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The Pressure


Two nights ago, I had an encounter. As I was dozing off, I started feeling pressure on my legs. I went to move them and it felt as if someone was sitting on them. I could barely move them without struggling. It made me wide awake by now but I refused to open my eyes after my previous encounter with a negative entity (previous stories). It felt like my eyes wanted to open without my control but I kept them shut tight.

I was so focused by now, I started to feel the weight on my stomach and started feeling tingly (vibrations) on my face at the same time. I was laying on my back with my left hand by my side and my right hand, laying flat on my stomach. By then I was starting to get scared, I don't know who this visitor was. Like I would know who it was anyways.

While I was feeling vibrations on my face, I started to feel so much pressure. Like a hand pushing my face down. The left side of my face, to be exact. It started to hurt, and it might sound weird but it even felt like half my face wasn't there, just pressure. Same with part of my body. One night maybe about 3 years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling of something trying to consume me or "possess". It felt like that with this encounter too, the feeling was there but I don't know if that was the case.

I usually twitch when falling asleep so I thought I was twitching when my pointy finger on my right hand that was laying on my stomach was moving. The way it moved though. It wasn't a twitch. Something was lifting my finger and dropping it back on my stomach. When I realized that, I was thinking is this really happening? Is something playing with my finger? It happened about 3, 4 times and after that, the feeling in my face was starting to be unbearable. It was like a ache or something squeezing the left side of my face. I ended up grabbing my pillow to cover my face and moved my whole entire body to get the feeling away. It worked, I didn't feel pressure on my face anymore nor on my legs or stomach. So I laid on my stomach and was able to fall asleep.

Tonight, my son told me something moved his pillow. He also has been having nightmares lately. Is it messing with us? Is it the same entity as before trying to scare my son? I don't want ANYTHING to mess with my baby. And if he's starting to experience the paranormal, my heart will break. His little heart doesn't deserve to know the fear of the other side. When I was younger it was so hard to deal with and that was when I was in my teen years. He's only just about to turn 6.

I did smoke marijuana that night and every time I smoke it seems like I have encounters. I have read up on doing drugs would put holes in your Aura and also make it easier for paranormal beings to possess or have an encounter with them. I know, if I want it to stop, I need to stop smoking but there are so many things that could put holes in your Aura. Cigarettes, bad food, alcohol, drugs and so on. But marijuana is the only thing that helps with sleep, hunger, headaches etc for me.

Sometimes, I just wish I wouldn't have any encounters. It's overwhelming and scary. To know something is there watching you and you don't even know it.

Any input is greatly appreciated. I might not find answers but knowing someone is there reading and giving me advice helps a bunch.

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SoniaMary0023 (4 stories) (35 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-02)
[at] DarriuxDarkk definitely wasn't a seizure. I've had more than enough encounters to know the vibrations. And my finger was literally lifting up as far as it could and just drop. Like a 6 year old playing with my finger only there was nothing there other than a feeling and sensations. I only say it wasn't because I've been to the doctors a lot around those times for my depression and having surgery with lots of follow up check ups.

And I've always felt vibrations since I've started having my first encounters but when I really knew it was from the paranormal was when the negative entity finally presented itself to me, which the vibrations were so unbearable when that encounter happened. Probably the most horrifying night I've ever had
SoniaMary0023 (4 stories) (35 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-02)
[at] rookdygin I would smoke 30 minutes before going to bed. Not quite as often now. A lot has happened since then but for the better.

I usually smoke half a bowl, which isn't much.

And there's no way it was laced because I've dealt with that in my younger teen years.

😆 lol no it wasn't prescribed, and I prefer plant over pills, even when I have my many migraines I don't take pain meds to reduce the migraines. I just don't like pills because they slowly kill you in my opinion, while Marijuana has so many benefits. More pros than cons.

I truly do believe smoking induced more paranormal encounters, back then I've seen doctors a lot for check ups and concerns for my body, I don't think it was a seizure

And I have talked to my son about what he's seen and heard. He actually has been coming to me about these situations more recently than back then. It actually has had me very concerned for him. 😢

I don't know if I've told you before, which I'm almost positive I have, but my gifted friend has told me that if I keep being negative, depressed, scared, etc then I would be bringing back the negative entity but if I don't give in to it, that the negative entity would get to me through my son. That has been the most of my concern, his safety.

