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A Frightening Glimpse Into The Future - I Need Advice


I have noticed that as my stress levels rise, the spirits around me make their presence clearer. This past weekend, 23 to 25 August 2013, I had more confirmation of this.

A friend of mine, J, had been visiting for the weekend. I love having him there, he used to run ghost hunting tours in Pilgrim's Rest, has had quite a few experiences with ghosts as well. His favorite spot, the "Robbers Grave". I found this interesting insert if anyone is interested:

He has been in my home quite a few times now, but none of my ghosties have shown themselves to him as yet. They are quite comfortable with him there though. They still touch me and make noises even when he is there.

On Saturday evening I was running bath water for my kids, when T came in and told me J was calling me. I found him outside by the automated front gate. He showed me that the gate was stuck, wouldn't open or close. Luckily we have a second entrance into the yard, so we could still get out, but the fact that the gate I use was not working had me stressed. I sent my dad a message and when he called I explained the situation to him. He told me to speak to my cousin (he had installed the system to begin with) and find out if he could come and fix the problem. So I did that, cousin would be there on Sunday.

We went back into the house and the housekeeper came to me and told me her room had almost burned down. The extension cable my dad had put in place for her to have power in her room had melted, shorted and caught alight. She immediately reacted, pulled the plug and put out the flames. Luckily she was there, I'd hate to think what damage we would have had if the room had really caught fire. J sprang into action and helped her fix the problem. But by then I was severely stressed. By the time my kids were in bed I had run a bath and was trying to relax when my phone received a BBM. It was Elaine, asking me what was wrong in my house.

I replied saying quite a lot was going on and I asked her who was talking. She said it was Gran. Gran had been on her case for over an hour, would not let her have a single moment's peace. So she knew something was wrong. I proceeded to tell her about all that was going on, adding the part about my cousin having to come to the house to fix the gate. Elaine then told me Gran reacted when I mentioned my cousin, she smirked. Elaine said she had a good idea that what went wrong with the gate may have been done to get him to come to our house. Gran has a bone to pick with my cousin.

The reason is quite simple. My aunt, Aunt S, is his mother (see bad feelings in Aunt S's house). She had gone and told him all about what was going on in my house, and theirs for that matter. Now, this cousin of mine is an attention seeker. He's also one of those people who knows better and can do better than anyone else. The moment my aunt mentioned that my Gran was around, my cousin immediately said that he had always known she was there, and that lately she had been pestering him in his home. He proceeded to claim that she was constantly moving things in his house so he couldn't get them when he needed them, and she was always doing things to make his life miserable.

Now, I've really gotten in touch with my Gran the past few months. Due to the fact that she was murdered by a man, she is completely anti-male. The only exception being my boys. Occasionally she will make contact through Tim, but lately it's very rare. She refuses to acknowledge men. With seriously good reason. So why on earth would she go out of her way to pester a man who is, personality wise, on par with the man who took her life?

I was immediately very annoyed that my cousin would dare spread such stories, and when I told my mom about it she also reacted the exact same way. The claims were ludicrous and completely untrue. While mom and I talked I had constant sensations of Gran touching my hair, trying to calm me down.

So, knowing that he had spread these stories, I was very curious as to what Gran would do when he came to my house. And while I had Elaine open and talking, I told her something that had been worrying me for 2 days. On Thursday evening I had gone to bed and fell asleep reasonably fast and had a very vivid dream (or, what I assumed was a dream). I was standing in the passageway separating the bedrooms from the rest of the house. We have a safety gate there for security reasons. I was standing with the gate closed, key in the lock and my right hand still grasping the key as I had just turned it. When I looked up, a man was standing right in front of me, on the other side of the gate. Close enough that I could feel his breath. He had light hair, with a lot of grey. It was shaggy and looked like it had not been brushed for quite a while. He appeared to be late 50's to early 60's. If I can give a better idea, for those of you familiar with the early seasons of the Friends series, he reminded me of Mr. Heckles, Monica and Rachel's downstairs neighbour. The moment I looked into his eyes, a singular thought popped into my head. Run or wake up! I woke up, heart pounding, and could feel Gran's hand on the left side of my head, over my ear. She does this lately when I'm restless.

