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Mrs Grouch And Granny


I had a friend, Les, who was a mortician AND a comedian. He said it helped him keep his other job lighter. Whoosh. Les wanted to have a Halloween party, at the mortuary where he worked. Oh boy.

An old friend, Steve, said he would go to the party with me. We got to the grounds but didn't see any evidence of a party. We pulled up to the back of the main building that had Miami Vice type clear ice blocks in the walls and a door. You could see movements beyond the blocks, light inside the building. This might be the place? We sat for a minute, deciding if we wanted to proceed or not, and the door opened. A tall geeky looking guy in white lab coat and glasses came out, splashed with blood. The smell of formaldehyde was unmistakable. Oh yuck. Steve asked for Les, while I sat stiff and still as a board, trying to melt into the passenger's seat. The guy slowly and silently pointed to a fairly normal looking house within the grounds. Not a word. Off we went, totally creeped out, staring at each other with saucer sized eyes. He watched us all the way. We giggled a bit uneasily.

Inside the residence, Les and the party was forming. It wasn't long before we moved the party over to the mortuary, once all the employees had gone home for the night. Standard gory stuff, punch that looked like blood, and one of his buddies popped out of a closed coffin in the coffin display room.

I pulled Les aside and asked if there was anyone in the viewing room, could I go 'see and listen' quietly? He agreed to let me in, asking me to keep this to myself. Les unlocked the room, saying he would relock the room when I was done.

This would be one of the largest learning experiences of my life.

A very large room, two coffins, separated by screens and curtains directly in front of me, divided into two family areas. Two very small steps into each section would be where I would stand for my visit, not wanting to intrude into the very sacred, hushed atmosphere.

The larger side contained a plump older woman with short, fluffy white hair. She looked happy. Sweet. Blue pastel dress, lace, necklace of pearls, holding a bible and a rosary and a small bouquet, with other several items placed there by her family? Flowers filled the room, and so did she. Still in the immediate area, and the feeling was one of deep contentment and peace. Stillness. Acceptance. Unmistakable presence in the corner, almost at ceiling level. A soft and gentle rocking sensation.

On the other side was another woman, judged to be quite old from her appearance. She was rather stout, dressed in victorian black and no frills. Plain grumpy expression. Harumph. She was still there, too, but much stronger. She was mad and she didn't care WHO knew it. Grump. Grrrrr. Very strong, very angry, and everywhere, an energy not centered in any one place. Very uncomfy. Very oppressive.

As I left the room and looked back, I could visualize these two women, on either side of the curtain, two such extreme emotions, so close together, yet independent and ineffectual against the other. Almost yin and yang, black and white.

I returned to the party, shaking off that anger as best I could. I found myself wondering how I would have felt had I visited them in reverse order. Would the peace have been strong enough to alleviate that intense anger? Is anger and hatred always so much stronger and more powerful than peace and bliss, harder for us to leave off? The experience did make me aware of how easily we are affected by another's anger and negativity!

I pulled Les aside, told him I was done, but could I ask him, what was the circumstances of both the ladies?

He shrugged and said one lady died peacefully in her sleep, and the turnout tomorrow was expected to be quite large. She was very loved and mourned by a large family and many grandchildren.

The other lady? She had committed suicide. It was hard to get any cooperation from her family, and she was almost buried in a pauper's grave. The family must have been almost glad to see her go and they didn't expect any significant visitors.

I didn't need to clarify which was which. I knew. We left right after that. I had enough and was drained by the viewing room.

This also taught me well that people don't always move on right away. They can hover, for whatever reason, for whatever length of time. I suspect Mrs. Grouch hung around a long time after Granny floated on.

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sera (guest)
7 years ago (2015-10-02)
I could not have went in there with them. Thank you again for your wonderful stories.
Wildone (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-29)
May I join in that discussion?
I think that those who have no firm, solid belief in an afterlife DO flounder around here waiting for the exit sign.
If a person does not KNOW that there is a mansion in Heaven awaiting their arrival, why would they WANT to leave a home that they are comfortable in and love?
If a person does not KNOW that there is a Hunting Ground waiting for their expertise of healing, why would they WANT to lay down their rosemary and basil?
If a person does not KNOW that happiness waits, just around the corner, why would they want to cross that line and go around that bend?
There has to be SOMETHING for them to GO TO, in order for it to be a speedy process.
Oglegen (6 stories) (61 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-18)
I back LadyAnne on wanting a discussion board on your ghost stories! Martin, what are the pros and cons of this?

