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Years Of Haunting Night Terrors


This Story Begins when I was twelve years old, that's when all the haunting began. As you all know New York is one of the world's most hot spots for any paranormal activity.

One night I was lying in my bedroom upstairs. I had switched rooms with my mother and father with my little brother from downstairs to upstairs. My parents did not want to be up there anymore. A few weeks went by and everything seemed to be going smooth in the room. I never did however like going past the two huge walk in attics we had on both sides of the stair well. I always had this feeling of being watched by something. My father shared part of the room where he lifts weights on the tile floor.

One night as I was lying in bed I started to hear a faint sound of what I can only describe as a women's high heeled shoe, walking in a slow circle. This went on for a while. I could not tell if it was for more than an hour or so at a time. But I would hear this overnight for a year straight. Finally we moved from NY to Florida which was great because that whole house made me feel uneasy even the basement which to this day I cannot stand the sight of one or enter one by myself.

When we moved to FL I thought everything was going to be fine. But then I started to get night terrors starting in 8th Grade. In the dream there was an open field with very few trees. As I looked into this field I saw this tall black object and it would jump from tree to tree. Then finally it would shimmer its way up to me really fast waking me in a cold sweat. I had this same dream all the way up until about 11th grade of high school. I did not have it every night though but when I did have this dream it was like a movie replaying in my head with every detail. Then I did not have the dream again for about a year.

When I moved into my father's house the second half of my senior year I had the same night terror. This time it freaked me out more than ever. As I was sleeping the nightmare began and then when it was over the black object shimmered its way towards me. I heard a loud bang on my bedroom door. That is what woke me up. Being how I did not have a lock on my door. I took my dad's tool set which was really heavy and placed in front of my door. When I heard the first bang I woke up. And heard two more bangs then I watched the door as I saw it trying to be pushed opened at least three more times. When the door stopped moving I got the nerve to get up and look at the space between the door and the door frame and the light casting off my dad's radio system faintly lit up the title floor partly into the kitchen. That's when I saw this huge black figure moving slowly away into the kitchen. From then on I never had the same night terror again.

When I told my good friend Rick this he told me he had the same dream happened to him growing up. But he never saw the shadow after his night terror. The only thing we can come up with is the simple fact that maybe something was trapped inside my dreams and wanted to escape. Whatever it was it sure was freaky.

I have many more activity stories to share. But I wanted feedback on this one first.

My friends say with everything that's happened with me I am like a window or something. I don't want to be though.

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joey0045 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-11)
It seemed that you being brave enough to put the toolbox there sent it away, well done:)
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-13)
Here's the feedback; it's demonic, 100% The old boy never changes his mo. Here's the cure: Catholic Holy water, blessed salt, the Rosary, Mass, Holy Communion, confession, and commanding it to leave in Jesus' name. Good Luck.
mrdeagle (6 stories) (69 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-05)
darkin31: I think you might be a little confused about what's happening to you. Night Terrors is a diagnosable condition, where what you're describing sounds like recurring nightmares. Also if you had Night Terrors this would be happening all the time, not so infrequently. I'm not saying what's happening to you isn't scary. I had recurring dreams myself when I was younger and they are etched into my mind. 😨
miri_chan (6 stories) (69 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-05)
I also had a repitive dream. It was horrible;=;
I was at my grandmother's house and she was sitting in like living room on the couch, and I was in the kitchen. I'd suddenly start running to the staircase and I'd be trying to walk up the stairs but it felt like something was pulling me back. My mother and friends were at the top of the stairs and I always made it to them because I knew something bad would happen if I didn't. I had that dream A LOT. I haven't had it for a while though, thank god.
Julesco2 (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-04)
WOW! That's nerve racking just reading it. I wish mine was a dream mine I see only when I'm awake. But you could be sensitive to it if you you been through a lot I have just learned to accept that I am a sensitive.

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