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I posted a story on here a couple of weeks ago. I'm here because I SERIOUSLY need help. I tend not to over-react when it comes to certain things, but I know what I'm talking about because there's no other explanation for this. I know some will say the mind is playing a trick on me, or that its repressed memories resurfacing, and if that's the case then I wouldn't be so worried. The thing is I can FEEL it even this moment.

Here's the story. I must say, even under the circumstances it is an interesting story.

A couple of weeks ago I got to thinking about how sexually charged I always feel. And I know weird stuff happens in my house, I can sense it. I have another story posted already to which I've read the various replies from other readers and posters on the same subject, so to those of you who feel like you know about these things, please help me.

I began reading about Sex Demons and thought maybe that was my problem.

I pretty much invited one to me. I will say I believe it was using me before the invitation, I just hadn't realized it was there. And it's here. I'll admit I read a lot of the stories on here and I'm afraid I fed my belief in these things. I believe I helped manifest it, which means I can help get rid of it. I'm not going to describe in detail what exactly I've experienced. But the moment I realized it was real was when I was at a sister's house. It started out as anxiety and then that moved down into my groin and festered. It felt like something was pleasing me right there in the room with my family. Needless to say when I was home alone I took care of business and all that eventually led to intercourse biggest mistake ever. So I know the whole energy drain thing, but I believe energy is renewable and I now have FAITH in GOD. I just prayed for strength and confidence and protection and I feel better, like, energized. But what I had been feeling was a presence, sort of a low vibration that came from nowhere. Almost a static feel to it, and it would rest on my blankets. There also seemed to be a pressure change in the air and the occasional frequency change and then incredible warmth would spread over my crotch. I also felt touches and kisses. While this was happening I remember distinctly feeling something on the tip top of my head, as if my hair had stood up in a circular area, almost like a halo. But it felt like my mind had been opened, and then I heard a high pitched note, as if a female had just sung a single note, what's crazy is my dogs downstairs started barking, they had heard it too and there is nothing in my house that would sound like that note, especially when everyone is sleeping.

I was uneasy with this idea and immediately tried communicating using my left hand as yes, and my right hand as no. It would answer by tapping or caressing the appropriate hand. I asked if it was dangerous, and it replied yes. I asked if it was a Demon, it said yes. I asked if I was best to be rid of it, and it said yes. I asked if it was an incubus, it said yes. Then I asked if it was a succubus. It said yes. SO I asked are you both? Yes was the reply. It did say No a good bit to some other questions, even to a couple of these prior questions, which made me wonder if I wasn't dealing with several spirits, but it was the yes questions that worried me most, so I remembered them. It also seemed devious, inconsistent with its answers, which landed credit to the idea that there were multiple entities. At one point I thought, "I want the girl" because I got the impression the dude was there and received a tap on the no hand.

That night after feeling very uneasy about it I had a dream. Sleep paralysis was involved, which I've experienced before dealing with spirits. I don't care what anybody says, sleep paralysis in my experience only accompanies spirits. Which manifest as forms in the dreams, or as a weighty static cloud. I dreamt I was a cowboy (I'm reading a Western), walking between two parked trains on train tracks at night, and I was being followed by this presence. I pulled out my revolvers and started shooting into the darkness, but I'd feel the presence behind me and turn. I'd stop it before it could get within range to paralyze me, but it didn't last long. The dream changed and I was having sex with a girl, but it had just ended and there had been another guy having sex with her too which made sense according to the answers I received. Then it was holding me down on the bed at the waste, but my hands were free and my arms and head could move. It was trying to grab my hands to pin me down but I wouldn't let it and it was angered. I threatened to tell everyone about it and it threatened me in return. Later in the dream as I tried to tell my mother about it, my throat seized up, and I spat out my own tongue, it had been ripped from my throat. I woke up, scared of course. I also felt a warmth moving around the bed.

