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Two Very Strange Stories


Let me start off here, so my house is 105 years old, but this first story has nothing to do with a house.

Now this is a story that happened just this morning, 12th August 2008.

This big moving van was going past my window and my younger sister was going to Adventure Land with her mates, and she was waiting outside on the wall, and we cannot see her outside the window, but we seen a young girl looked just like my sister going past the window, on her bike, a pink mongoose bike (BMX).

The girl looked directly into our window still riding on her bike, and looked at me with an evil look on her face. I ran to check if it was my sister, but as I was going to the front door, I passed my bike, but to my surprise, my sister's bike was right there near mine, not moved or touched since yesterday.

Scared and frightened I ran to the front door opened it, and got a very big shock not only did I see my sister sitting on the wall, with no bike... But right in front of my face I seen the girl that was passing the window, I told my sister she said I was seeing things, because she couldn't see it, but I know I DID.

So now for my next story, this one is not scary but sad and very true.

I was looking on my family photos, and spotted a very strange one who I had never seen before, my Granddad, I was only 8 months when he died, and I cannot remember him at all, then again I was a baby!

So now, I was in my bedroom, and I heard someone call my name, "Rebecca" so thinking it is my parents, goes to the top of the stairs, but no one is there.

Feeling uncomfortable I go back into my room and watch TV. I hear someone calling my name again, so this time I run to the top of the stairs, I got such a fright because it was my Granddad, like a hologram though, I didn't feel afraid.

I think he just came to visit me since I was wondering so much about him.

As soon as I was half way down the stairs he vanished and I have never see him again since.

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Spirit_World1 (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-18)
Have You Ever Had An Argument With A Friend And Later In Life You Never Sorted it Out But She Died? Because That Might Have Caused the seeing to you and not your sister? 😊 😐 ❤
rstahley (3 stories) (102 posts)
15 years ago (2008-08-19)
Wow. Your house is 105 years old? Anyway, the little girl story is really creepy. I wonder why she appeared to you and not to your sister. The granddad story, as babybis said, was sweet. I think it's sweet that he visited you.

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