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My Bathroom Is Haunted


My parents house was made by my uncle and his assistant thirty years ago, they had a construction company. The land the house sits on had piles of trash that they had to get rid of and old barracks that they had to demolish to build on the site. I believe the barracks are the source of the hauntings that go on in the house. These are a few stories that involve one of the bathrooms, the one I came out of in the story about my mom's doppelganger. These are not long stories so I'm clumping them all together into this one page.

The oldest story I can remember was me sitting on the toilet one afternoon. I'm probably twelve here. My dad, mom, and sister were all in the kitchen so no one was close to the restroom. I'm sitting there and it was completely quiet. I farted and all of a sudden from the shower, five feet from the toilet, I hear a fart. This isn't an echo as an echo has never happened to me before and has never happened to me after this. The shower curtain was open as well so nobody was hiding in there. I believe it was a ghost being playful or making fun of my "situation".

This story is probably the most scariest to me. I believe I was thirteen and it was around nine at night. I went in to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet to do my business and everything was normal. I finished my stuff and when I tried to get up, a force prevented me from getting up. I was being held down and I could feel an invisible force putting pressure on my shoulders. I tried to get up with all my strength but couldn't even force myself up an inch. I just sat there for a minute not knowing what to do or what to think and then I tried to get up again, and it was just effortless to get up. I got out of the bathroom but for the rest of the night I could feel a tingly sensation on my shoulders. I should've checked my skin to see if I had any marks but it was too freaky.

This story takes place both inside and outside the bathroom. I'm about fourteen and this takes place early in the morning while getting ready for school so my dad was up too. There's a window in the bathroom and a large pecan tree twenty feet in view from the window. I had taken my clothes off and was getting ready to get in the shower. From outside the house I hear lots of whistling and rustling from inside the tree. My dad hears it and I hear him wake up my mom. They go outside and start praying to drive out whatever these things are. I take a super quick shower and put my clothes on to try to go see what it is but by that time it's gone. They say it was two big black owl looking things, like a lechuza, a half witch half owl creature from Hispanic culture. I'm thinking the whistling was to try to lure me out since I was the only one awake other than my dad and the closest one to a window that they could see from the tree.

I was probably around eighteen for this one and it was early in the morning when this happened. When I get in the shower and the curtain's closed, I usually just stick my hand in the shower and turn it on, I don't pull back the curtain. The shower curtain was closed so I did the same thing. I was going to get in the shower and pulled back the curtain to get in when a woman started screaming, like if I was a stranger that had broken into her house and interrupted her shower. It lasted just a few seconds but it was right in my face and it was super loud. I stood there in disbelief for a few seconds after but still proceeded to cautiously get in the shower. I took a super quick shower and got out as fast as I could.

This last story takes place when I'm older, and at night, when I was about twenty. I had set a towel on the towel rack just outside the shower. I was coming out of the shower and I grabbed the towel. As I had the towel on my head drying my hair, a little boy said hi to me. I pretended like I didn't hear anything but I quickly dried myself off, put my clothes on, and got out of the shower as fast as I could.

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