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This is a story that my friend D told me when I was in China for vacation 2 years ago. I was visiting family members and D was a pen pal I had made prior to going there, since I didn't know anyone there that could speak English.

Anyways, D told me that when he had first moved to Shanghai, China, he found a really cheap place to stay at that was close to his new job. The room he had rented was on the 3rd floor of an old house, in which everyone had their own floor, and the kitchen/living room is all on the ground level floor. The owner of the home was this old woman, and her bedroom was on the first floor, and another woman was staying on the 2nd floor.

When D began to move into his new room, the old woman told him not to use the closet in his room. She said it was dirty inside and had some missing floor boards, so it was not a good idea to put his stuff inside. The closet had been boarded up with some planks of wood. D agreed to that, and just used the closet in the hallway instead.

After 2 weeks, D said that he had too much stuff and it was inconvenient for him to go to the hallway all the time to get certain things that he needed (plus his room is small) so he decided to remove the boards from the closet. He was going to get some paint and pick up some tools and see if he could fix up the closet himself. When he removed the boards and opened up the closet, he found some old clothes (which he threw away) and saw that there was nothing wrong with the closet at all. He moved all his stuff inside that new closet.

One day, he said he came home from work and was going to shower and change before going out again for the night. When he went inside his closet to get a change of clothes, he saw that all his clothes had been tossed around and wrinkled (he had them neatly folded before). He got really angry and assumed that maybe the room mate's daughter had been playing in his room and messed it up. When he asked the lady who lived on the 2nd floor, she said that her daughter had not been over and she was told not to go upstairs anyways. He decided to ignore this for now.

Another time, he said he was taking a steamy shower and suddenly felt a chilly gust of air blow into his bathroom. His window and door were not open and there are no vents either in his bathroom. He said he would also see a shadow of a human silhouette in his shower curtain every now and then.

He realized that there was the possibility of ghost activity, but doesn't believe in that kind of stuff so he just ignored it.

One night, D, and 2 of his friends went out for the night to party. Afterwards, they stopped by D's house for a little bit to have a cup of tea before leaving. D was in the kitchen browsing the cabinets to find out where the tea bags were. He usually places them in the pantry next to the stove but he said it wasn't there for some reason. He thought maybe his room mates might have drank it all.

While he was searching, he said out loud "I wonder where the tea went". Suddenly, one of the cabinets slammed open and 2 boxes of tea bags just flew out onto the floor as if someone threw it. Both of his friends started screaming and got up and left. D said he packed his stuff that night, slept in the living room, and moved out 2 days later. The old lady got very angry at him for opening the closet and said this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't messed with the closet when he told her why he wanted to move out.

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succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-27)
A paranormal CLOSET...

Two things the accounts on this site have impressed upon my mind; (1) That there is absolutely NO place safe from a "haunting" and (2), That whenever residency is changed it's probably a good idea to inquire for the history of the new residence.
Kii (3 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-12)
I asked my friend about this place since I was fascinated with his story. He did tell me that he dropped by his old home 5 months after the incident to say hi to the old lady who lived there (she didn't charge him for the half month's rent after the incident). The old lady went to the market after speaking to him briefly, and D got the opportunity to speak to the new lady that was renting the room on the 3rd floor.

The new person was a woman named Amy. She was 22 years old and had moved in 2 weeks ago. D asked Amy if he could take a look at her room, saying that he had once lived there before. When D saw the room, he told me the entire wall where the closet had been, was remodeled to look like a normal wall (where you can't tell there's room behind it). D was planning to scare Amy with the ghost story, but decided not to tell her.

He says he talks to Amy every other week or so when he catches her outside her house and she never said she saw a ghost.
Tonith (1136 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-11)
They say a ghost will have a special place it likes to hide. Apparently it likes the closet and the owner knew it didn't want to share it's space. She probably had it happen to more than one tenent and decided to board up the closet to make the place rentable. I find it hard to believe the spirit can't go about boards or no boards but I would assume the boarding up was to keep others out of the space, then the ghost would be appeased and remain quiet. I don't think I would have stayed in that place either after the teabag incident. Would be interesting to know if the owner boarded it up again.
Forbidden_Love (42 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-11)
Lol I'm a little weird sometimes I"m stupid and brave enough to acually try to communicate to a spirit and sometimes I just run like hell...
crazygirl101 (20 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-11)
wow if I saw the closet there would be no way I would go near it let alone open it if it was boarded up! Freaky
Kii (3 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-11)
Hehe... I told D I was terrified of ghosts. He liked to tease me and say "Hey let's go to my old place and say hi to the ghost" and I would always smack him for that. We would walk past it often sometimes coming home from our favorite restaurant at night. I would always gaze at the window on the 3rd floor, slightly paranoid but hopeful, wondering if I'd catch a glimpse of a strange ghost looking at me. Just the thought of it gave me the chills, but for some reason, it was exciting to think about.
poltergeistfan (3 stories) (26 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-10)
wow that was creepy. I hate asian ghosts... Their just so much scarier. 😨 has anything else happened to you?

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