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Orbs In The Wood Room


When I was little, I would go in my grandpa's room to take a nap, but I'm not allowed to go in that room since he keeps a loaded gun, and I hate guns. I was looking at some old pictures of me in the room with my doggie, Snokes, and I just see this, I don't know what it was really. It was just enough to make me never want to go in that room, even if there wasn't a gun in there. Then I look at some more pictures and find that there are like thirty orbs, right by me and my dog. That was the last time I would go in there. I won't let my brother go in that room.

When I was in the house by myself, my dad was outside picking food from his garden, and there weren't two dogs, and I was just watching television. In the room that had the orbs and the figure, all of a sudden, a green light comes on, then turns off, and it happens a couple more times. I ran outside and tell my dad what happened. He looks in the room, and there's like twelve orbs on his back. That was creepy since I was nine and I didn't know what it was. And if you think I'm on crack, I'm not. I know what I saw. I'm scared that it might happen again. But, that's it. Leave a message and tell me what you think it was, please.

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dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-27)
Hi, I would believe you about orbs in the picture and behind your dad. Also my stepdad have guns in his bedroom too and I hate guns really hate it use for hunter. Hope you can show us the picture of orbs.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-08)
I agree with other posters here. If you give us some photos then we will probably solve this mystery. We do have some people here who know there stuff about these kinds of photos. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Tonith (1136 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-08)
I know when photographed orbs can be insects or dust particles. I took photos of my house after construction and there were tons of orbs in my living room while none showed up in the hallway right outside the living room or any of the other rooms I took pictures in. I pointed this out to my daughter who was like Mom you read to much weird stuff. To this day I just consider it the room with the most dust in it being that it's the only one with wall to wall carpeting. That's my story and I'm sticking to it lol.
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-09-07)
Personally, I think you should post a few of those photographs of you in that room to this page. Maybe if we are able to see what you are talking about, you may get a few more interesting responses.
I think it interesting that YOU have photographs with orbs, but your DAD'S orbs were seen with the naked eye.
I would be interested in seeing the photo's.
Thank you.
Emma2008 (4 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-03)
You were 9 years old when this story happened and you're scared it might happen again? How old are you now? The orbs obviously didn't hurt you the first time, why would you think they'd attack you now? Personally, I think that you're just very uncomfortable about that room. My suggestion is to just stay out of it.
dalton1976 (1 stories) (46 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-03)
I don't think that orbs are dangereous, 😁. It's an extrordinary event that you lived! 😜. Have you tried to communicate with it? Life on earth is only the beginning! ❤
Jmak (6 stories) (156 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-02)
Hi LoveforHope0226,
Thanks for sharing your story 😊. I have to ask, has anybody been hurt by these energies? If not I would not worry about them that much. If you still feel uncomfortable when you visit then you might think about wearing a religious item while you are there. Saying a prayer of protection wouldn't hurt either (if your faith permits these). Also you might want to ask your granddad about the house/land to get a history on it. Hope I've helped and God bless. 😊

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