For the past 6 months to a year, he's been telling me that someone keeps whispering in his ear saying hello, he's seen tiny figures run across his room, a LOT of nightmares, and giggles. I don't want him to be scared so I tell him it's just dreams... My mother passed away about over a year now and the encounters from this post happened at that previous home but his experiences have been happening at our new home which is at my boyfriend's house. I haven't felt any bad vibrations here but I do believe there are paranormal encounters happening here too.

It's been so long since I've been on here so I apologize if I repeat myself with my replies.

I also just remembered about this one time I had sleep paralysis at my new home and right before my sleep paralysis I had a dream where I was walking out of my master bedroom to the living room and decided to look out the front window, which it was snowing outside. All of a sudden I feel this strong pull from the back collar of my t shirt and I went flying all the way to the door of my room. The window is probably about 12ft away from my bedroom door. Once I was starting to be dragged towards the bed I woke up experiencing sleep paralysis. The morning it happened I kept replaying what happened in my dream and also when I woke up. I don't know if that was a dream or if I was Astral projecting, I could be wrong though.

Right now, my life is pretty leveled. The only issues I have is sleep paralysis and it's been a hot minute since my son has had any issues. I like to believe that my mom is fighting off demons from harming or haunting us haha.

I'm honestly glad my life is better than what it was when I first started having encounters.

I just always tell myself to be brave when the paranormal presents itself and pray as hard as I can.

It's funny... I've actually prayed for archangel Michael to protect us from anything trying to harm me or my family. And I'm also so thankful for everyone on here. There is honest to God real help here
SoniaMary0023 (4 stories) (35 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-02)
[at] aussiedaz honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it was an old hag. I haven't posted in a while and don't remember if I've ever mentioned about my gifted friend and her gifted daughter that encountered the negative entity that has haunted me for years, they helped guide me to getting rid of it and I'm so thankful. They've seen it themselves as well, but I've only seen it once while they've seen it more than once. When I seen it, it didn't have red eyes. Just very small black pupils with big round eyes. But when they described how it looked to me, it was the same description other than the red eyes. I've felt things I feel embarrassed about mentioning but with that entity, I've felt feelings as if there were an incubus. And the reason I say that is because the incubus encounters only started to stop when I stopped experiencing the other types of encounters such as shaking bed, nightmares, touches. Unless, I was having multiple different visitors. I really couldn't say.

I don't know if I feel appreciative for my encounters... I'd rather not having any of them. I still have fear especially when I still have sleep paralysis. Last time I had it was when everything seemed like it was shaking, even myself, and a black skinny figure with no hair kept following my face every time I kept turning my head.

I have been getting braver and pray when I'm scared. I couldn't tell you how much it's helped.

Those last few paragraphs of your reply are so true! And I try so hard not to think of what has haunted me, but it's so hard when I start to feel funny... Thank you for your input and everything. It honestly helps
DarriuxDarkk (6 stories) (79 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-10)
From a medical point of view the pressure sensations from your legs progressing towards your upper body and unwanted or uncontrolled movements of your fingers does sound like a seizure or it cam be something else like Guillian Barre Syndrome pertaining to lower extremity paresthesia that progresses upwards.

Alcohol intake or drugs does not help at all in terms of health issues and conditions.

I agree on one of the comments here, have a check up first to rule out any existing medical issues that is going on. They can be very debilitating if untreated or unmanaged.

If it is not a medical issue, I think I can relate on the pressure sensation especially the static kind of feeling. I experience that often if I sense things out of ordinary.

Thanks and God bless.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-09)
First question from me...

How long before falling asleep had you 'smoked'?

Second Question:

How much did you 'smoke'?

Third Question:

Is there a chance your 'smoke' may have been 'laced' with something (even by accident...)?

Fourth Question: You mentioned that it helps you sleep, is this a medical prescription for use or is it the use of a 'non-prescription' drug so that you do not have to take a prescription?

(Ok, Ok to many questions about the marijuana)

It is possible that the relaxed state induced by the marijuana could have allowed you to be more receptive to the 'spirits'. It is also possible that what you experienced was something 'physical', as others have mentioned.

I agree, what you have described sounds like 'old hag syndrome' but it also matches the description of a seizure (which is why seeing a Doctor is important). The paranormal can not even be considered until all natural/medical causes are ruled out.

