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In November of 2017 I submitted a story to YGS regarding my departed Schnauzer, Mr. Riggs. He had returned from death to visit his home and family. Last heard from Halloween night of 2017, I thought him gone for good. Apparently I was wrong. There are indications that he has returned.

This story is about that return;and, I think, more.

I want to tell you about this experience because what happened is absolutely real, and real encounters are what YGS is about. Still, I don't quite know how to explain what took place. I can manipulate words well enough to tell the story. I just don't know how the story I am sharing with you is possible.

There was more death. That is the best place to start. The last of my 3 Schnauzers passed on October 19, 2018. Known as "The Rascal," or simply "Rascal," his death was expected due to illness. Still, his passing was ugly, and came sooner than we anticipated. Once again we experienced grief, sorrow and tears at the loss of a beloved pet.

But Rascal's death is only a small part of the story. There are more interesting things to share with you.

Here is some information that will help you understand what took place before Rascal passed. Rascal had a morning routine that I had to be attentive to, in part because he was blind and needed help. The routine included, feeding, watering, medication and being put outside. After all those things were done I would head to the shower to start my day.

About 3 weeks before Rascal passed, I heard clicking canine toenails in the hallway outside my bathroom door. This meant Rascal was making his way down the hallway to be let out into the backyard. Our home has laminated flooring and the sound of a walking dog can be heard quite clearly. I opened the bathroom door and saw nothing. Rascal was nowhere to be seen. It didn't occur to me at the time, but I had just heard the same sounds I had described in the story "Mr. Riggs Walks." To be honest, Riggs never crossed my mind. I thought him long gone and only a memory. The clicking sounds in the hallway repeated 2 or 3 times during that week.

Two weeks before Rascal's departure the clicking in the hallway seemed to gain momentum. It continued at an increased rate. It always happened when I went to shower. Rascal was seldom the reason for the sounds as he was nearing his death and his behavior was changing. During this second week of toenail tapping the occurrences had more or less doubled.

The week before Rascal died the sounds of tapping toenails grew still more frequent. The day before Rascal passed it happened 5 times in 40 or 45 minutes. I checked on Rascal each time and he had not left his bed. It appeared he had not even moved. His routine had been abandoned and he refused to eat or drink. I knew Rascal was in trouble and we were nearing the end.

I didn't know what to make of the noises in the hallway. I was annoyed at having my showers interrupted. Failure to get Rascal outside would mean cleaning up a mess. And because he was blind we were very attentive to his needs. Rascal was the priority and the clicking a nuisance. My previous experience with Mr. Riggs was never considered. I wondered if our cats were doing something that created those sounds. Even as I write this I question my own behavior. All I can say is my concern was for my dog and a hot shower to start my morning. Then, finally, a cup of coffee.

We took Rascal to our vet after he took a turn for the worse. His doctor had been treating him for months and was very familiar him and his condition. Rascal's doctor was joined by another veterinarian and together they examined him, then said it was time. After all our efforts to provide and care for him, it appeared Rascal had developed cancer of the liver or spleen. In Rascal's best interest his life was gently brought to a close. Our hearts were broken yet again. You see, he was not just a dog, he was the last of our family. Our home took on the feel of a tomb. It was as though sorrow hung in the still air. All 5 of our friends were now gone.

There were times when I was alone that I cried out in anguish, as though my soul was emptying itself of grief and torment. It was involuntary, and when it happened I did not recognize my own voice. I heard and met a new me, an unfamiliar self. This the result of realizing my family dead.

Yes, I know. Not very manly of me. After all, they were only dogs, those 5 who had been a large part of my family since 1974. They had shared my life, even my bed, for more than 40 years. They were only dogs, but we had bonded in an inexplicable way. We were pals and more. We shared a lot of love, those pals and I. Now they are gone.

After Rascal died everything fell into place, though it took a little time to put it together.

I think Mr. Riggs returned and walked the hall. He was, I suspect, warning me of Rascal's coming departure. More importantly, I think Mr. Riggs was coming for Rascal, to accompany him, or perhaps, to lead his friend to what comes next. They had lived their lives together and were like brothers. I think they loved one another, and that their love continues beyond the grave.

But this is not the end of the story. There is more.

