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Black Figure In The House


This one is not really mine to tell, it happened to my oldest brother Jussy. But seeing as he has to work and is barely ever home I will relay the story here.

It was very late at night when this occurred, everyone else was in bed. Jussy though was still awake; he didn't have a job when this occurred so he was very much a night owl.

My brother was talking on the phone when he heard mumbling out in the mudroom. Now we've heard the mumblings before but he said it sounded sort of like our mother. He thought it was strange for her to be in there and figured she was doing something in the laundry room and was just talking to herself, which is common with her when she is upset.

Though it was pretty late- I can't recall the time he said this was around but it was just strange for my mother to go into the laundry room this late after she already went to bed.

So he ignored it and went back to talking to his friend. A few moments later though, he said his attention was pulled to his door as the door handle shifted and there was a sudden pressure against the door, like someone was leaning against it pushing in.

He told his friend that he thought mom was at the door and put his friend on speakerphone and went to open his door.

He opened the door, and was surprised by at first two facts. One he said it was very cold and he suddenly got that prick of fear that made your hairs stand on end, and two that it was pitch black. You see, in the mudroom we have this small night light that lit up a good bit of the mudroom, but he said for some reason there was no light coming from it and we always keep it on- its on right now even in the daytime.

He told his friend that there was nothing out there and took a step back in his room, and he looked down at his phone when his friend didn't reply and saw that his phone had died, which was weird because he had just taken it off of the charger. He tried turning it on but it was completely dead so he put it back on its charger and got on his PC in his bedroom. A little while after that he said he was getting ready for bed. He usually goes to the restroom before he goes to sleep; he does it almost every night.

So he went out of his room into the mudroom, still dark and cold and began walking to the hall where the restroom is. He said he had just made it into the dinning room when he saw this black figure in the living room, positioned in front of the windows. He said at first he didn't take any notice of it but he said that suddenly it dashed off to the left- to where our front door is and also the hall leading to the other hall where the rest room is. It disappeared behind the dividing wall splitting up the living room and the hall. He said after thinking back on it, he didn't even think it moved, its legs made no movement- it just sort of slid away.

He froze, he said at first he believed someone had broken into the house, and he said he was so frightened that he actually had tears forming. He couldn't move because he was just so scared that someone was in the house, eventually though he worked up his courage and went to the kitchen and flipped the light on and looked down the hall leading to the front door, he didn't see anything so he thought that maybe they ran back into the living room so he quickly turned and looked back in the living room, and still nothing.

He turned on all the lights in the hall and he checked everything and still he could find nothing, so after calming down some he went to the restroom and went back to bed and told us about this the next morning.

The next sighting of this I will also add into this story. It was a quick experience and happened more recently.

It actually involves Jussy again and that same friend he was talking on the phone with in the other sighting above. They were about to leave out the side door to go to town, I don't remember what caused them to turn around but as they did, they both saw a short black figure dash around the dinning room table. Neither of them particularly fond of the idea of checking it out decided to just hurry and go to town, so they shut the door and left. Nobody else was at home, my parents were at work, I was in school and Boog who has just graduated last year was at his college in another county.


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darkhell (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-17)
a black figure you say? If it was featureless then it might be the one I saw when I was 5 and again when I was 15.
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-15)
Wow that sure is spooky Can make me nervous if it was in my house I would have yell or something lol.
LouandBoog (3 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-15)

Apparently my other brother boog and two friends have seen it too, and I saw it the other night- I was coming back from a friends house pretty late and was trying to sneak in- and my mother keeps the blinds open in the livingroom so I could see into the kitchen, that's where I saw it- thinking it was my mother I thought I was busted. But when I got inside there was no one in there and my mom was still asleep. But I know I saw something in the kitchen, we had the stove light on and you could see someone standing in front of it.

Tonith (1136 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-15)
So it seems to be the same entity? For whatever reason it may be attracted to your brother's energy. He may also be the catalyst if it's not happening to anyone else in the house. I would suggest he tell it to go away and that it's not welcomed. Seems they do listen unless it's residual and then it's a matter of your brother being able to see it while other's can't. Is he sensitive? Sounds like he may be without realizing it. If residual it's not much to worry about. It's like a tape player playing over and over without any intelligence. If you can get it to communicate by simple methods, it may be an intelligent haunting. I have never had to deal with a pesky spirit but I would tell it to go to the Light if I did.

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