Since I woke up on Friday morning I now have a creeping fear of standing at that gate, afraid that I will look up and see that man. And I had been fighting with myself over whether or not to ask Tim about this. The reason for that, my gut says this was NOT a dream. And asking Tim will most likely give affirmation and I am so afraid of what I will hear. But I broke down and told Elaine about the dream. The detail as sparse as I gave it here. Then I got a voice note from Tim.

He added, "He is wearing a red check shirt, has a cut on his right arm and is not wearing shoes. And he is flesh and blood." Those details I hadn't added, but they were right. Another message came through, and my fears were realized. This was not a dream. This was a glimpse of something that is yet to come. Tim asked me if I recognized the man at all, and I said no. I definitely don't know him. Tim replied with "yet". I was starting to freak out. The feeling I got from this man was not good, at all, and now I was being told that the scene was still going to play out. Tim sent me another message and told me Charlie had started talking. He wanted me to know that I needn't be too afraid. When this happens, he and Gran and Adam will be there to protect me. I sent Tim a message and said, "Are you telling me even that little boy is getting ready to stand up for me?" and he replied "jip, you're his aunty-mommy". Right then the dam broke and I started crying. Gran was sitting next to me on the couch, trying to console me.

From what I gathered from Tim, Charlie and Gran both had a hand in giving me this "vision". They wanted me to be prepared, to make sure that we are safe and secure at all times when we are home. I'm a bit paranoid about this now, seeing as how a stranger is going to gain entry into my home at some point. I don't know when, I don't know why. One thing Charlie told Tim was that this man knew him (Charlie) and he also knows about me. I don't know how, Charlie was not forthcoming with that information. But I have never met him. I asked Tim what on earth I could ever have done to deserve something like this, and he told me not to see things that way. I have spirits in my home who are so focused on us that they will do everything in their power to protect us. And they have promised that they will protect me when this happens. No harm will come to me. But the feeling of foreboding is so immense, I am terrified.

What makes it worse is that I don't know where my kids are/will be when this happens. They were not mentioned in this entire scenario. I'd like to know, how literal can a premonition be? Will it happen exactly as I saw it? Will the man look the way I saw him? Can it be changed? I'm terrified.

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charpam893 (2 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-24)
Hello triden!

This story really freaked me out. I can definetly feel the fear you felt when you had the dream! All I can say is to try and keep calm. I have no children but I am very protective of my 1 year old brother so I know how you feel about not knowing where or if your boys are in the house with you! I've had really vivid dreams where things exactly the same as my dreams have happened bit never been this scary!

Hope all will be well for you and keep your guardian angels close!
triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-13)
Thank you all for the wonderful advice. I'm being vigilant and very cautious when I'm home. I get my kids indoors and the gates locked when the sun goes down - at times this feels like i'm awaiting a stand off in a crummy wild west movie - and I make sure the alarm system is armed as soon as we go to bed.

As far as both Tim and I could tell, he was not armed, but just because a weapon wasn't visible does not mean there wasn't one. I have surmized that it has to be at night, as I am locking up. This gate seperates the passage and bedrooms from the rest of the house. So if the guy is there he won't be able to get to the gate as I open it in the morning without tripping the alarm. Although, either way, I am ever so vigilant no matter what time of day or night it is.

I took the promise of my guardians to heart, it just scares me that a person of flesh and blood could break my link to them before, and now someone else is threatening our safety as well. Charlie is still moot as to what brings this guy to my home, and the only emotion this vision envokes in me is fear. Whether it is for the man himself, or for the fact that someone will gain entry into my house, I do not know. At the end of the day I know that I can trust the safeguards I have in place, and if all else fails, where I stand in the vision/dream, the alarm panel is within reach, so I can call a panic in a few seconds. Provided I keep my wits about me.
mamachong (11 stories) (228 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-10)
Hi Triden,
I know its hard not to worry and stress out, I'm a worry wart my self. Try to relax a little. As a mother I can tell you, when it comes to my child I would become like a mother bear. I would do anything to protect my son. It has been seen that a person can possess strength unknown to them when a child is in harms way.

What I'm trying to say, when your family is threatened you become stronger. Trust your instincts.
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-10)
Try to bring the fear factor down if you can triden. You know it's going to happen and you have protection with Gran, Charlie and Adam.

