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I Think We Saw A Ghost At The Amityville Haunted House


I posted this somewhere else but thought I'd post it here too. I've wanted to tell other people about this but I feel like nobody will believe me, which is why I thought about sharing this here. This happened during summer break after my freshman year of high school in 2017. I and my mom went to go visit New York. It hadn't even been a year since I came to the US, which is why my mom wanted to show me different states like NY and NJ. I was pretty excited, and my mom showed me around the cities which was super fun.

It was also around the time I started reading about haunted places in America and scary stuff like that in different websites. I heard about the Amityville House, and I heard that they made several movies and a book about it, even though I hadn't watched them. So, I told my mom that we should go look at it, since we were in NY and didn't know if we were coming back. She said 'sure why not', so we drove all the way to Long Island and finally reached the house. I wanted to take pictures and brag to my friends about the scary place we went to, so we got out of the car and took some videos.

It was kind of cloudy and dark outside and it felt super eerie considering the fact that a whole family was murdered there. There was a cop car patrolling around the neighborhood and we didn't want to seem like we were going to break in or anything, so we looked at the house a bit and then drove back to our hotel. Nothing weird yet.

After we got to our hotel, I looked at the videos and pictures I took of the house and this one particular video got my attention. I zoomed into the different windows of the house in the video and in one of them, you could clearly see a white smoke like thing go back and forth and disappear. It was definitely not a person, and I'm 100% sure there was nothing particular around that could've let out smoke.

It just appeared, moved around a little bit and then disappeared. It's texture was like smoke but I'm pretty definitely sure it wasn't smoke. The best way I can describe it is that it looked like the Japanese floating balls of fire ghosts, called Onibi. I thought I was seeing things so I showed it to my mom and she was genuinely terrified as well. As much as I'm interested in the paranormal, I like to remain skeptical, so I posted the video on my spam account on Instagram wondering if my friends thought it was weird or not.

A few of my friends DMed me saying that they saw the thing and it definitely did not look like smoke. I was so surprised that it might actually be a real ghost we caught on video because of all the theories that the Amityville haunting was a hoax. I didn't really think much of it but it creeped me out a little bit. I later forgot about it and after about a year and a half, I remembered about the video and thought about posting it on Reddit. So I scrolled through my camera roll and looked for it everywhere, but of course it was gone. I even logged into my old spam account and the video wasn't on there either. No I hadn't changed phones or anything.

I asked my mom if she remembers the video and she said yes of course, she was mad I lost it because it seemed like we actually caught something terrifying on camera. I asked my friends who saw the post and they said they definitely remembered it as well, but I couldn't find the video anywhere. I feel like the reason this is so hard to believe is because I'm claiming to have video evidence of it but I don't have it because it got deleted somehow. I really wish I still had it so I could post it here and maybe get an explanation of it: (

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valkricry (45 stories) (3066 posts) mod
3 months ago (2020-02-26)
DancingSheDevil, I realize you are new having just joined us on 2/25, but your last 6 comments have all said EXACTLY the same thing, which is bordering on being spam. I do love the fact you are seeking permission to use the stories, and not all posters have their emails posted on the profiles, so I do get the 'why' of it. But please, try and remark on the story itself. You can even add to the comment you'd like to use their event on your channel and they can get in touch via your email on your profile. Otherwise, I'll have to start deleting your comments, and I so don't wanna. Thanks!
DancingSheDevil (6 posts)
3 months ago (2020-02-26)
Hi, I would love to narrate this story on my YouTube channel, my channel is dedicated to all things paranormal that can be real life experiences or fiction, may I have your permission to narrate this? I will add a link in the description crediting yourself and a link to the original story:)
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1419 posts)
4 months ago (2020-02-02)
There was a picture taken with in the Amityville horror house that did capture a young boy peeking out of a room and you can find it online... There has been a lot of conjuncture over the years surrounding the validity of their account with some believing George and Kathy lutz exaggerated it to profit out of their ordeal.

There may be some evidence suggesting that is the case, however the truth may be somewhere down the middle.

