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-03)
Greetings dh29,

I'm sorry to hear you, your son and nephew are being bothered by whatever is there. Try to remember, you are stronger than the spirit of this man. He might just be a grumpy man, wondering why there are strangers changing his house. You never know.

Like Twilight, I'm confused by the man that came and said something was there and irritated? Was he a psychic medium, a paranormal investigator? I also recommend Rook's Cleansing Method. It has been used successfully by many people. Here's the link:


I hope you'll come back and clarify our question. Please keep us updated. All the best.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (320 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-03)
I have a question about what you said, "A man came and told me what he thought, something was there and irritated. Never heard from him again." Was this man a medium or something, and who did you not hear from again? The man that came over, or the "spirit" of the voice that said "no" to you? Have you looked up any history on your home, to see if anything tragic may have happened there? As far as any advice, there's a member on here named Rook, that has a cleansing method on his page, that many others have highly recommended, as well as having amazing affects for people in need. I see that you have stated that you've already tried other things to try and rid your home of these problems, but it's worth another shot to see if Rooks cleansing will help in any way. I'm sorry I have no other helpful advice to give other than that, but I wish you the very best, and hope that you're able to have peace in your home. I hate that whatever it is, is bothering the kid's in the home so much, to the point of them fearing their own room. Please keep us updated on any changes that may happen, as I hope they get better for you. Thank you for sharing your experience 😊

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