I had one premonition with of all things one of my baby goats. I had just closed my eyes to go to sleep one night and a vision of her falling into the pond popped into my head and her going under the water. I thought it was weird but when I woke up the next morning I couldn't get it out of my head. I kept an extra watchful eye out for the goats and while looking out my kitchen window, I saw across the pond one of the babies had slipped and fell into the water. It felt like one of those "slow motion" events and I flew out the door, dove off the deck and swam across that nasty pond to grab her up just as she was going under. I named her Fish.

I know it's nothing like what you've experienced but my point is you KNOW it's going to happen, you're prepared for it and you have back-up. The fear now is bringing your stress levels up and Tim told you no harm would come to you.

I'll be sending nothing but positive thoughts your way and please let us know what happens.
valkricry (48 stories) (3256 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-09-09)
Triden, I read this yesterday and have been trying to form a cohesive response to you. Elfstone puts it pretty much in a nutshell for you. Pay attention to the details. You've been shown what the guy looks like, what he'll be wearing, and the fact his arm is cut. If you see anyone who fits the description, then have someone come spend the night with you. Although I'm pretty sure if the guy does show up at any time, Charlie will let you know. Some inexpensive but very deterring things you can do is place canned goods on the window sills and in front of any entry door - forced entry will cause them to fall and alert you, and the noise might frighten him off (don't forget the basement if you have one. Have an alternate escape route planned - you should have one in case of fire or other natural disaster anyway.
Stay safe.
triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-09)
Hi guys
Thanks so much for all the advice so far. Charlie kept telling me through Tim that I shouldn't worry, they will be there to protect me. And I really believe they will, but knowing someone is going to get into my house still scares the life out of me.

I am taking every measure I can to keep us safe. I'm so careful about it right now.
elfstone810 (227 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-09)
Fore warned is fore armed. Think about what practical measures you can take to protect yourself and your family in the event of a home invasion. You have a cell phone? Keep it charged and on you at all times. Have your local emergency numbers programmed in so all you have to do is hit a button. Make sure all your locks are in good working order. If possible, upgrade them by adding deadbolts and security chains. Think ahead about what you could use to defend yourself. Fire extinguishers and spray cans make good defensive weapons (aim for the guy's eyes).

Was the man in your dream armed? In your dream he was on the other side of your security gate, right? So figure out where you could shelter out of his line of fire if he was where you dreamed. (Check out Mythbusters. It's almost impossible for someone to really shoot a lock open.)

Also, remember -- in your dream he snuck up on you but now that you're expecting him there's no way that's going to happen.

Be strong. Be smart. Be ready. Don't be scared. ❤
Seeker1 (3 stories) (58 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-08)

The details in the dream may help clue you if you will examine them.:)

1) You hold the key, as you did in the dream to the lock.

2). The man's appearance (messy hair). Your cousin created a mess didn't he?

3) "wake up"- doesn't mean from the dream I don't believe, but to awaken to some truth. Or keep running from something.

Those were the things that stood out to me. Perhaps what I've written will help. If it doesn't resonate within you then please toss it out.

Blessed Be:)
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-09-08)
triden - this would probably be more fitting for our sister site Psychic and Medium Experiences, so if you don't get enough help/advice here, maybe they can be of assistance.

I can offer you my thoughts, based on my experiences, though. Not all visions/premonitions happen exactly the way they are shown. Unfortunately, however, many do. I've experienced both kinds many times. I believe we are sometimes given visions/premonitions to help us be on our guard, to be aware of a potential situation. Once we are aware, we are naturally more cautious and sometimes we can prevent/change the outcome of the vision.

Do I believe your vision will play out exactly that way? I hope not, but can't answer that question. But I do believe you will be extra paranoid now, and that alone may prevent this event from occurring. Or at least, prevent it from happening exactly the way you were shown. Does that mean the vision was wrong? No, it just means you paid attention. You listened.

But on a different note, if it does happen exactly the way you were shown, then there was nothing you could do to prevent it. We aren't necessarily given these "glimpses into the future" in order to change the events. I know that kind of contradicts what I previously said, but I've never figured out why we are shown things that we can't change. Perhaps just to try and prepare us when it happens😕

You have a very strong support group and I believe they will do everything they can to make sure you and your boys are safe.

Sorry for going on so long, but this really is something close to me.

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