During the nights of 21, 22 and 23 November, 2018 I was visited in my bedroom by the spirit of a dog. Call it a ghost if you like. Whether I awoke in order to experience this, or was awakened by it, I do not know. The first night I heard 3 irregular and slow footsteps on our bedroom floor, which is also laminated flooring. It was as though the dog was unsure of himself. The second night there were also 3 footsteps, more certain this time, though slow, like the dog was searching for something. The surprise came when I heard the dog sniff several times, then snort as though clearing his nose. The third night I heard 3 quick, steady footsteps which seemed to say "I'm out of here!," then silence. Yes, I heard the toenails clicking against the floor. Each visitation was between 3:00AM and 4:00AM, with 3:15 and 3:35 being two specific times that I recall. The sounds came from the foot of our bed, near the side I sleep on. Rascal's bed is still located near the foot of our bed.

I think the late night caller was Rascal. Perhaps I was given the farewell we could not share at his passing, as he had been anesthetized to control his pain.

There is little else to tell. I have no substantive knowledge about ghosts or hauntings, and very little experience with the dead. I can offer you no real explanation as to the how or why this happened, only speculation. What I can say with certainty is this did, in fact, happen to me.

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MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-26)
My home has been completely quiet since Rascal's apparent departure in late November. There have been no indications of any type of paranormal activity.

Our new Schnauzer, Gunner, has made himself at home, and we are moving on with life.

The love we feel for our earlier dogs remains, our focus is on caring for our new family member.

Thank you all for your kindness. It was a difficult time.

Twilight1011 (9 stories) (316 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-13)
Mr.Riggs, I'm sorry to hear this about your wife 😳 it makes me think of my Papaw, who we believe has a type of dementia as well. It seems that ever since we lost my Mamaw (his wife) last year, he's only gotten worse with his memory. He's gotten into arguments with us (my family and I), over what he thinks is happening, when what he believes to be real, is not. He's argued with me over something as small as a barrel he had in his garden for so many years, to not be his, and swearing that I'm lying to him over it being his, because he forgot that it was his. That argument had me in tears unfortunately, not being able to convince him that I was not lying to him. So I understand how hard it can be to have someone you love, and shared so many memories with over the years, start to forget. He's a very prideful man, and not being able to remember certain things, or to confuse certain memories, isn't easy for him to accept. It's difficult as a loved one, to have to get use to, as well as accept the changes our loved one is going through. Personally I've had to tell myself many times, that what he has said to me, despite how hurtful it may be, isn't really him. As in him not being in his right state of mind. I'm glad you choose to share your experience with us, and appreciate you sharing apart of your life with me, as I know it can be hard to talk about at times. I wish you and your wife the very best, and hope that ya'll have a Happy Holiday 😊
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-13)
Mr Riggs -

Once again, thank you for sharing this with us. My family cat, Boots, is going on 10 years with us. He is our baby, I cannot imagine how hard it's going to be on my kids when he leaves us. I will share this with my kids, I'm sure it will help them even though we will always miss our precious pets.

Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-13)
MrRiggs -

Your response to Haven was heartwarming. Hearing of a person losing a pet is heartrending, especially to those who have experienced it. But I would never give up that pain if it meant that I had not had the companionship and love that they offered in their lives. My heart goes out to your children and your family. I know too well that pain.

I do disagree with you response on one point, and it is my biggest soap box point - YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Either we are the result of 4,300,000,000 years of evolution (perhaps longer) or the product of a supreme being - in either case all living things are special. We are the combination of elements created in the furnaces of stars - we are star stuff. In all the universe there is nothing that can identically replace you (or your pets). We are all unique in a universe the scope of which is beyond human understanding.

Whenever I get down on myself I remind myself of these simple facts.

Be well.
MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-13)

I want to share something with you that might be helpful.

Yesterday evening our daughter called in tears. Her beloved 15 year old cat had become lethargic and inattentive. She took the cat to the vet, who drew blood for analysis, and speculated that the cat was in kidney failure. Test results would not be in until today.

We talked at some length. My daughter was in a lot of personal pain at the prospect of losing another cat. This was the 3rd that would be leaving her, and always in December. I told her of my experience, my story on YGS, and my feelings about the process of death. She listened politely. I don't know how much she grasped in her emotional state.

Early this morning we received a text that the vet had put her cat down. My daughter was heartbroken as this cat had a special meaning to her. While writing this paragraph our daughter called, and she and I talked for 45 minutes. Her heartbreak is tremendous and we were both in tears. She does understand about Mr. Riggs, and was able to find some comfort in the significance of his return.

