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Two Girls Bickering


One day me, my sister Jessie, and my two friends Heather and Jenna were up in my sister's room. My dad was making us dinner at the time. Before we all used to talk to candles and we asked if there was a ghost. We said "flame go up if your here" and it went up really high. So we asked if its name was Carl or Carly because my sister had a feeling that it was. The flame went up high. Right then, my dad called us down for dinner and you have to go past a wall to get in the kitchen so we went to eat at the table thinking that our friends were going to wait upstairs for us. My sister Jessie got done eating before me so she went up there to see if they were there so we could continue talking with candles. She went up there and she heard like two girls bickering or talking. And she ran down stairs and ran over to Heathers, my friend across the street. I got done eating, I went up there to continue doing the candle thing. I heard two girls whispering and I thought it was Jenna and Heather, trying to creep my out so I said "ha ha guys that's just hilarious!" and they kept talking. So I said "seriously guys, come out this isn't funny anymore" and they didn't, so we started looking all over the room, in every corner, under the bed, every possible place to hide. They weren't there. I was so scared I could hear my heart pounding. I jumped all the way down the stairs (almost broke my legs). I asked my parents where jessie was. They told me she went over to Heathers. There was only my dad and mom in the house at the time and you cannot hear then from upstairs. So I came to a conclusion it must have been ghosts. It scared the crap outta me. I ran as fast as I could over to Heathers. Right when I knocked on the door, Jessie told me really fast her story, you could tell she was scared. and I said "OH MY GOSH same here!". Now, we never go upstairs, it scares the crap outta us.

We have a gravestone in our backyard, it's old and you can't see what the writing says. We suspect it is the person haunting our house.

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emeraldstone (2 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-18)
I agree with Shane. I was very foolish and played the Ouija board out of scratch, after-wards unexplainable things, that will have someone crapping their pants, would happen. Never again will I play or even consider doing crap like that. Please be careful and pray every night!
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-02-27)
First let me say that you should never play around with the spirit realm. What you think of as a game can and sometimes does lead to more serious events. Second check into the history of the home and see what you are able to find out, as for why there is a grave stone in your yard you maybe able to find that out when you do your research. Could it be your home was built on the site of an old cemetary? If so I recommend a cleansing ceremony. I am also from Ohio and I have several stories post here that may interest you.

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