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When my boyfriend and I moved in together it was into a second floor apartment in an old Victorian terrace in a seaside town. The apartment was 'non self-contained' which meant that you went up the stairs and the toilet was on one floor with the bathroom to one side and both were opened by a key. The next floor held the small kitchen (again opened with a key) and to the right of that was the apartment itself which contained a large living area and two bedrooms. Kind of a weird set-up but hey, this is England!

When we first moved in we didn't have much money at all (were both 19 years old) and lived off Pot Noodles (you had to add water to them). The thing is that these Pot Noodles kept disappearing. I would blame my boyfriend and he would blame me but neither of us had eaten them and were getting pretty annoyed as our precious food was just vanishing and we couldn't afford to keep buying food (by the way, we were the only ones with keys to all these rooms)! After a week or so of this, I would start feeling a presence as if someone was watching me and I would get a little nervy. It started in the kitchen and then I felt it in the living area too.

The huge sash windows in the living area were quite heavy to open and close (you had to push up the bottom part of the window to open it and it would kind of sit over the top part of the window) and after a couple of weeks of feeling this presence, the windows started to slam down of their own accord. As I say, they were pretty heavy to move so it freaked us out that they could just fall down on their own.

One night when we were in bed, we were mucking around tickling each other and laughing. It had been my boyfriend's birthday and his cards were on the mantelpiece of the fire in the room (all the rooms had fireplaces) and we had some candles burning too. Anyway, as we were playing around my boyfriend suddenly got all serious and said, "I can feel a presence" and I got angry at him, thinking he was trying to scare me. But just as he said it, his cards flew off the mantelpiece and the candles blew out. I know it sounds as if there was a breeze that blew them all off/out but seriously, no windows were open, it was a calm spring evening, the door was closed, no drafts. The chimney was boarded up so it couldn't have been a downdraft from there. It honestly looked as if the cards had been 'swept' off the mantel by someone's arm.

The presence kept getting stronger and stronger for me (not for my boyfriend) and I could particularly feel it when I went down the stairs from the apartment to the toilet/bathroom level, though not in those particular rooms. I kept getting a feeling that it was a female, that she had been a maid in the house and that she was jealous of me with my boyfriend. I can't explain those feelings, I would just kind of 'know' that was what it was. Of course my boyfriend thought I was mad! After a while, I would talk to 'Milly' (again, a name that was in my head) and ask her to please leave us alone and things seemed to settle down though I did still feel her there, watching us.

We moved apartments after 6 months (the normal tenure on these places) and actually moved upstairs to the very top floor (there was one other apartment between our old one and the top level). The night we moved in to this top floor apartment, my boyfriend started to get annoyed at the music playing. But I couldn't hear a thing. He didn't believe me and said that I had to hear it, it was really loud and was like the music you hear when you're on one of those old carousels where you sit on a horse and it goes round and round. I honestly couldn't hear a thing!

Anyway, my boyfriend was determined to find out who had been playing this unusual music and spoke to the old lady who lived in the apartment below us. She said that she had never heard music but knew that the green in front of the terrace had once been a Victorian park with a carousel and other small fairground type attractions...

We never had any other experiences in this place and the feeling of 'Milly' left after we moved to the top floor but the whole building always had this air of discomfort about it, for me in particular.

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Saranne (2 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-30)
Thanks for your comment and yes, some people do get their properties blesses before moving in. I guess we didn't even think of that at all as we were young and just rented the apartment rather than bought it. I often wonder if anyone else who has lived there has ever felt anything.
Necropolis_Seraph (6 stories) (64 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-29)
The floor where you have lived initially might be the only floor "Milly" is familiar with. She might have lived/worked on that floor or that level that's why when you moved to the top floor, she was no longer disturbing you. But isn't blessing an apartment or house a thing that you do in England? Because here in our country, when a family moves in to a new house, we have the house blessed by a priest or pastor first before completely moving in. This helps us prevent any issues with unseen forces. But not always, of course.

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