What I want to share with you is the comfort and confidence I have discovered in myself as the result of Mr. Riggs' returning. Not just once, but twice. He is not dead, as in ceasing to exist. I have no doubt he lives, though he is no longer in the flesh.

While I find it terrible to hear the pain in our daughter's voice, I cannot sorrow for her cat. That cat is as alive as it ever was, and as alive as Mr. Riggs and Rascal.

I can imagine the comments of the doubters and disbelievers. They were not with me to share my experiences. I will never doubt the existence of an afterlife for pets. As far as I can see, there is simply a continuation of life minus the flesh.

I have no doubt your beloved friend is as alive as my dogs are. I am no one special, nor were my dogs special (except to me). Why should my dogs live and not the dogs or cats of another person? There is no reason. Our pets live, though not all return.

Not only do I not grieve for our daughter's cat, we may be losing my son's old bird dog, who we are pet-sitting for.

Should that happen we will share his pain. She is certainly a very good dog and will be missed. We will all hurt at her passing. But I will not cry for her. Why weep for the living, even if they are without a body?

Haven, take heart. I'm sure your dog lives. I think you will meet again.

MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-12)
Well, hello, Twilight1011. Thank you for commenting and your very kind remarks.

Your question is truly valid and gives an insight into my life. There is a struggle that I am experiencing that is growing more difficult with the passage of time. My wife has lost much of her memory and I believe she has developed a form of dementia.

While she remembers her childhood and her good friends, most of the details of everyday life are not imprinting within her mind. I have not asked her about the Fredericksburg ghost girl lately. She may not even remember the house we lived in.

She reads her bible every day and falls back on her religious beliefs often, especially those of her childhood. Those beliefs deny the existence of ghosts or non-religious spirits. That said, she was certainly aware of the Fredericksburg ghost, and sometimes spoke to it (a teenage girl). She would comment to the ghost when doors would open or close, or before vacuuming, though I do not recall what she said. As there was never an indication of negativity, we befriended the ghost and were polite toward it. Looking back, I'm glad we were kind and accepting of the ghost. To this day I hold sorrow in my heart for the drowned young lady who disobeyed her mother, and then payed with her life.

Today my wife would deny that. She also refuses to believe in the psychic experiences I have had, or that I have had out of body experiences. I just let it go. There is no productive purpose in trying to convince her of these things at this point in her life.

Today's reality consists of "I fergit," "I forgot" and making left turns while driving without being in the proper turning lane. We are in a new world at this point. Things are very different.

What I can add for you is that I sometimes wonder if my small measure of psychic ability has any link to the return of Mr. Riggs and Rascal. I do not know the answer to that question.

Thank you for responding to this story. I was somewhat hesitant to present it to YGS readers. I finally felt compelled to share it. These things did happen and I think it would inappropriate to keep it to myself.

Please do not feel ill at ease for asking your question. I'm glad you did. Although my reality is somewhat unpleasant it is not a secret. It's just something I have to deal with, so no harm done.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-12)
Mr Riggs - thank you so much for your comments. I'll admit I cried a little but they were tears of happiness because I know my darling Charmin lives on and one day I will see him again.

Twilight1011 (9 stories) (316 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-12)
Mr.Riggs, I'd like to give my condolences to you, for the loss of your very much loved pets. There's no shame in being emotional for their loss, as they were members of your family as well. It seems they all lived a very happy life with you, as I'm sure they all felt very blessed to have your love. I do have a question I'd like to ask you, about your wife. I see you said that she does not believe in the paranormal, but I remember reading in one of your other experiences on here, about your home in Fredericksburg VA, you said that ya'll became use to living with the spirit there, and accepted its presence there. Did your wife still not believe what ya'll kept experiencing there to be a spirit? How did she react to living in that home with what all would happen there? Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and giving us your update. I think your writing skills are exceptional, and enjoy reading how well you describe your details, giving an amazing visual. Hope to hear from you soon 😊
MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-11)

Thank you for your condolences and comments.

Rascal had developed a chronic illness and was growing old. Under a vet's care, and developing complications, l knew what was coming. I had seen it before. Rascal was the last of my 3 companions. They had been called the 3 Musketeers by their vet. Once the givers of much happiness, their passing gave birth to much sorrow, and heralded an unexpected joy. Yes, Rascal has gone, and departed sooner than I had expected.