As far as your son is concerned, ask him if he has had other experiences (good, bad or otherwise) children are naturally closer to the veil and actually can 'interact' with 'spirits' easier but as they (we) grow older we forget/are taught how NOT to do so. If he tells you more has happened please get as many details as you can and if possible have him draw a picture of anything he might have seen. Time of day and weather can be important as well as if you were awake or asleep when his experiences have happened. I have a 'feeling' that for each experience he shares with you that you were asleep 95-99% of the time... Just a 'hunch' I got while looking back at your experience as I typed this (If I am wrong about that then the odds increase to this being more 'mundane'...but its just a hunch).

Thank you for sharing and please keep us updated if anything new happens.


thelangs9 (2 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-09)
I'm no expert in these situations, but I know for a fact there's evil entities out there that thrive especially on fear, break that, u break them,, they've been known to start torturing victims from while they young, so its easier for them to return and invoke the fear they once did, cause paralysis to some intense extent,, I've had to deal with that shiat some previous years, its no fun,, maybe u should consider deliverance, do wish u and your son to stay safe and be freed from these turmoil causing entities.
JuggaloJohn (guest)
4 years ago (2019-10-18)
Hey SoniaMary.
I highly doubt smoking pot is the cause of your experiences or a trigger. I do believe a house cleansing is needed either by a professional or you could even have a priest come by to bless it and see what happens. You shouldn't live in fear.
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
4 years ago (2019-10-13)
SoniaMary That's good to hear you keep it away from your son I did exactly that with my own children and I do understand what you are going through... It has happen to me many times throughout my life. In one of your stories I do believe you'd experienced what they refer to as the Old Hag Syndrome, a wrinkly grey old ugly woman with red eyes that basically scares the life out of you?

I met one of these entities in the Astral realm back in 1985 pretty much like in that movie insidious only more terrifying because the account seemed to be a physical one that had me fooled into believing I was awake.

What was really important in the midst of that account back in 1985 and what I learnt whilst under attack by what appeared to be an ugly old bad 'demon' was to let go of the fear and surrender myself into believing it wasn't real... And lucky for me it worked.

Then came round two and the same deal again, hmm? Letting go of fear?...These accounts are horrifying Sonia and I do feel some empathy for what you are going through. However my own experiences have taught me a great deal and I'm actually appreciative of them all, including the dozens of Sleep Paralysis accounts I have had over the years, why?

Because I hope people like yourself will understand you are not alone or crazy and there is an explanation as to why these accounts take place. (YOU CAN CONTROL THEM) The Old Hag syndrome is basically a down load built into the fabric of the universe for anyone to pull into their own space should certain circumstances arise... Astral realm, half asleep, drugs etc... I don't actually believe it is real in the sense of returning to hell or what ever.

I saw her only last year hovering above my wife in our bed around early morning... I won't repeat what I said however it started with F and finished with F. These accounts still rattle me at times but I don't lose any sleep over them, because without fear they ain't got nothing on you.

If you believe in demons they'll believe in you, if you really want to shut down these experiences and try something different you have to stop smoking pot... Maybe take a look at your diet and exercise if you feel that's necessary... Read a book before bed, turn your computer on and play 10 hours of soft rain music when you go to bed so you can focus on the music rather than anything else.

Regards Daz
SoniaMary0023 (4 stories) (35 posts)
4 years ago (2019-10-12)
[at] aussiedaz that is so much to process, I had to reread that. I don't tell my son about the paranormal or give him the idea of it. I try my best to make sure he doesn't know what I've been through with him present. If I see something going down the hall, see something pass my room, feel my bed shake, I don't react. Except one time... My fear got the best of me and I woke my son up from screaming when I saw an entity that was previously attached to me.

I do think about different dimensions, how everyone is made up of energy and so forth. It is very interesting.

I believe sometimes I feel what I think I feel but others definitely not. There's just so much in this universe that we all don't even know... I'm not intelligent or know everything, I just know what I've been through thank you for sharing that piece of information
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
4 years ago (2019-10-11)
Answers? I'll offer you something to think about SM based on my own experience, research and a handful of facts alas my own theory as to why we experience the metaphysics the way we do, especially at night time when we kind of sink a little back into the arms of creation.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience inside a thought based universe known by the scientific community as the Higgs field. Consciousness is very fundamental to our existence and to the building blocks of our reality we so magnificently create every day, it is also very powerful when it comes to all those other experiences that present us with the paranormal and frighten us half to death when we push those buttons through our own resources.

