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About a month ago, I was home alone. My brother and dad were out buying a guitar, and my mom was at work. I was working on an essay when I heard somebody calling my name. I was scared, I looked outside of my door and walked around the house with a knife. Every creek of the wooden floors made me scream and turn around. When I found nobody in my house, I went back to my room with the knife, called my friend and closed my door. I told her how scared I was. We kept talking until I became quiet and my music stopped. I did not turn off my music and the song was in the middle of playing. I stared at the computer and my friend kept talking to me, asking if I was alright. A few seconds later, the music started playing again, but a different song. I don't know how my iTunes even got to the song, because I did not have that song. I was very frightened now. I asked my friend if she could come over, and 5 minutes later the door rang. I opened the door to see nobody. I locked the door and sat in the corner of the room near the door, with all the lights on, except the upstairs.

When the door rang again, I ran to get it, there was my friend. I hugged her and told her to help me look. We looked everywhere and found nobody. We decided to watch some TV to calm me down. But when we turned it on, my turtle jumped into the water and I screamed. At that same time, I heard somebody calling my name. The person calling my name sounded like my neighbor, who had died. And we had been given her favorite jewelry box. I heard the calling from upstairs and remembered my mom had the box upstairs too. My friend heard everything. We called my brother's friend, who is 15 now. He came over and we searched everywhere, except upstairs. I was too afraid to go up. We all sat down in the living room, which has a view of the stair case. We were talking about school, when we all heard her. "Hannah? Hannah! Where are you!". I knew it was her, since it sounded like her, and that she would call me like that if she didn't see me. I felt a presence in the room and screamed. We all sat together on the couch and I felt something touch my foot. I screamed again and we all sat there, huddling and watching for anything. My parents usually call before they come home, and while we were huddling together, we heard the garage door slowly open. To our surprise, nobody was there. We kept the door open and played some music and turned the TV on. Turned everything on that played music or gave off light.

An hour later, my dad and brother came home with a new guitar and amp. Luckily for me, once they got home, the tormenting stopped. Until that night. That night I was talking to my friends on AIM with my door closed. My parents and brother were watching TV in the living room, which is in front of the house. And I knew nobody would be walking near my room, which is in the back of the house. I heard somebody walking down the small stair case to my hall way, and I saw feet walking, well the shadow of their feet stepping in the hall. The feet stopped right next to my door and I flung the door open. Nobody was there, only a pair of shoes across the hall that weren't there before. The rest of the night I stayed with my parents. And from then on, I haven't seen or heard anything in my house. Though I have from other places. I won't include them in this part, but I will post them later on.

-Hannah Esporma-

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Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-10)
WoW Ghosts can really be scary. I wish she would have found a less intrusive way of saying howdy!
Jessica (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-21)
You should've yelled "I'm right here!". Your neighbor just wanted to say goodbye... I feel bad for her. You should bring her back. ;-;

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