Earlier tonight I felt a slight undulation in my bed, similar to other descriptions I've read. I'm sick of it, because it's always around me. It's like a big dog in heat. I got up, and started researching how to bless the house and cast out demons. I turned the lights on and prayed, and I must say that I'm not religious. In fact, I'm against organized religion. But just knowing something like this exists is enough for me to have Faith that God, apart from the dogma, does exist. I took my bible and read over and over with conviction, and I could feel ripples in the air. I felt charged, energized with Good, so my confidence increased. I plan to follow through with blessing the whole house and perhaps employing the use of salt and amethyst to capture negative energies.

Now I'm paranoid. I feel things, such as my hairs moving, and a twinge or spasm here and there. But whenever I get an inkling that it's there, I command it to go away. I could feel it the most in a meditative, relaxed state and I have yet to enter one since I blessed my room. But I'm having trouble distinguishing between the energies. I feel it around me, but I think it may be my own energy I feel. If, by chance, it was just a manifestation of my mind then the mind is a VERY powerful thing. But that would also mean I can rid myself of it. I have faith and will continue to and when I know for sure about its permanent disappearance I'll post an update.

If anybody has questions or wants details I'm willing to reply. I have kind of my life experiences in another story that you can read if you would like my background. There's a lot of negativity in my household and my mom seems to walk in a cloud of it all the time. My parent's marriage is strained and the whole house just generally has an unsettling vibe. The thing is...IDK, one or two of the experiences seemed completely harmless, almost LOVING; with the female I'm certain... My gut tells me the male is the violent and evil one. Alright, well, here are some details anyway, at the risk of not being posted. During intercourse with the girl, I could feel her clinging to me, and kissing my neck, and the more intense it got the tighter she seemed to hold, and the more physical she seemed to become. It was incredible. While it was happening I could ask questions with my mind and receive answers through the tapping of the corresponding hands. As soon as I climaxed, which was the best, period, I asked in thought if she had climaxed and received an immediate tap on the yes hand and then kisses all over my face, a second later it's like I felt another orgasm blossom in the air above my knees. She was on me and climaxed, he was not and I felt it when he climaxed, because it felt like a mini climax to me, the one over my knees in the air. It had to have been a psychic energy transfer.

I'm a dude and the idea of another dude taking advantage of me is extremely unappealing and it just seemed that he was the bad one. If it had continued to be only the girl, I probably would have welcomed it to continue. It almost makes me consider the idea that these things can't climax without a human climaxing to transfer that sexual energy via psychic waves. I'm positive the energy shared between the girl and I was felt exactly the same way between us. It was also like her hand was squeezing my left hand, the YES hand as the intensity increased. And then the male's climax was delayed, because he got the ripple effect. Yep, sounds nuts, but I experienced it.

Definitely worth writing about.

Any feedback would be welcome.

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ams112700 (27 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-02)
Oh my Lord I am glad that hasn't happened to me! You poor thing!
Jordo34 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-13)
It's said that Incubus can switch between both organs, I'm not sure on the Succubus but probably!
blackrose616 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-20)
my opinion is that it is NOT a succubus! The reason I say this is that youve probably heard that demons don't have a gender unless the chose one for themselves to commit sexual activities I think that the fact that it replied for being both incubus and succubus is that it was an actual demon, succubus and incubi are not of the same lines of demons but more like mercenaries to satan and lucifer they do not have a connection to the demons leaders though, another thing I noticed is that you felt a prescence more than one that is proof that there is a legion of demons in your area so your or pretty close in some kind of the best contact or they can easily contact you so that's why they decided to appear before you, if its okay with you id lie to know the exact times that they had shown to you I'm doing a research on demons and their correspondence with seasons stars and the weather id greatly appreciated it:) oh yeah, if you have any more questions I'm in a relationship with a succubus since not long ago but we are in monogamy which is sacred to succubus its more like an eternal pact and I can't date humans because its against it and for that matter of fact I have an eternity to spend with her... So if you ever come into contact directly with a one on one succubus ask them if they are monogamus if so I strongly suggest you enter a relationship but check of the proof with the celestial alphabet the magick squares of planets the moon and sun to see if they are not directly a demon but a seperated entity
VelvetLucifer (1 stories) (37 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-28)
I wonder if a Succubus can go for the same sex too like an Incubus can.
ghosthunter1227 (14 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-17)
you know I think I may have had an experience like this a couple times, I dream about having sex with a girl but yet I felt suffocated but still feel pleasure, hope this female demon is the good one like you say and god bless you man
xavenging_angelx (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-04)
I actually feel a presence in my house. I'm the only one who feels it, but when lights start turning off by themselves (the actual switch is turned off) my family believes me. I wish you the best of luck, but I really hope this is not what's keeping my company.
JoeDutchCoast (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-27)
The more stories I read on here, the more I think there's one with me all the time in my room.
Even as I type I feel a presence around me, sliding down on my back.
This might sound weird, but when I leave my closet doors open, the sexual attacks seems to get worse, a lot more touches on my body.