First of all, you are a consciousness conductor always in the centre of your own universe contributing to the building blocks of reality along with the collective senses of all other consciousness units. The universe is basically dreaming and you are it's dream integrated in such a divine way it can't just be a random event of nature or an accident in my own opinion?

Some pretty smart theoretical physicist believe our universe is a hologram, others believe we are inside a computer simulation created by a superior civilisation and others just call it a Matrix.

What ever it is, we are in it until our last breath... I tend to believe we are in a sub set inside another greater reality created from the spiritual realm of which is possibly the 4th or 5th dimension to experience the good, bad and ugly for own enlightenment and spiritual growth... After all, we are eternal beings connected via the source why not?

Where does this leave you?

There is a little gland in the back of your brain called the pineal gland that is basically responsible for taking us in and out of sleep. When people take or smoke drugs the chemicals in those products interact with this pineal gland of which can open you up to more than just the universe. As a consciousness conductor you can reach out to others in the spiritual realm however you can create your own physical nightmares where entity's of your own illusion can present themselves as separate units of consciousness.

Fear will play havoc on what you bring into your own universe. Try hard not to frighten your son, he needs to feel you are in control of all circumstances involving him.

Regards Daz
lady-glow (16 stories) (3138 posts)
4 years ago (2019-10-09)
Thanks for replying.

Did smudging your place help to stop the activity for some time? You have to be persistent and perform it as many times as necessary even if the disturbances have stopped in order to prevent them from reoccurring.

I hope Rook's cleansing helps.
Keep us posted.
SoniaMary0023 (4 stories) (35 posts)
4 years ago (2019-10-08)
[at] lady-glow I have smudged my home using white sage and sweet grass. I don't think this is the entity that haunted me before, these ones I'm having currently are new to me.

About 20 minutes ago I also felt my bed dip, nothing else though...

I have encounters a lot and I try my best to ignore them. I hope the entity from my first encounter doesn't ever come back because that's what truly had me scared.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3138 posts)
4 years ago (2019-10-08)
SoniaMarie - I'm sorry to hear what you are going through but, have you put into practice any of the advice given to you in your previous stories? If so, has it have any effect on your situation?

Have you cleansed your house at all? Is your friend from the previous story/es still helping you? Do you think this could be the 'white demon's' doing or something else?

Your last experienced was posted around one year ago, any feedback about what has happened during that time would be appreciated, I don't know if this means that the activity stopped after you put into practice some of the advice given to you, or if nothing else has happened in between and you didn't see the need to do anything or, even worse, if this is 'happening' only because Halloween is around the corner...

"Any input is greatly appreciated. I might not find answers but knowing someone is there reading and giving me advice helps a bunch."

In my opinion, what YOU do is more important than the advice given to you and any input FROM YOU to us will be greatly appreciated.
SoniaMary0023 (4 stories) (35 posts)
4 years ago (2019-10-08)
[at] RCRuskin I don't know anyone if my son really is opened to spirits, and I'll definitely talk to my doctor because it was only one side of my face. Thank you for your input, I'm also aware of rooks cleansing ritual! When nobody's home I'm definitely going to do his cleansing ritual
RCRuskin (9 stories) (807 posts)
4 years ago (2019-10-08)
I just had an interesting encounter with the health care industry this morning. Though what made it interesting was not anything with me; that was straightforward. It was hearing another patient and her issue, and how the doctors responded...

And the reason I bring this up is that you mentioned how marijuana has two opposing effects, good and bad. Friends of mine, through church, a husband and wife, are both pharmacists. And they agree: whatever the medication, it is nothing but side effects, just have to pick what you want to be the primary effect. So, it helps you sleep, and also makes you more vulnerable, so you have to find the minimal dosage to allow sleep so as to prevent that other stuff. 🤔

From what I've learned, reading from the expert experiences of the other, wiser, users of this site, the gift of being open to spirits is not an easy gift even for adults; and traumatic for children as you yourself point out. It would be helpful for your son to work with someone who can train this gift and how to deal with its effects.

As for your experiences, beyond what I already said, my first thoughts went to some neurological event. A seizure or stroke perhaps, very mild obviously. I'd recommend speaking with a healthcare professional, just in case. Also, Rook has a great cleansing ritual on his profile.

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