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I Had Real Ghosts In My House


My Name is Wendy, and my story takes place a few years back in 2003 and 2004. Me, my husband and two children were stationed at MCAS (Marine Corps Air Station) Miramar California, My husband was on Deployment overseas and one night while I was sleeping I woke up suddenly because someone was pulling my big toe on my right foot...

I instantly sat up and yelled for my kids to get back in bed, but when looked around there was no one there and my foot was under the covers but my big toe was throbbing from being pulled so hard... I got out of bed and went to check on the kids and both of them were still in their beds sleeping soundly... I walked back to my room and then turned around and went down the hallway to the kitchen and checked all over but there was no one in sight. I made sure all windows and doors were locked and they were, then went back to my bedroom where I can assure you I did not even try to go back to sleep, I sat up in bed for hours with the covers pulled up to my neck.

In the morning everything was normal. I talked to my kids to see if they weren't playing a trick on me but they had nothing to do with this, their ages at the time were 7 and 14. As the weeks went by everything was normal... About the only thing that changed was that my son wouldn't sleep in his bedroom by himself, he had bunk beds so either my daughter or myself would stay in the top bunk until he went to sleep then we would go back to our own rooms. I figured it had something to do with a movie he saw on tv, or a video game he was playing that scared him. This continued until the day we moved out of the house.

Now living in San Diego we had great weather, so my sister who lives in Arizona decided to come for a visit. The first night she got there I made a bed for her on the couch in the living room and her son slept in my sons room. I should tell you now that I did not talk to my sister about the incident of someone pulling my big toe a few weeks earlier.

We all went to bed about 11:00 pm that night and when I woke up in the morning and went out into the living room my sister was folding the sheets and said that her and her son were leaving and going home...

I asked her why, because she had just arrived there the evening before and she started telling me that when she was asleep she was awoke by the slamming of my kitchen cabinet doors... I looked at her and said... What... And she repeated it and told me they were opening and closing all on their own... And she was scared to be in my house and was going home.

She got her son dressed and we all ate breakfast then I told her I wanted to take a picture of her and my nephew together so I got out the camera and took a picture, she wanted a copy of it so I decided to go ahead and print one up, and was shocked when I handed her the picture and she took one look at it and said you have an orb in this picture. I wasn't very knowledgeable about ghosts and things so she had to tell me about what an orb was. As soon as she was done telling me she got her son and was out of the house so fast and within seconds she was in her car and driving away. I had to call my parents and explain to them that my sister thought my house was haunted and was on her way home... They got a good laugh out of it... And so did I, at least at that second.

That night I was watching TV, my husbands ship was on because they were interviewing guys from the ship and showing things that were going on for the war that was happening (the shock and awe campaign). It was around 9:00 or 10:00 pm. And the kids were already in bed asleep when I saw a person go from the hallway to the kitchen so I immediately yelled for the kid to get back in bed and got no reply, so I got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen and there was nobody in there... I turned and walked down the hallway and into my sons room and found him asleep in his bed then I went into my daughters room and she too was asleep in her bed... I walked back into the living room and started watching tv again when it happened again I saw this person go from the hallway to the kitchen, so once again I checked and like the last time no one was there... I thought I was going nuts... I walked around the house checking all the doors and windows and closets, under the beds, and in the bathrooms and found no one so I went ahead and went to bed. The weekend went by and nothing else happened.

Monday morning after taking my kids to school I went online and started looking up ghosts and stuff and I read somewhere that if you had a digital camera you can get orbs and ghosts on film... So I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures all over my house... During the day and at night... Most of the time I would snap a picture and before I moved I would snap another one just to make sure if one came out blurry from me moving my arm or something I would have another. Anyway, Wow was I surprised at all the orbs I had in my pictures. They were in every room of my house... Especially my sons room and the living room. Every night I would see the same figure go from the hallway to the kitchen and every time I checked, there was no one.

My brother heard of my haunted house and he decided to come for a visit to see if anything happened when he was here, He was not disappointed. While he was sitting on the couch I took a picture of him and printed it up and we were amazed at all of the orbs around and on him. It wasn't until later we found out that because of his pacemaker the ghosts were drawn to him.

