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Woman Crying In The Bathroom


I've always been fascinated with ghost stories growing up, I guess I could say that I don't really believe in them but I just love to listen to these kind of stories. But after my experience in Cebu, I am kind of believing it now but still in denial because I could't believe that that happened to me.

This story took place in Liloan, Cebu, May of 2008, I was 14 years old at that time.

Every 2 years, me and my family would come to this place for a gathering with my mom's workmates and their families as well (she works in a Christian charity organisation). We would stay here for a week, we'd have many activities during our stay, all about praising the lord.

This place was huge, if I remember correctly, there are about 10 big rooms that can hold 2 families each, inside there are 4 large bunk beds that we share with each other. There's also 10 bathrooms.

I have always looked forward to this vacation, it's very fun! Not only we ride ships or airplanes, I also get to see my friends from Manila and other parts of Philippines (I'm from Mindanao). For the most part, I personally liked our night gatherings telling ghost stories with my friends and siblings, led by me of course.

Fast forward, it was our last day on this vacation. My father apparently had fallen ill, he has bronchitis, and because of the super hot weather, he became worse. That time, we were supposed to ride a ship to go back home, but that takes 2 days and we're in a wee bit hurry so dad can go to his doctor back home.

My mom decided that she needs to go to the city to buy plane tickets. She's taken my 3 siblings with her (I'm the 3rd one) and I was task to stay behind to watch over dad. And because it's the last day of this camp, everyone else had gone out as well, and as far as I know, it was only me and my dad in that huge place.

Around 3PM, I saw my dad had fallen asleep in his bed, so I decided that I'd go and take a bath. I have mentioned there are 10 bathrooms in this place, I was happy since I'm the only one using the water line, it'll be a strong flow (when people uses all 10 bathrooms at the same time, the water flow can be very slow).

And there's me, standing in front of these bathrooms, I had decided to take the middle one, the one you can see in the hallway.

I went in, doing my own business, switched the shower on and just... Well... Bathing... I was there for a couple of minutes when I heard someone crying. I ignored it, because that's weird, it's in the middle of the afternoon, it's hot and I'm enjoying myself.

But then this cry, it was going a bit louder, and I could tell it's a female's voice (I'm getting goosebumps whilst writing this recalling what I heard years ago).

I stopped for a moment, I switched the shower off and listened to it (why would you listen to this? I guess it was instinct)

She was crying louder, in a way where I couldn't even tell where it's coming from, because you would know whether it's in other side of the bathroom. My body froze, my heart was thumping so hard, I couldn't think properly and that my head was just listening to this lady crying.

The sound was like of those people mourning, one you hear on burials, she has a high toned voice, she was crying from pain, I could feel it.

I was breathing hard and shouted... ''Uy, sino yan?!...'' (Hey, who is that?!)... ''tama na, di na nakakatawa ah...'' (Stop it, it's not funny) I exclaimed when nobody answered.

The bathroom door was just an old plywood and there are small holes where I could peek through, there's nobody outside, and there is no way that my friends which are pastor's children would make such a sick joke on me, also it's only me and my dad in that place.

I pressed my body against the wall, I could hear her, she's crying, closer, and closer... And closer to my ears. I suck up my courage and washed the soap off my body as quick as I can, I opened the door and ran out.

On my way to our room, I saw my dad sitting outside our bedroom, I quickly told him about my experience, and he was like ''you're just dreaming, it's not real''. Of course it was real, I freaking heard it! And every inch of me was terrified!

Night came, the people that went out that day slowly came bits by bits, and then I told my friends about it, they couldn't believe me either. They said maybe because I liked to tell scary stories that now the ghost are coming to haunt me.

Then we told the caretaker about it, his reaction confirmed everything.

He didn't even gave a surprised face. He said ''You heard it too?''

Basically, behind this huge property, lies another huge property, just behind where the bathrooms are, there's a big abandoned mansion there and according to him, the family who once lived there got massacred.

Until now, I still can't believe I experienced that. I hope I could forget it, but these things, you just can't forget about them.

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brinton28 (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-05)
May I know where in cebu is this place located? I really want to visit this place.
alyssazed (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-27)
Honestly, I have no further knowledge about the massacre. I haven't been there in such a long time and won't be coming back haha... And yes, I could never forget to cover up no matter how I scared I was lol 😁 😆
Sarah-E (guest)
5 years ago (2019-01-06)
Hi alyssazed, I heard ghost need to share their sadness or pain with the living, it makes sense that you heard her!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-25)
Welcome to YGS.

It sounds like those days at the camp (?) were full of fun.☺

Have you had a chance to research if the massacred family is a fact or only a story?
Would it be possible that the crying could have been caused by the water running at full pressure through the pipes?
Are you aware of anyone else other than the caretaker and you hearing the cry?

I hope you had time to wrap in a towel before running out of the shower! 😜

Thanks for sharing.

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