George Lutz did claim he saw his wife turn into a 90 year old wrinkly witch, without ever knowing this back yonder in one of my stories here on ygs, I did write the exact same experience as he had... It is known as the old hag syndrome, it can scare the life out of you I can understand why he flipped out over it.

If you caught anything perhaps it is related to the young boy they caught on camera back in the 70's?

Regards Daz
Cosmos (17 posts)
4 months ago (2020-01-27)
Hi Jellyjally,

Thank you for posting your story. It sounds like you guys had captured something interesting. Shame that the footage is lost now. I do believe you that what you had captured was something worth to evaluate. Although without seem the actual footage it's hard for others to confirm that it was a ghost.

Usually when I capture an interesting picture or a video I try to rule out all possible scenarios. For instance some sort of curtain movement reflection or a glare of the sun on the window are the sort of things to consider.

Another thing is that the human mind has surely exceptional qualities, on the other hand, it has great flaws that it can be very deceiving at times. I wish you still had the footage so that we could all evaluate and rule out all possibilities.

Last but not the least, poster's engagement is also important. When others try to guesstimate all possibilities, authors input help to interpret the situation better. Let's hope that you revisit your post soon and provide more details about your experience. For sure a mysteriously deleted video from an hard drive and a social media account is an interesting coincidence that many members on YGS would love to investigate the possible reasons for it. However, if the author is not engage they may skip doing that.

Going back to your post, overall I enjoyed reading it. Once again thank you for sharing it with us...
Tweed (28 stories) (2287 posts)
4 months ago (2020-01-17)
Hi Jelly,

I was going to suggest fog/mist as a physical cause, then remembered you were there during summer. So there goes that theory.

I captured a ghost in a photo during a brief time of being a nonbeliever. I deleted the picture on purpose and have regretted it ever since. At leat you didn't do anything as dumb as that. I'm not big on conspiracy theories but it does seem the ethereal have a hand in what physical evidence we're allowed to share amongst ourselves. Ghosts be sneaky.
RCRuskin (8 stories) (625 posts)
5 months ago (2020-01-10)
[at] SilverThane61: I am inclined to agree, at least in part.

All these tales indicate *something*. Doesn't, however, confirm exactly what... 🤔
MrsRamsay (7 stories) (100 posts)
5 months ago (2020-01-10)
Hi and thanks for the interesting story! It's compelling to me that you can't find the video. I've had a number of both photos and videos over the years that I suspected had paranormal stuff in them. Many times when I want to find them, they simply can't be found, yet I'll find them later. It's made me wonder... Perhaps we're not supposed to be looking at such stuff. It's frustrating. So now I have a file that I call X File. Easy to find at the end of my list of folders, and I try to keep anything suspicious in it.
silverthane61 (3 stories) (325 posts)
5 months ago (2020-01-09)
Aggravating, isn't it? The great majority of paranormal accounts falls into the category "anecdotal" - word of mouth without any additional evidence to support the claim or at least quantify it. However, the very large mount of anecdotal stories existing lends a quantitative relevance to what would otherwise be classified as hearsay. You are in good company!
WisconsinLady (1 stories) (51 posts)
5 months ago (2020-01-05)
Hi, Jellyjally! Welcome to YGS! Thanks for sharing this! I'm glad you feel comfortable sharing your experience here. I've lost/misplaced several videos and images over the years. It's very frustrating!
If you would like, I could send you a Python script to run on your computer to help you find it. It's not a virus script, because I hate mean people and wouldn't know how to write anything malicious anyway. I've written computer code that searches specific folders or drives on my computer to locate files. You can search for specific file names, dates (which is harder if the date was modified), and/or file types. Then it spits out a text file of the file location of everything it finds that matches what your looking for. If you want to try to locate your video on your computer, I can send you this code. It's a simple Python code that you'd have full control of. Learning how to code is a good thing for college/jobs, too! ❤
RCRuskin (8 stories) (625 posts)
5 months ago (2020-01-04)
Hello, Jelly.

Is there any chance you could post this video or at least link us to it, please?


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