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In 1976, my grandparents and two of their daughters bought a house in Nova Scotia (they had just moved from Newfoundland). The house was about 20-25 years old when it was bought, and is still standing today. I don't know any history of the house before my grandparents bought it.

In July of 1991, my grandmother passed away from a short battle with lung cancer. Before she died, I spent every day with her - we were very close. A few years after she passed, my parents and I moved into my grandparent's house, as my grandfather wanted to be able to spend more time with me. He turned the downstairs into an apartment and we moved in upstairs.

A year or two after we moved in, strange things started happening. A few instances, I remember. I was young at the time, between the ages of seven and nine. A few times, the channel on the T.V. Would change on its own when no one was handling the remote. One year on Thanksgiving, my dad's friend was spending the day with us. There was a wine glass sitting on the table in front of him that slid across the table without being pushed. My mother recalls seeing a white shadow moving around the hallway out of the corner of her eye. It would start out moving quickly and then when its presence was acknowledged, it would slow its pace.

One instance that sticks out in my mind happened in November of 1997. We had received some unfortunate news about my grandfather on my dad's side. He became very ill, and was in the hospital. His outcome did not look promising, my parents spent that whole week in the hospital with him. I was 10 years old at the time, and could not stay by myself. My mom's friend - we will call her Donna - stayed with me. One night, we came home from running some errands. Donna put the keys on the counter next to the door, as we had to run back out. We went about our business around the house, not paying any attention to the keys. When we were about to leave, we realized the keys were missing. Searching for them, we found them in my room. I had not touched the keys, as it is not like me to move something like that without telling someone.

A night or two later after everyone had fallen asleep, Donna woke up to a noise down the hall. Thinking I had got up to get a drink, she called out to me. No answer. Thinking she had been dreaming, she tried to go back to sleep. All of a sudden, she felt like she was being watched. Donna has had experiences with the paranormal before, so she knew something was there. She forced herself to open her eyes, and kept telling herself not to scream. What she saw next, chilled her to the bone. A spirit was standing over her, looking her in the face, and smiling. She closed her eyes quickly, and the spirit was gone.

The next morning, my grandfather died in his sleep. Donna talked to my mom about it, but wasn't sure if my mom had shared the same experiences. Mom assured her that she had, and that she believed it was the spirit of my grandmother coming to check on her 'favorite granddaughter'.

We have since moved from that house. Talking with my mom one morning, we agreed that we both believe that my grandmother's spirit has found its way back to us. Mom has seen movement out of the corner of her eye when nothing has been there, and I have felt a presence in the house when I've been alone. I believe she has found us somehow. Reunited again.

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shadow_witch (65 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-22)
Grandma or not, if I ever saw a ghost standin' over me, I'd pee my pants. No doubt. 😐
Nightshade (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-21)
That's so peaceful. I have recalled some expeirences like that, And I believed them. Because I believe in supernatural stuff. That was really comforting. I hope you and your family enjoy having your Nanna there, because she's going to be there for an extremely long time... 😐
Tara (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-27)
Yeah, it kind of is comforting. I don't recall ever seeing her personally. I would probably be freaked out of my mind. But once I got used to it, I think I would be okay. She's a kind spirit.
Brittany (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-27)
Its good to hear about loved one who have passed to come back to check up on their family. It is comforting to know that the spirit goes somewhere.

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