Whitebuffalo - I love the train ticket analogy! That's a perfect way to describe it.

LadyAnne - Love your story about the religious woman praying. And I agree with you about needing a discussion board on these forums... It would be wonderful if somebody had a question about the paranormal that they could just post it, rather than having to tag on to discussions of other people's stories.

Also, if anyone was having any kind of emergency they could post directly onto a thread and maybe get helped? Just a thought anyway... I regularly go in the chat room hoping to see others but I've never seen another soul in there!
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-17)
MY sincerest wish...
😆 😆
I must have slipped into the lost language there. Imagine that, speak of the woman, and there it goes.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-17)
I will tell you the truth.
She is now EVERYONE's Grandmother, in the deepest respect. Not only has she Crossed Over into the bliss of the Holy lands, but she has lectured others from there as well 😆. Good ol' Grandma, she always said that she would die speaking the Truth, even if it killed her. 😆
What a character.
I sincerest wish is that I could be half the woman she was in life.
ladyannne (11 stories) (91 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-17)
May I have your Grandmother? Pleeease? Harumph, 60 charactes required. Harumph.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-17)
It is MY belief that they CAN, Lady Anne.
An example would be easier to understand than an explanation, so here goes...
My Grandmother started me out on the path of Holistic Healing. She had a neighbor who used to condemn us both to the fiery pits, and told us that there is nothing past life (first off, HOW can "you" say "you will burn in the fiery pits if you keep teaching this young one..." IF there is NOTHING after life?!) save for an abyss. Basically.
When her neighbor passed, the lights in his house would come on about 7 at night, and remain on until around 10, then go off. Grandma started noting the time (she actually kept a notebook on that side of the house and would document it. It did not always go out at exactly 10, sometimes 9:30, 9:45, 10:15 etc, ruling out the idea of a timer being left to run). On a whim she went over to check it out.
No one was staying at the home.
She called up the neighbors sister and let her know what was going on, and asked if SHE were not going to come over and check on things, could SHE, please do so? The sister said "Let me join you. No need a neighbor getting bludgeoned, let's make it two old ladies if there was an interloper." (Right nice way to think)
They went over and this man who swore there was nothing after death appeared to believe his house was nothing as he had remained where he died, and was sitting in his chair reading. The sister FREAKED and took off.
My Grandmother, though she had been harassed by this man for all of the times she would teach me of herbs and other plants, and YEARS of simply being a nuisance to her, decided to sit down and give him the facts.
She told him he died of a heart attack, and it was probably brought on by his cantankerous, mean, crotchety ways (that's my Grandma, honest to a fault) and that there was only one thing left for him to do. That was to suck up his pride, look death right in the eye and keep walking to wards that light that would blink out if he waited much longer. THIS was no longer his home, and he needed to move forward to his new address.
She claims to have felt a moment of sheer panic, slowly followed by a touch of understanding. Then total and utter peace.
When the man left this world, the lights went out.
For a month she watched the house next door. No lights, no man, no worries.
One morning she woke up to a glorious sunrise. Or so she initially thought. It was in the thick of night, and she was out in the "Florida room" where she had inadvertently fallen asleep while listening to her favorite radio program hours before.
There before her stood her neighbor in his purest form, and all he did was simply smile.

For what it is worth, as I read the part of your comment about all being energy, I felt as if you were reading my mind...
ladyannne (11 stories) (91 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-17)
Thanks, Chris! Glad she got you to thinking, always a good thing.

