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Two Strange Things That Have Happened To Me


When I was about 4 or 5 years old, my sister and I were spending a Saturday night at Granny and Grandpa's (as kids do when parents want a night off) in an old house in Bulwer Street in Pietermaritzburg. This was back in the 1980's when LA Law was on directly after Graham Hardt finished the weather on the old SABC news.

I was sitting next to my granny and asked her who the old man in the corner of the lounge was, as he kept on blocking my view of the TV. He was sitting in the rocking chair. My Gran said to me that there was no old man in the corner of the room. I didn't feel scared or afraid, just irritated because of the fact that I was allowed to stay up and watch TV so late, and I couldn't see it!

My mom says that she often saw him, but she didn't say anything to anyone. She said that he wasn't mean or malicious but he was just "stuck there".

I often saw the old man in the corner of the lounge, but never mentioned it to my grandparents again, as my granny thought I was playing up, until a few years later when the wooden flooring in the house had to be replaced and they found bones under the floors, they had to call in the police as they did not know what kind of bones they were (they were large enough to be human or even a large animal.) I never found out what the bones were though, and my mom and I never saw the old man again.

The second thing that happened was when (the same granny & grandpa) moved to a REALLY old house at the base of Albert Fall's Wall. My uncle's bedroom was right in the front of the house, where the rest of the family was at the back of the house, my sister and I had to sleep in my uncle's room. The very first day we went there when we walked into the room we both were FREEZING... The room was ICE cold (yet it was the middle of summer 37 degrees Celsius outside, and in the rest of the house) but that room was freezing.

I still remember exactly what happened that night. My sister and I were in separate beds, next to each other with a night stand between them. The light on the night stand wouldn't turn off, until my grandpa came in and physically removed the bulb from the lamp. The room was freezing, my sister then told me to stop pulling her blankets off of her. It wasn't me. I tried to tell her it wasn't me but I couldn't say anything, and the room was still ice cold. I was so scared I couldn't / didn't want to move.

A few minutes later when my sister actually shouted at me to leave her blankets alone, my grandfather came in and told us to keep the noise down and go to sleep. He turned on the main light but it wouldn't work, he had to go and get the bulb for the side table lamp and put it back into the lamp. My sister's blankets had been thrown across the room, and my voice suddenly came back. We refused to sleep in that room again and spent the night on the floor in granny and grandpas room.

The room was scary and horrible and we didn't EVER want to go back in. My grandparents moved out of the house three weeks later, as the whole house started to become very menacing, and if you walked into the room where all this happened there was even ice on the windows. It was so scary and I am glad they moved, as I never wanted to visit them in that house. It was too frightening.

I never found out the history of the house, but the old Farm workers who worked on the farm where the house was, always said that the house was evil and they never wanted to stay near it.

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BeautifulMandy (2 posts)
12 years ago (2008-10-19)
About the first house your grandparents moved into, did you find out what the bones came from? And the second house... Do you remember the address? Maybe I can google it and have some theories. Yours truly,
Mandy 😉
kcampbell (19 posts)
12 years ago (2008-10-18)
if I were you I could called the paranormal thing and let them come over and let them tell you what happen at that time.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2008-10-17)
So, this FIRST entity was getting in your way and BLOCKING your view of the telly? When the floorboards were pulled up to be replaced, bones were found that COULD have been human.
You know, you CAN go back and find out if they were. Chances are, if they were reported as being found, there was some sort of police report that had to be documented. Human bones that are found most generally do not simply get ignored.
For the second part, all I can really say by what you have written is there may have been in place the power of suggestion.
Thank you.

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