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At Paul's Place


After some quality time at Paul's house I headed back home, it was dark already. I had my motorcycle and within a few minutes I was halfway through. Thanks to my Yamaha I was able to make it up fast; I paused for some tea and cigarettes. A cold evening and the hot tea and cigarettes were soothing. There wasn't much traffic on the roads, after some time I started again. I had my helmet removed for some fresh air, and whilst moving I suddenly felt some additional weight on my bike. Hmmm was a little weird, but wasn't much bothered at first, later my vehicle started wobbling. Now this was totally unusual. Before I could further think what it was about, I felt my body heating up, as if something was trying to hold me tight. An eerie feeling, but because of the chillness outside, I thought I must be getting sick and stuff. The intensity of this kept increasing, as I went through the roads, I saw a nice church on the left side. The moment I saw the church I felt the weight behind the bike and the heat on my body suddenly come off. In a few meters I slowed down to halt and turned back. Before I could step on the brakes I heard a huge blast, it was my tire going pop. I got off my bike, to see no one on the road. I knew there was something behind my bike but because my tire popped out I convinced myself for it to be a problem with my bike. It was late night and I couldn't find any mechanic shops and I didn't try either. I called Paul and asked him to come and pick me up. I parked my bike near the church and planned to take it back the next day.

Luckily I had bought a pack of cigarettes, and they kept me company until Paul came. He came in his dad's car. I got into the vehicle and we speeded through. He wanted me to stay over at his place. The moment we crossed streets, that is the second we moved away from the street, I could sense something else amongst us. This wasn't much of a sense, it was a feeling. I could feel the warmth around my body even with the visors down. He knew I was a little uncomfortable and asked me if I needed help. But as always I refused to say anything and asked him to turn on the music. We reached his place. We had some dinner and hit the bed immediately.

We were in his room, a nice largish room, but the small cot didn't provide enough room for the two of us. He agreed to sleep on the couch. Even in his house I was a little uneasy. The lights were off; his air conditioner wasn't turned on because of the chillness around. He dozed off in a couple of minutes. But what seemed to be happening in a lighter tone intensified. I felt I was tied up tight and my body's heat went up to an extreme, I was suffocating. I could feel the presence of a spirit for clear now, but wasn't clear enough what it wanted from me, right from the roads this heat has been engulfing me. Now it intensified and I couldn't move a muscle. Everything came to an end when Paul's mother suddenly opened the door. The lights came on, and lit brightly and fused off, all after his mother entered in. I could find myself relieved off the pressure that was holding me. I was dripping with sweat. The sound the lights made when they turned on and off woke up Paul too. We were in the dark, and an odd smell filled the room. Paul's mother immediately took the two of us out into the living room.

Paul's mother spoke to me for half an hour about this. She was a lady who could see and sense apparitions. She has been having this power from her childhood. The reason why she busted in was that, she heard mourns let out by a girl, the sounds they let out whilst having sex. She also could feel an eerie feeling that was keeping her awake. And thanks that she had come in and I didn't have to experience it any further. There were two phases in his house and the living room was lit and bright. I could see my face very pale in the mirror. Though Paul's mother and I understood what it was, we easily came out of it in a few days but Paul just witnessing the lights going on and off and his mother busting in is still in a hell of a lot of confusion. When thought about it still gives the creeps to me, as if what I would have done without his mother coming.

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ghost2002 (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-28)
well,nice incident. Good your saved by your friends mother.
raj89m (21 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-08)
Its a Succubus (female sexual demon) which must've sat on your bike and followed you to your friends house. They survive by sucking the energy of their victims during sexual contact.
allesgute154 (3 stories) (254 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-30)
[at] blank since you mentioned "she heard mourns (you mean moans probably) let out by a girl, the sounds they let out whilst having sex", I would like to take up a delicate issue and seek the members' opinion on it. I was told by my mom very often that girls/women should not to pass by eerie places (or graveyards and peepal trees) when menstruating. So, is it possible that spirits/ghosts/entities are attracted by blood? Do they desire to have physical relation with the victim? Is that even possible? Would like to if anybody can shed some light on this matter. Thanks
Ghostrider101 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-18)
one of my friend experienced the same incident six years back while he was on his way back to home at late night. He was sick after realizing that he had been possessed. Well it dint harm in any way but he was not able to sleep the whole night and day. Next day he was alrite but was sick for a week.

sanjeevgeorge (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-21) whose spirit was that and why did it come behind you?
joshuakeys (7 stories) (45 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-23)
iam from hyderabad & the bike case happened to me as well... Will publish my experiance soon
someshsharma (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-23)
i knew it is true. And it can be happen with any one. So be careful. Please don't sleep alone
blank (8 stories) (110 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-11)
Thanks man, it means a lot, and hope I don't land up in trouble with some more experiences. But need to learn more about them.
scaryboy (2 stories) (117 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-11)
ohh wow very well narrated story and find it really involving keep posting
blank (8 stories) (110 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-11)
Hmmm and guess whatever it was, it followed me to his place. Lucky me his mom entered in.
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-10)
Wow that interest story that paul's mother have some kind of like phyic or something as a child that interest and the weight on your motorcylce may have been some spirit want to to get a ride could be but when you drive to the church it made be something eles that hate church.

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