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Is Something Haunting Our Apartment? 2


I wrote "Is something haunting our apartment "a few months ago. Since then I have had nightmares about a man staring at me from the doorway in my room. I have never thought much about that and I just brushed it off as a bad dream. Not much has happened since, except one night (the Wednesday before my occurrence) it was about 10:30 pm. I got out of the shower, and heard noises in my daughter's room (across from the bathroom).

I walked very slowly and quietly to her bedroom door and listened for the noise. It sounded like someone was going through her toy box. It wasn't my baby since she sleeps in the crib and doesn't get out. I walked even more slowly to my bedroom, woke my boyfriend, Adrian, and pleaded with him to check on Jesenia (my baby). He actually said no, since he had no idea what I was talking about (he was knocked out).

I said "Fine, I will do it myself." I walked to the closet and grabbed a bat, then walked to her room. I opened the door slowly and looked inside. Nothing. I turned the security camera on in her room. Then I walked to my room. I was so frightened. I watched her room using my security camera monitor, but nothing happened. So I went to sleep.

That Friday 11/14/2008, I took off work. I and my 2yr old daughter were lying in bed at about 11am. She was watching cartoons and drinking chocolate milk. I was taking a nap. We had not had anything to eat yet that day. So, we got out of bed and I went straight to the bathroom. I left the bathroom door open, because when I close it my baby throws a tantrum.

While I was taking care of business my daughter runs into the bathroom and claims that she cannot find her chocolate milk. I tell her that she left it in my bedroom on the floor. She runs to my room and runs right back and said "Nope, mommy I lost it." I said, "You didn't even look! Go back and it is on the floor by my bed." (My daughter is very advanced for a two year old as I have mentioned in the previous story.) Then, she came up close to me and snuggled by my side (yes I was still on the toilet). I asked her to leave the bathroom because I was busy. She just wouldn't.

I did my thing before I washed my hands she said, "Mommy I am scared." I asked why, and she backed up a little, looked up at me and made a circle with her index finger and thumb, then said "I am scared of the man and the little green star in your room." I immediately thought of the stories that the previous tenant had told me about the man haunting his son and the apartment. Then, I thought that she was referring to an orb when she made the circle with her finger and called it a green star.

I said, "Baby, there is no man in my room. Go get your milk." She cried and said, "Please mommy. No I'm scared." I held her hand and I said, "No one is going to scare you, ok. I will walk with you to get your cup and you can show me the man." She curled her lip and said "ok."

We walked very slowly to my bedroom and as we reached the threshold we both stopped. She had her eyes set on something that I couldn't see. She showed no emotion on her face, and she just stared across the bedroom. I stared at her for a moment waiting for her to move or say something, but she didn't.

Then, I asked, "Where is the man?" She pointed across the room and said, "He's right there." She said this in a monotone voice and hardly moved her lips. I looked and saw nothing. Then, I asked, "What is he doing?" She replied, "He is standing up and he is looking at us." I said, "Ok" and quickly turned around and headed toward our dining room.

I was so frightened, more frightened then she was. I didn't want to show her though because I didn't want her to be afraid. I told her to get her jacket as I was zipping up mine. I said "we are going to grandmas." She went to get her jacket, and I thought to myself, "No, this is my home! I am not going to leave my own home. He needs to leave." I canceled our plans to go to grandmas and went on with the day while trying to act normal.

I forgot to mention in the beginning that about a month ago, it was about 1am and I was on my computer. The heater was not on yet since it was only the beginning of fall and it was about 50 degrees (not too cold for St. Louis Missouri). My thermostat has buttons that are pretty big and you have to push them to get to the degrees you want when turning on the heater. When you push the button it makes a beep sound.

While sitting at the computer, I heard the beep sound. I turned around quickly expecting to see Adrian there, which wouldn't have been possible since he was not home. No one was there. Then suddenly, my vents shifted on as if the heater turned on. I walked to the thermostat and the light was on as if someone pushed the buttons. I turned the heater off and sat back down. Then the vents shut off.