Then I started hearing voices... Sometimes my name would be said and I would answer--what, but no one would be there to have even said my name... It was all really starting to spook me out. I went to my parents house in Arizona every weekend after that... And when I was home I would always take pictures, and I even had a friend come over with her camera to take pictures just to make sure there wasn't something wrong with my camera, she would take pictures then we would go across the street to her house and we would take pictures with both cameras at her house. Nothing showed up in pictures from both cameras at her house, but we both had orbs show up on pictures from both cameras at my house.

One picture scared me the most... I was standing on the other side of my couch sectional taking a picture of the living room and when I printed the picture up there was a face in this little mirror that was on the wall. Now from where I was standing there is no possible way for my face to be in this mirror and I was the only one home... Lets just say I was extremely spooked out... So much that I went online to a Paranormal site for California... And contacted them and sent them all the pictures I had taken and told them of everything happening at the house.

They were very much interested in my house, and after emailing back and forth I was told to try walking down the hallway with a camera and quickly snap a picture behind me. I did and was shocked to find a big orb following me down the hallway. I was also told to try and find some history on the house or land... And all I could come up with was that it once was a ranch used by the Spaniards. After talking with the California Paranormal Society we decided they would come and bring all their equipment and do an investigation.

My husband was due back from his Deployment in a few weeks so we decided to wait until he got home so I would not be alone. That way I could take my kids to my parents house so they would not be there while this was taking place.

As I prepared for my husbands homecoming our guest made his appearance nightly. We had so many relatives at our house over the next two weeks and oddly enough no one mentioned any sort of strange things happening during this time. My husband went back to work and received orders to move to Japan. So with in a month we were packed up and moving and never got the chance to have the Paranormal Society come and do their investigation.

When we were all settled in at our new house in Japan my son told me a very interesting story one day. He said that he was glad that we moved because people aren't talking to him all night long anymore... Now keep in mind... I never told my kids anything that went on in the house on Miramar. My daughter told me that the reason she asked me to take a picture of my parents out of her room while we lived in Miramar was because my parents were talking to her at night... And their lips would move... My parents are both still alive... Weird huh?

A year later we heard that they bulldozed the house down... The whole street... Was redone... And new houses were built in its place... Funny thing though... Where my house was... They did not build a new house... My neighbors all got new houses but where mine was... It is now a children's park... An a couple of benches... I wonder if the new tenants had any problems? I can submit pictures of the face in the mirror, and of orbs in the house.

I Had Real Ghosts In My House 1
I Had Real Ghosts In My House 2
I Had Real Ghosts In My House 3

Thank you for reading my ghost experience.

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wendydash2 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-25)
Thank you Pete16 for your comments.
To the Grinch17, thank you also for yours too, and I do agree with you that it would have been really nice to find out what the investigation team would have came up with. But when the military says you have to move... You have to 😊
Lavenders- we very much enjoyed living in Japan, we were there for 3 years and are now back in the good ole USA...
My daughter said the their lips were moving and she would hear talking... At the time when she asked me to take the picture down all she said was that it looked like their eyes were following her... She had the picture hanging in her room for about 4 years before this happened. The same picture is now in my formal living room and no problems with moving lips and voices have been noted... As of today...
wendydash2 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-25)
Thank you all for reading my story, I can't find the picture of the orbs following me down the hallway, I'll keep looking but those might be the ones I sent to the California paranormal society, sorry about that KirkoBezerko, but I did publish the one with the face in the mirror... And I was standing a good 20 feet away from the mirror.
KirkoBezerko (guest)
13 years ago (2009-11-24)
Great stroy but could you please put up the pictures of the face in the mirror and the big orb following you down the hall.
Pete16 (2 stories) (49 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-24)
Wendy, Thegrinch is right, more often than not, orbs are just dust. That may reassure you that the ghost (s) was not constantly near you and your children! As for the figure in the kitchen and hallway and cabinets opening and closing-very scary! I'm glad you're in a more comfortable home:)
Thegrinch17 (guest)
13 years ago (2009-11-23)
Orbs don't automatically mean there's a ghost in your house. Usually orbs turn out to be nothing more that dust particles that happen to catch the light & reflect it back. But the other weird things that went on there definitely sound paranormal. Too bad you never got to have the place investigated. The results would have been interesting to hear. 😊
Lavenders (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-23)
ooohhh spooky. O_O I hope you like living in japan XD!

The picture of your live parents... Were talking to your daughter at night? O_O!?

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