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Friend Not Moving On


When I was younger, my cousin Felix was killed while serving in Iraq. Ever since then, strange things have happened at his mother's house... The first events started one night at a get together. All of Felix's friends, my aunt, and my sister were sharing stories of him when he was little. A beer can that was sitting in the middle of the counter next to them, with no warning, flew off it. Not rolled, flew. Like in the air. They all started laughing at that point.

Another time, my older sister and her boyfriend were lounging in my aunt and uncle's pool when my sister went in to use the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom and into the hallway, and that's when she heard distinct voices, a male and female. It sounded like they were coming from my cousin's old room. She peeked in there, but there was no one and no TV. She investigated every room in the house and there were no radios, TVs, or anything on, but she still heard the voices coming from right outside the window of Felix's old bedroom. When they suddenly stopped, she went back outside and questioned her boyfriend. He said he hadn't been talking at all, just swimming.

This even happened a couple times. My cousin's old cell phone was kept in his car. My aunt and uncle never used it, but just keep it in the holster. One time, my aunt and uncle came home from a restaurant to discover 3 messages on their answering machine. The first one was from a friend. The second one was a garbled male voice, people in the background. The third one was near silence except for a small male voice that could barely be heard. They checked the caller ID and were shocked to find that the calls were from Felix's phone. They rushed out to the garage and checked the car, but the phone was in its place and still turned off.

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KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-02)
It may be Felixs' way of letting your family know he is watching and cares about you. Hopefully, he will be able to cross over and find peace. Let him know you are alo okay and he can cross over so he can be at rest.

God Bless!
sharebear (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-25)
I'm sure it is Felix just wanting to say hi to you and your family. Have you tried talking to him?
shissi (guest)
17 years ago (2007-02-25)
this is creepy like omg I'm scared to go in my room now things like this creep me out

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