About 1 minute later it happened again. This time I turned around and saw the buttons being pushed in. I got up and turned it off again. I was trying to make logical sense of this. I called Adrian and he was at a bar. I asked him if he turned the heater on today and he said no. I knew he didn't do it, but I was hoping he would say yes and then maybe I could think that it was just coming on as an automatic heat or something. I had no conclusion, other than it was something paranormal.

After my occurrence Friday, I talked to my mother, whom is a very religious woman and she is a strong believer in the other side (ghosts, spirits, and etc.). She made me feel much better. She told me to get the place blessed and told me not to be afraid.

I knew that I had to do something. I thought about telling the thing to leave, but I read that the more energy you use on these spirits (or whatever this is) the more energy they have to feed off of. I consider this thing to be bad since he is scaring my daughter. I think I am just going to have someone come and bless the place.

Meanwhile, I wrote my landlord an email asking about the history of my apartment. (Read "Is Something Haunting my Apartment" for the history I do have on my place) This time, I want to know more details about the tenants and not so much about the building.

Please let me know what you think about me talking to this thing. Maybe you can help me figure out what he is. Thank you for reading, because I haven't been this scared of a ghost since I was a little girl.

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lioncat97 (2 stories) (67 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-27)
Hey Jas I think the man that made your daughter laugh was Nayo. He is supposed to be watching over you guys like you asked so maybe he was just stopping by. He won't hurt you or your child. I don't think the unknown man will either. He just likes scaring people. The unknown guy is just a bully.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-05)
Oh Jasmine I'm very sorry to heare this. I'm very sorry for your loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I truely am sorry. I believe that there maybe be a chance that there might be two spirits but there maybe a chance that this spirit may have different"moods":) Like a person there is a day when we are all happy and and soon we can get sad or whatever. You know what I mean. This spirit may mean no harm but at the same time it can get mad. I will give you an example. My brother had a spirit in his house in England. First it was small things. Hearing voices, tapping on the door and of course the door was allways open when he woke up but he closed it with a key and no one could open it. Kind of scary but you can get used to it. But since he got very mad with the spirit he stared teasing it yelling at it basically he got pissed at it. Then the actyivity got stronger more sevier and very unpleasent. In other words the spirit got Pissed at him 😆.So I'm not sure if its one or more. Try talking with it don't get mad or scared in a firm voice. You do that voice with your daughter since she is two now right? So try talking with it. You won't get a responce but let it know that it should cross over and you don't want it scarring your daughter. Hey your not crazy:) I did and most of us here did it. So if thre is a chance that this might help what the hell? Go for it:Nice to hear from you my friend and I hope everything will be well soon and can't wait to here from you again. Take care
Jasmin314 (13 stories) (210 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-04)
ChrisB hey buddy it was great hearing from you again as well. I am glad to be back. I was sick for a while since I lost a child to a tubual pregrnancy. It was very unfortunate but I am well now. I am glad to hear from all of you even under these circumstances. ChrisB, I am so glad that you said it was ok for me to talk to it unless I showed fear. That is the question that I needed answered. Last night I woke up at about 4am and I saw a silhouette of a man in my doorway. I sat up in bed and stared at it for a moment. For some reason I was not as frightened as I would have expected. I think it is time to tell him that he should leave us now. For some reason I feel bad asking it to leave. I am not understanding my feelings. I am stil confused about what this man may be. Last week sometime, my daughter and I were siiting on the computer in the dining room. She was sitting on my lap facing me. Behind me was my bedroom door, and she kept trying to look around me at something. She was looking at my bedroom door and she would smile and giggle. My boyfriend Adrian was in the shower at the moment. I asked her "what do you keep looking at?" and she answered that a man just went in your room. I looked behind me at my bedroom door and it was closed. I asked her what man, and she answered, "maybe it was Adrian." I said no Adrian is in the shower (I could hear the water running). I asked who it was and she said, " I said it was a man mommy." I said ok and we continued to sing as we had been before she was looking at this man. It makes me wonder if he is good or not. Why was she scared that one time? I think I am going to have to agree some of the commenters that there are two spirits. ❤ what does everyone think?
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-04)
Hi Jasmine it is so nice to hear from you again 😁.Im glad that you do have support in your mother and that you have someone you can talk to about all of this. I believe talking to a spirit does not give them energy. But fear or any strong emotions can give it to them. So speaking to this entity may help but I wouldn't do that in front of your child. You probably know why. Hey I hope this cheers you up, I had my place blessed because some very strange things were going on and it worked perfectley. Some say blessings arent that good in getting rid of spirits but it worked perfectley for me so you should give it a try 😁.Thank you for sharring this story withg us and keep us posted. Its realy nice to see you again:) I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Jasmin314 (13 stories) (210 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-03)
hello everyone thank you for your great advice so far. I want to bless the place but I don't think I will say anything to this entity since I am afraid that I will give it even more energy. I am still waiting on a reply from my landlord which I find to be odd. Anytime I ask her anything else she replies right away. Maybe she is afraid to tell me something. We will see. I am still waiting and I will not let her forget that I request to know what happened there. Thank you for reading I really need the advice. ❤ Jasmin
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-03)
Jasmin hi and welcome back although I'm really sorry for the progression of the events at home.