Now to answer your questions.

When Mr. Riggs walked across our kitchen floor and drank, everyone in the house heard it. That included 2 houseguests who had just arrived with their 2 Schnauzers, myself, and my 2 remaining Schnauzers.

Upon hearing a walking dog in the kitchen, the 4 dogs snapped into a barking spree not far short of pandemonium. The guest dogs, who are younger, led the way, instantly followed by my older dogs. My guests and I raised our heads, I looked at the water bowl, then looked to my guests. All the dogs were accounted for, so what strange dog had walked across the floor and drank?

The 4 dogs leaped from their owners laps or the chairs they occupied and went straight to the water bowl in the kitchen, with humans in trail. All we saw was an empty room and 4 bewildered dogs. We 3 humans traded puzzled looks. Very little was said, though I knew it was Mr. Riggs.

What I very clearly heard was Mr. Riggs. He had been with me nearly 13 years. Both his walk and drinking style were different than the other dogs. He was more direct and businesslike as he went about his daily routine. When I heard those sounds I knew exactly who it was.

My wife has heard none of this. She is seldom home and does not believe in the paranormal. She enjoys our pets but our relationships with animals differ. They are closer to me. I love them without reservation and treat them accordingly. We are pals and more.

I am not troubled by Mr. Riggs' return, though I never expected it. What I cannot grasp is how a spirit can manifest sounds. Or, more significantly, how a human female spirit can open a locked and sticking entry door to a house, and throw it open with considerable force. I was present when that happened. How Mr. Riggs could create toenail tapping and drinking sounds I do not know.

Some time ago my cat, Daisy, choked on a hairball and died. I heard her in the house for a month. She mewed, walked and jumped from a bed. I declined to believe it myself, though I did tell my wife I thought Daisy had returned.

Then there was the episode with Mr. Riggs. I though he had returned as well. When he drank from the water bowl I was convinced of his return.

I never considered Mr. Riggs as the source of the hallway sounds in this last event. It had not occurred to me that Mr. Riggs would ever be back. Frankly, I thought him dead.

The clincher was Rascal's return. Now it is not possible for me to doubt any of this. It would be foolish to encounter pet spirits 3 times and deny what is for me a new reality.

Early in this response I mentioned my 3 passed dogs have become a source of joy. It's true. Now that I understand my dogs and cat still live, there is no need to sorrow and mourn. Yes, they are gone and I miss them, but now I know they live on. I think we will meet again.

Speaking of meeting again, I see your husband has returned home. Congratulations to you both. What very good news this is. I wish you both the best.
MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-11)

Thank you for commenting.

I am sorry to learn of the loss of your dog Charmin. I know how difficult that can be.

Be of good heart even though he is no longer with you in the flesh. My experience has been that pets live on, and are as alive as you and I.

I cannot imagine why my friends returned. I am certainly not alone in the experience. YGS has many animal related stories. Other websites have their own accounts.

My sorrow for all my passed friends has ended. They are no longer with me, that is true. But I know now they live on. I think we will meet again. Physical death is just a temporary parting.

Perhaps we have misunderstood death far too long.

Jubeele (25 stories) (886 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-11)
Hi MrRiggs,

It's so good to hear from you. But I'm saddened to hear of your loss because I know how much your fur family means to you. Their simple unquestioning love and devotion are precious gifts to our hearts. Each parting is utter heartbreak, tearing a small hole in our lives. I believe that a person's generosity of spirit is shown in how we give of ourselves to others. This includes the bonds we form with our fur family.

I'm glad you decided to share your experience with us. When your friends visited you with their dogs ("MrRiggs Walks"), did they also hear the sound of a dog drinking from the water bowl or they only noticed that all the dogs started to bark? Did your wife or anyone else ever hear or sense the presence of any of your departed dogs or cats? I'm wondering if it is the loving bond that makes a special difference.

It seems to me that your Mr Riggs did return to herald the passing of Rascal. One coming back to show the other the way beyond. I don't know if it is a lingering memory or a shared bond that had brought him back to you. Perhaps it is a bit of both. If Mr Riggs still walks and visits you, then it's probable that Rascal in turn came by to see you.

They have departed our homes but not our hearts. Remember them with love and be comforted that they're not forgotten. Nor have they forgotten you. ❤
MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-11)

Thank you for commenting.