Frawin, you will make an excellent, mischevious ghost! (Wait, is your karma 'paid up?') Just make sure who ever you haunt posts on this page? Lol! Thanks for your kind words, too. Hugs and smiles!
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-17)
Hi Ladyanne. What a great story. I realy enjoyed reading it. As Tonith said you are a gifted writer. As I read the comments I realy got interested in what Automn was saying. I did think about that once or twise but what she said realy does make a lot of sence. It realy did make me think. And I bet she is right. I hope you share another story with us soon. It is always a pleasure to read. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
FRAWIN (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-16)
Hello ladyanne. First let me tell you that I really enjoyed your story, it made me think, and I enjoy anything that makes me think. As far as your theory goes, hang onto it for awhile, it makes as much sense as some I've heard and more sense than most. I don't know about anyone else but when I die, I'm going hang around for awhile- so I can scare the hell out of a select few, then cross over for whatever awaits me there.

Again let me say how much I enjoyed your story and thank you for sharing it with us. Take Care.

ladyannne (11 stories) (91 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-16)
Buff, I love it, (thank you!) but now I have another question. Can a ghost, once they DO move on, become a spirit, trade that one way for a round trip ticket? I realize we will probably never hit upon The Great Truth while we are earth bound, (here enters Faith from stage left) but it sure is wondrous to toss about.
You are most welcome to use ANY of 'my' space, any time!
ladyannne (11 stories) (91 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-16)
Oh, thanks, Oglegen, dear lady. I had a mouthful of potato chips when I got to the last line of your fist paragraph. My poor keyboard!
I live for these discussions. They are usually so, well, stimulating. Gets your gray matter cookin' and traveling, new ideas, new concepts to try on. Heck, it's my story so we don't have to waste space apologizing to me for using my thread. Hey, Martin, can we have a debate thread? Huh? Huh?
If your Grandpa comes back, you will have to tell us. What a delight!
My jury is out on the oppression. Taking inventory of my visits, I would have to say, uh, no. At least for me. My two absolutely 'stuck' or long term visitors, the surfer was confused, but not sad, and Andy was just having himself a ball.
Can I add one more theory to the pot? Every single thing is energy. Our spoken conversation lingers on a whisper of a ribbon that floats around the world (galaxy, universe) for ever and ever. If Tom, Dick or Harry (all sensitives) are open to hearing it WHEN it passes them by, they WILL hear it. Could not the same thing be happening with our souls, spirits? So to speak?
I just read a fascinating documentation about the energy that occurs at death. A very religious woman agrees to be hooked up to EMF's, eight scientists are listening to her pray, sincerely, thanking God for her life and His gifts as her death approaches. Eight scientists are listening and streaming tears, when one of them realizes they were not observing the monitor. There is the needle, wildly bouncing off the 500 mark. Just the day before, as the control, they sent a radio message around the world. That registered a nine.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-16)
Hello Oglegen, mind if I take a jab (stab just seemed so wrong to type there) at that "I wonder if..." Lady Anne?
It is MY opinion that a GHOST is a being that is passed on, but has yet to Cross Over. They are stuck on the earth plane for SOME reason, and it is a mystery that can SOMEtimes be solved. Sometimes it is too difficult a thing for a mere living person to figure out. They can visit with us, talk with us, play with us, but they CAN NOT go between the Holy realm and the Earthly realm.
A SPIRIT is a life impaired being who has MADE it to the Other Side. They are free to roam between the realms, stay in the Holy realm, talk with us, play with us, be with us. There are limitations, but very few, as they are in their perfect form.
I have been fond of likening it to bus tickets, train tickets plane tickets etc. A Ghost has a ONE WAY ticket, and a Spirit has a ROUND TRIP one. It is our job, the ones that can, to help the ghosts upgrade their ticket to a round trip.
Thank you, Lady Anne, for allowing me space on this page for discussion.
Oglegen (6 stories) (61 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-16)
Great story LadyAnne, and I really enjoy this sort of discussion. Like everyone has said, none of us have any idea of what speed different kinds of attitudes and beliefs move on to the other side. My Grandpa believes in the afterlife and is determined to stick around. He says directly "I'm going to haunt you, so watch out." He has no specific religious belief and has mainly concerned his whole life with making mischief. I wouldn't say he is a bad person or has a bad heart, but I fear he is going to be a pest when he is dead!

