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Could It Be My Dad?


My father died about eleven years ago, the house where I grew up in gave me the creeps since I could remember, even before my father's death. The house is still in our family and one of my brothers; let's call him James, stays there now.

The night my father passed away my other brother "John" went to the toilet in his own house, while he was sitting on the pot the light bulb fell out of its socket on his head and left a small scratch.

Eleven years later my wife and I went to a party at James house, I told her before about how creepy the place was and she never went alone to the toilet or to a normal room, she was just too scared.

The party was outside and we made a nice fire, the one and only time my wife decided to go alone to the toilet was that evening and I made a remark before she went to be careful of the ghosts in the house and that maybe my father would want to meet her (he never met her before his death) a minute or so later she came to me almost in tears telling me, while she was in the toilet the thing over the light bulb fell out of the socket but missed her and that she had to go and clean the broken glass up in the toilet.

When john heard the story he told us that the same thing happened eleven years ago to him on the day of my father's death.

Now my question is could it be my dad? I don't think so because he would never do something like that or hurt us.

Maybe it is one of the other ghosts there.

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tips_leadinvestigator (9 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-27)
Hmm...I'm not sure if that is your dad or not. Maybe making the lightbulb fall is the best way he can get your attention. I'm still not sure about it though.

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