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Baby's First Ghost


n my lifetime I've seen ghosts approximately 7 times. Of those times there only 2 experiences that I have doubts about, this is simply because I can't trust my own recollections.

I've heard many people speak of seeing ghosts when they were children. Of the many cases I hear of concerning this subject, some are surprisingly the same. This is my story.

It is strange to say that one of my first memories in life is that of seeing a ghost. Many would question how someone could remember something that occurred when you were 4 or 5. But I do, I remember relaying this story my entire life to my siblings and friends over the years. My sister remembers me telling her about when I was about 10. It's funny how I can remember the experience, yet not remember telling her about it then. Well, it engraved itself into my memory and I still see it as vividly today as if it had just happened.

I remember I was young so young that my mother was still carrying me around. For some reason my parents put me to bed in their room. I remember laying there in this huge bed with a blanket on me. As my mother left she turned off the main overhead light but turned on a lamp that sat on a dresser across the room so it was pretty well lit.

The walls I remember were that weird green color that was popular in the late fifties and early sixties, the curtains were long and a kind of beige color. I don't know what I was thinking but I believe I was happy just to be laying there and looking around.

I was looking at those beige curtains when they started to move as if the wind was hitting them from behind in the center. I remember those windows as being in three parts a large center section and two small side windows. Only the side windows opened the center did not. Well, anyway the curtains seemed to sway a little and the movement got my attention. I watched them for what seemed like a moment when all of a sudden it appeared.

It just seemed to suddenly fade into view not slowly like you see in old ghost movies but fairly quickly as if a spotlight had been turned on. It was a tall hooded figure that glowed a pale bluish green color. It didn't reflect any of the light in the room rather it seemed to cast it very softly. It was tall I believe, the top of its head for lack of a better word was even with the top of the curtain. Which in later years I figured was about 6'5".

I saw no flesh of any kind. It was a floating hood like the old Monk robes. It was a hood that flowed down to shoulders and a chest and then nothing! From the waist down their was nothing. No arms, legs or feet, just an upper torso that faded downward into a mist then nothing.

It stood there for a moment as if regarding the room, though there was no face it was looking at me. I could feel it watching me. I don't remember what I was thinking if anything at all but when it started moving toward me I started screaming in fear. It had made only a couple of steps (?) when the main overhead light came on and my mother ran through the door. I don't remember seeing it vanish because I was watching her. Thinking back I can't believe my mother didn't see it but I guess she didn't.

In my own way I vaguely remember telling her about the 'scary' man who came through the window. She told me I was dreaming (typical isn't it?) and put me back down to sleep after I settled down.

Some people tried to convince me that maybe it was a burglar or a dream but I know better, we lived in an apartment that was on the fourth floor of a building. There was no fire escape access to any window of the apartment. The building was made of bricks that went straight up with no fancy moldings or places to grasp to climb upward. There simply was no way to get into that room except straight through the door.

I can't say why but I know it wasn't a dream, the first dream I remember happened years later. The things I do remember were things that were fairly traumatic. I was badly burned by a large pot of very hot coffee around that same time. I remember the accident and the trip to the hospital. I remember being operated on for skin grafts. I remember seeing Santa Clause for the first time (I cried, he was scary). That incident, in my mind has always been in those categories of things that were traumatic enough to be remembered.

So I'll never be convinced it didn't happen and over the years I've come to learn of things that cements that truth in my mind. One of my sisters relayed to me that years later when she was a teenager she saw something very similar watching her in another house we lived in. It is something she doesn't like talking about. We both agree that while we both were frightened by the thing. We didn't feel it was a threat. It just seemed to be there to watch us.

Finally, before I left for to join the Air Force, I was in the Den of our home playing with a new Polaroid Camera that we had just gotten. I was putting it on to a shelf but it slipped from my fingers I managed to catch it but in doing so it fired off a picture. I set the picture down and replaced the camera on the shelf.

As I was leaving the room I picked up the picture to look at it before I threw it away. In the photo standing before a desk that was in the room stood a tall hooded figure that was pale greenish blue. It was solid at the top of its hood and trailed off into nothing. Beside it stood a woman with long hair she too was visible only from the waist up.

I left the room in a hurry.

We kept the photo for a long time until my mother died. When she did the photo disappeared as her things were gathered and either sold or packed away. It seems that is the way with spirits, just when you think you have absolute proof of an event something mysterious happens and you're left with as big a mystery then before.

Who are these spirits? Are they ghosts or some form of angel sent over to watch us? I have no answers as of yet.

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ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-31)
Hi again Hancules. I realy enjoyed reading this story. You know what makes real ghost stories? When you dought them yourself. I mean you must have experienced so many things yet you know how to explain them in a rational way. And that's good. Thats the first thing we do. And there are times when we are so confused that explaining things in a rational way kind of protects us from the paranormal. You see there is always a way to explain things but some things don't have to be explained. Just like what you saw. Deep down you know what it was. And it can't be explained in a rational way. Thanks again. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Nevadaghosthunter (1 stories) (20 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-29)
Very interesting,
I can tell you that I have had a similar event happen many times to me and it began at a young age.
As I have explored the other realms in this world I have come to realize that these hooded figures (in my opinion) are spirit guides.
Remember, you have more than one spirit guide too. (hence the woman in the photo was probably also a guide)
You were on the verge of going into the airforce which can be a life threatening event so they were there to help you and your family in every way they could.
Remember your guides are always there no matter what. Even in your darkest hour, guides are there to help.
Even the nay-sayers have guides they just call them "angels"

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