My friend who committed suicide in January, I felt, left this world straight away. I tried to feel her, and I could feel her, along with a lot of anger - but she was in some other place. I've had experiences where I have simply thought about someone who has recently passed and they have just appeared in front of me (either through feeling them in the room, or actually seeing them). Maybe this means these people are still largely present on the earth plane? I wonder if there is a difference in feeling someone who has passed on to the next life but is visiting, and someone who is stuck on the earth plane? I'd hazard an expression of that kind of feeling, and when I think I am visited by an earth bound spirit I feel a huge sense of urgency and oppression, even if that person isn't trying to oppress me. It's like they have an overwhelming load of emotions that they immediately project if they are thought or spoken about. Would anybody agree with this?

Sorry for the essay... I just love talking about this stuff!
ladyannne (11 stories) (91 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-16)
I may have to start counting the times I mention, "There are no coincidences" in one of my postings, Buff. Oh, wait, was that the thread about leaving a large group of delvers? Been there, done that, for both of us, lol! <scratching her grey head here>
I THINK that you either move on rapidly, or not.
I THINK that once you move on, you can come back and visit.
The 'or nots' get to stick around until they figure it out, and then move on.
I THINK this applies to good souls and bad souls, it doesn't matter.
Now I can't find a comment that made so much sense, maybe it was Frawin, the difference between 'ghosts' and 'spirits'. Rats, should have written that down.
Anyway, Dad had no firm beliefs, moved on immediately and came back for a visit. I don't know how rapidly Monte moved on, but he came by later, ditto with Chris. Polly was a born again to the bone, and she stuck around for at least an hour. Both Granny (with a Bible and rosary in her hand) and Mrs. Grouch hung around for at least a few days. Of those I knew, I agree, their mannerisms were NOT the same, except for Polly. And Monte. Gotcha. Okay. Dunk.
Oh, and btw, If you are completely off, you are going to have to stand in line.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-16)
Oh no, no, no. Throw out a life preserver and save that theory, Lady Anne.
The faith of a person has everything to do with what happens to their being after they pass, I believe. Of course, that is only one persons perspective.
It is MY experience that ghosts have the same emotions, actions, thoughts, and mannerism as their live counterparts.
Spirits do not. They have made it to the Other Side and are in their "true" form. Pure, holy and perfect.
If a HUMAN is anxious to go to a place they do not know, understand, or feel comfortable in, they tend to hesitate. That would be how I believe those who do not have a firm belief in the afterlife react once their life force leaves them.
On the other hand, those who are anxious to see their Higher Power, and the Summerlands (or wherever they believe they will be going, by whatever name) are quick to make the transition.
That, of course, is only my opinion based on the experiences of my past and present associations. I COULD be completely off. This is, of course, a discussion about the Unknown.
Thank you.
ladyannne (11 stories) (91 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-16)
Tonith, you are so funny. Hug, hug. I have NO imagination, trust me. My kids bug me about writing a book and all I can think is, "About what?"
I try very hard to not judge, and to keep an open mind. I would certainly not learn anything any other way! Bless thee for your kind words.
We are throwing around a theory that those who do not have firm beliefs do not move on right away, but I think this idea is going to drown. Soon.
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-16)
Well Ladyannne you should have been a writer. Great story and very well told. You are a natural in the field of expression with words. You are also intuitive. This is a gift. Your wisdom about such matters didn't make you judgmental. I feel sorry for the woman that took her life. She had to be very distraught. Some people think they are an island. They are not. I hope she went on eventually to the Light. I just love your stories and I believe them to be true. You do not strike me as someone who would fabricate. If you did you would be as rich as Steven King lol.
ladyannne (11 stories) (91 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-15)
Hey Vicki! I do firmly believe that positive dominoes positive, negative dominoes negative. A favorite game of mine is to make the lady at Jack in the Box who growled "Can I take your order?" smile with a sincere, "How are you?"
Brownie09 (6 stories) (293 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-15)
Thanks ladyannne, I probably would have called the woman a grouch too. It is weird how so much anger can reflect on the people around it and make a happy person start feeling angry too. As for the lady with smile, I bet she was a real sweet person when she was still alive.

Thanks for sharing another great story with us.
Vicki 😊 ❤

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