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Last summer, my step dad and I went to this one dirt biking pit called "Walker Valley" in Washington State. When we got there, it was a Wednesday morning and there weren't that many people around at all, except for a few bikers here and there. It turns out that my step dad and I were the only ones using the main dirt path. I guess it wasn't a very busy day there. My dad and I were riding our dirt bikes up and down these small dirt hills, and he was a few feet ahead of me. As I was following him, my bike started slowing down and the engine was sputtering. I kept on twisting the throttle handle, but it wouldn't speed up. Suddenly my bike came to a complete stop, and I had to pull over on the side. My step dad didn't stop or even look around because I guess he either didn't know that I had stopped or he didn't want to wait for me.

So I was alone. I used the kick start, and my bike sputtered again, but wouldn't start up. I kick started it again and this time I noticed that there was a really weird smell coming from the tail pipe, as well as a really dark colored smoke every time I tried to start it. I looked into the tail pipe, thinking there was something in there, but it was perfectly clear. So I kick started my bike a few times again, and finally it started. I caught up with my dad, and we rode around for a few more hours, but my bike kept on acting strange and it even came to a stop one more time.

Later in the afternoon, we left Walker Valley and headed home. When we got home, my dad went inside to use the bathroom while I was taking my bike down from the back of the truck. I pulled it into the garage and started giving it a full inspection because I wanted to see what was wrong with it. When I opened the side hood to look into the engine, I was shocked and disgusted at what I saw. There was thick brown hair entangled all over the engine. There was some smoke and a nasty burning smell. I was really surprised because before we left for the park, I looked at the engine and there was no hair at all. Now as I was staring at this hair, it looked like it had REALLY wound itself up in there pretty good. This was obviously what had been causing my bike trouble. I picked it out (and I was really disgusted), and it took me like 20 minutes to get it all out.

After I got all the burnt hair out, I threw it away in the trash. I then went inside and asked my mom if she knew anything about the hair; her hair was almost the same color as the one in my bike. She looked at me weird and said she hadn't even been near it. Besides, her hair is short, like a guy's. I was tired so I took a long nap in my room.

When I woke up, it was night, so I wanted to take a shower before I went back to sleep. When I went in the shower, I started washing my hair, and as I was rinsing my hair out, I looked down and saw some long brown hair sticking out of the drainage hole and some of it was on my feet and tangled into my toes. I screamed really loud and almost slipped. I got out of the shower really fast and ran out of there and into my room naked, wet, and shivering. I was SO scared. It couldn't have possibly been my hair because I'm blond, and my step dad is bald.

My mom came running up the stairs and asked me what was wrong. I said nothing. I just went to bed and tried to sleep. The next morning, I cautiously went into the bathroom and looked in the tub. The hair was gone. I've never told anybody, except for now when I found this site. I still can't explain exactly what happened, and fortunately, it hasn't happened again. I'm still kind of scared to take showers (but I still DO take them), but hopefully I'll get over what happened and move on with my life.

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Walter_R (1 stories) (81 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-07)
Well I was wondering if you had ran into a rabbit, with your bike. How ever if it was a Jack-rabbit the hair color would be gray, if it was a bunny rabbit it would be either white or brown, depending on what time of the year it was at the time.

The hair in the shower, I don't know about that at all. That is just plane scarry stuff there.

Take care,

Emma (guest)
16 years ago (2007-04-16)
Maybe you were sleep walking, really taking a shower and just dreaming the part that you saw the hair. Whenever anything strange happens between the time you wake up and go back to bed, or even just laying in bed, strange things can start to happen. I believe that maybe the events of your day really impacted your sub-conscious. You should have saved the hair from your bike to find out its origins. Maybe it belonged to a large animal that had shedded it in one big clump and you just ran over it. As far as the hair from the shower, since there is no evidence, that's why maybe that was the just a dream. Don't stop showering! Take care!

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