I applaud your remarks regarding "They were just dogs."

You see, I have heard those very words from inconsiderate and unthinking people who have no concept of the loving bond between humans and and their animal companions.

In their ignorance they sought to help me along by diminishing the worth, the value and the loving relationship my friends and I shared. After all, how could you possibly care about a dog? It's just a dog. Eliminate the value of the dog and you eliminate the need for sorrow. They could not have been more wrong.

I heard those words decades ago regarding dogs now long dead. They only added to the pain that takes place at the passing of an animal friend. "They're only dogs" was hurtful enough that I remembered it yet again when Rascal left me. It is a bitter remembrance.

People who feel that way cannot know and do not understand the love shared in that very personal partnership. "They're only dogs." comment I heard so long ago still evokes an emotion in me than I cannot articulate. Perhaps it is the child of bitterness and hostility.

It may be that my friends and I were joined at the heart, if not the soul. We shared a great mutual affection, and each was a rescue that was provided a loving home. All were given a new life and most were saved from an early death. Perhaps that is the reason that they linger here.

Thank you,

Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-10)
Mr Riggs - I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved pets. I know firsthand the pain and sorrow of losing a pet. My dog Charmin died September 2017, and it is still very painful to even think about him. It's really comforting to know that they go to a better place, even if my beautiful Charmin never came back to let me know he was okay, reading these posts reassures me that he is okay.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.
MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-10)

Thank you for your kind words. My condolences to you and your husband on the loss of your cat. I know how very difficult that is. My own cat passed after choking on a hairball. I could only get halfway through digging her grave before someone else had to finish. You see, she was my friend, and even now telling you this is difficult.

I wrote this story for two reasons. The first was to follow up my first story, which told of Mr. Riggs return. It seemed appropriate to do so. Second, and more importantly, what I described actually took place in the manner and sequence I told it. YGS seeks real encounters and here it is. In fact, I maintain contact with a YGS member, and passed this information to them as events took place. I wouldn't fault them if they thought me daft. It was a difficult time.

Things are better now. My friends have gone on but I feel so much better. I rescued a 2 year old male Schnauzer who had been found on a roadside. We are all a lot happier. He lives and dines well and, in turn, keeps us so busy that the worst of the mourning has passed. Love for the friends who left us abounds.

The return of my friends, now two dogs and a cat, has given me personal proof that their lives and love continue on. They may not be here in the flesh but they are not really gone. I find no reason have lingering grief over the undead, nor do I have any sense of being haunted. The bond of love is far to great to see any negativity in what happened.

The best thing to come of this was comfort from an unanticipated source. I searched the web using "ghost dogs" as my search term, and found something unexpected., a website for dog owners, not paranormal enthusiasts, ran a story on ghost dogs. There were twenty responses/inquiries regarding the story. Most of the pet owners that posted a response described their experience with a ghost pet encounter. Clicking toenails and tinkling dog tags were described as having been indicators that a deceased pet was present.

With that information I feel reprieved as well as comforted.

Thank you for commenting, Melda. It is good to hear from you again.

Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-10)
Mr. Riggs - our sincerest condolences on the passing of Rascal.

We have witnessed the passing to pets and I agree with RC, they are not just "dogs and cats". They become parts of our lives and when the they go they take a part of hears with them.

By taking them in we pledge to care for them, protect them and love them. That investment of self requires we mourn them when the pass.

I don't know what to make of your experiences, I hope they help to bring you peace.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (815 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-10)
They are not 'just dogs'. Or cats. Or scorpions. (Yeah. Someone I know is heartbroken because his pet scorpion recently died.)

They are pets, animal companions, fur-babies, fur-grandbabies, etc.

They are friends and part of our lives, so it is not, in my opinion, any shame to mourn their passing.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-10)
Mr Riggs - Firstly my sincere condolences on the passing of Rascal. Even when expected, their death is still a shock. Your pain is still very raw and don't think that it isn't manly to cry - it proves that you are a sensitive, loving human being. Just over two weeks ago we had to have our beloved cat put down due to kidney failure. I assure you, my husband sobbed buckets 😭

I believe that Mr Riggs was around for Rascal. He was probably drawing attention to his presence by walking around your house and hoped that you would recognise the clicking sounds.

And yes, I believe Rascal came back to visit too. We are blessed when our animals come back to say hello.

Regards, Melda

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