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Boot Steps


Christmas 1993, I went to stay with my then best friend; Teri. She and her parents had been given a place to stay for a bit. It was a house down the old highway in Nevada City California. This house still had everything from its previous tenants, even a fridge that had been unplugged for who knows how long that still had some food in it.

Teris' parents were bikers involved with the Hells Angels and would rarely make an appearance at home. Being 16 having that sort of a set up seemed really ideal at that time. We got to come and go as we pleased. Sure we starved most of the time, but hey, we had the life (not really).

I became curious as to what had happened to the previous occupants and so I asked her if she knew. The story was that there had been a family in the house and a violent fight broke out between the man of the house and some other guy. The two ended up out on the porch and the other guy shot the family man dead. I didn't believe her and to prove it she took me out to the porch (which was a wrap around) To show me where the bullet had exited the man's body and took a chunk off the swing gate of the porch. Sure enough there was a chunk in the gate. I immediately felt freaked out by the whole thing. But it certainly explained why everything was still in place and how her parents came in possession of the house.

Teri decided to take it even further, by telling me that people had claimed to hear the man's boots walking the porch and he had even been seen a couple times.

I felt extremely uncomfortable staying there after knowing all this, so we would do our best to stay gone from there. We slept there only twice, showered once, ate ramen only once and decided to get into the christmas spirit during that duration. There was a bunch of stacked up boxes in the living room, left from the unfortunate family. In those boxes there was some Christmas decorations. Being that time of year and with having no one around to get the place feeling festive, we decided that we would put up some of them ourselves. When we finished we took a seat on the couch. While we were sitting there we started talking about the ghost and wondering whether or not we would get to hear his boots, that's when the living room light began to dim. It dimmed a little and then a little more, until the room was dark. I became a little scared by this and we sat there in the dark silently listening. Then we heard it, the boot steps out on the porch. They paced down the porch a ways and then stopped. Teri jumped up and ran to the light switch, turning it on. We thought it would be best to call it a night and headed to the bedroom.

We were laying there discussing the boot steps we had heard, then we hear something crawling around in the attic above us. We told ourselves it was mice, but it had to have been some BIG mice to make such loud sounds.

The following day, we decided to leave the house. Before doing so I thought it would be a good idea to shower and eat. Turned out not being the case. The entire time I was in the shower I felt like someone was watching me, an overwhelming feeling of danger sunk through me. I took a very quick shower. Afterwards I decided to cook some ramen on the stove, since I hadn't eaten in a little while. In this kitchen, covering all the counters, were random dishes stacked and next to the stove was a round table also stacked with dishes. I was standing there cooking the noodles when I heard a little ping, ping sound. The type of sound that you might hear if a water drop hit a dish. So I look around to see the source of this mysterious noise. I see nothing, so I go back to staring at the noodles on the stove. Again I hear it; ping, ping and more pings. Until there was a non stop of pinging. When I look to my right in the direction of the table against the stove, I see the source of the sound. It appeared to be maggots falling from the ceiling. But there was no way they could be falling from there as there was no hole or anything, but here they were rapidly falling into the stacked dishes. I ran out out into the living room to grab Teri to show her what was happening, and when we got back into the kitchen there was nothing there. We ended up leaving the ramen sitting there and vacating that house for a couple of days.

After that I returned home and Teri and her family had relocated once again.

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Dar77 (10 stories) (64 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-24)
HawaiiFemme- who doesn't love Nevada city?! It is truly a unique and unforgettable place and I feel fortunate to have been born and raised there. It is certainly rich in the paranormal activities though. As far as that house goes, I also hope that it has been cleansed. Even if it has not, it undoubtedly is inhabited, knowing that county and the desire to live there. Thank you for reading and for your input.
HawaiiFemme (2 stories) (13 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-22)
I love Nevada City and would adore living in that area someday! Hopefully, that house has been cleansed of that bad energy.
Dar77 (10 stories) (64 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-09)
Silverthane61- there was no doubt an extreme amount of bad ' ju ju ' in that place! Thankfully I was not there very long! Thanks for taking the time to read my story and give input as well.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-09)
It takes a lot of energy to cause objects to apparate out of thin air - of course I am talking about the maggots falling on the plate. Violent deaths always seem to leave a lot of bad "juju" in the environment from which scary haunts seem to draw energy. Good story!
Dar77 (10 stories) (64 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-08)
Cherubim - I'm glad you enjoyed the story & thanks for checking it out 😁 undoubtedly the unfortunate murder had a significant affect on the house, you could just feel it! So much so, that I couldn't stay very long and my friend and her family vacated it rather quickly. I've often wondered about any other tenants and would like to hear their stories.
Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-07)
Oooohhh, the place is probably full of bad energy because of the way the "family man" died. 🤔 That's incredible that you saw maggots dropping from the ceiling (with no holes in it) and they were gone when you went to get and show your friend?! Scary story, I'd relocate too if I were Teri and her family. 😲 Thanks for sharing.

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