I cannot be absolute about what I think of this one but despite your daughter's fear what happened with the heating wasn't a bad sign or a sign that someone means any harm. He is very likely a previous tenant and an intelligent haunt-no question about that but the "turning on" of the heating is more of an affectionate gesture. Someone was concerned about your child and you. As for the misplacement of various objects like the bottle that I no longer feel it's the spirit's attempt to set some rules in their house as much as "attracting attention".

Yes, go on with the letter, request more as this might be the only way to feel safer at home but I would ask the energy politely not to do certain things like misplacing objects as that scares both you and your baby. As for turning up the heater, thank them for the concern but explain you would feel much more comfortable if it wasn't that warm in the house.

Purchase some incense and cleanse your home-that will make you feel better and try to stay calm at all times. Even when we don't speak, youngsters have an incredible ability to read our body language.

Please keep us posted.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-03)
This must be a really tough time for you especially as your daughter is seeing this dark man in the house and the green star. I am not to sure about the guardian angel as usually when angels are around you are normally at peace with yourself and feel safe.

Regarding your heaters I jumped to the same conclusion you did until I read on and you saw the buttons being pushed by themselves. So I have to wonder whether whoever was putting your heating on was trying to warm the place up for you, in which case it is a good spirit.

You did well to stay put in your home as we all know fear is our biggest enemy aginst evil.

I would see what reply your landlord comes back with. He seems only at the moment to be scaring you and your daughter so I would go with everyone else and get the house cleansed and blessed. Try to overcome the fear, I know it is hard, but be strong and firm, it is your home not this entities home, ask him to leave you and your daughter alone, tell him he is not welcome.

Let us know how you get on.
Musicianfighter (1 stories) (3 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-02)
Hey That is the best thing you can do blessing the house. Now Go to a Christian store they got the anointing oil to bless the whole house and something that really works even though people will think am crazy is go on your computer and Write the following "THIS HOUSE IS PROTECTED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS" print several pages that spirit will leave you alone just make few copies and stick them in the walls of your house rooms doors and etc. Or just get together with your family and friends and make a group prayer and ask that spirit to leave you alone
Sandy (3 stories) (48 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-02)
What a well told story! In my opinion, I think that the man your daughter see's is one of the two... A person that has lived there in the past, or her guardian angel. Normally children see things that we don't, because they are more open to, I guess you could say the other side. The green star that she keeps mentioning also sounds like another spirit that haunts your apt. Understanding the past history there can help you solve a lot of your problems. You can be like a detective and see why they are still there or what they are protecting. I have seen many ghost hauntings that are protecting something they have hid on the land. Like I said I'm just giving you my opinion, I hope to hear more about the history of your place, good luck with everything, and God Bless ❤
ejgavinart (3 stories) (19 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-02)
Blessing the house sounds like a good idea. Did you bless it before you moved in?
I hope this entity isn't a real strong one so that your house can be cleansed. Ill have you in my prayers.

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