I'm 19 male, and I never ever expierenced this, it feels good, but I also feel controlled...

I also like a girl, but what will happen when she stays the night with me?
Are those sexual demons going to leave me or her alone!?

If possible, can someone contact me on joedutchcoast [at]
I would appreciate a conversation with someone who experienced the same things.

Trudy44 (60 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-19)

You need to be very careful about the succubus. She can enslave you with sexual pleasure. Demons know our weakness and they exploit them to the fullest. E-mail me at trdstockner [at] If you want I can help you get rid of these demonic intrusions.
Lurina (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-12)
i have had experiences as well and I need any help getting ridn of it like sugestions my email is that_crazy_chick90 [at] if anyone has experienced it as well... How many do you believe is with you 1 or more I know there were three starting out I don't know about now cause I have been experiancing these things sexually for about a year but three or four months ago they left but now I believe they are back and more evil for instance it bit me two nights ago I saw human teeth marks and it was all red around the area it was between my thumb and index funger that space that makes the L on my right hand if you could get back to me that would be great... I will tell anyone about my experiances as well if they want anything to get rid of it...
danihorrorshow (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-21)
Alright, so the reason why it may say its both incubus and sucubus is because, in truth, demons don't exactly have a gender. They can make themselves males, if they feel male and are sexually attracted to women. Or make themselves female, if they feel female and are sexually attacted to men. So in a sense, the Demon following you is 'bisexul'.
I wouldn't go ahead to the point to say this being is dangerous, it may have admitted to being dangerous because it's a demon and one of the sterotypical views of demons is that their all dangerous. But also, so are people. We can be dangerous if we wish to be.
If you are getting annoyed with the demon, you may want to try telling it you want to leave or you'll send in a priest to force it out. Its best to always try to leave on a good note with a demon, because they will always remember you and your face. But if you need help at all, email me or AIM me at evilclosetvortex.
AnimeCr8zy (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-18)
im just confused On how its like a guy AND a girl. Also do you think the male was doing the same to you as the female. Maybe you should do something to ask them or it when the female is there or if its the male. Almost like the hand thing
best of luck ❤
WTVick (3 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-03)
aussiedaz, I actually have experienced more which I will post in a new story. Very interesting stuff, and I no longer feel threatened. But it IS stuff that verifies it isn't just my subconscious mind. Honestly it's kind of exhilirating because I have NEVER so clearly been involved in such paranormal events and it's so exciting. So check out my next post.
sweetsomething16 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-03)
wow this is something I have never knew could happen. Ummm. Why don't you see an exorcist. One for you and your house. And if I must say if your looking for sex I'm sure there is more than demons out there.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
WTVick, generating debate about this subject which I gather from your last post your suggesting, is a good idea.It's good to see you have a open mind as to what may initiate and create this experience, as I said in my last post, I thought the power of lust combined with the power of the mind could create it, if we put ourselves into a hypnotic state of mind through meditation or medication including recreational drugs, Then it has to be possible. Perhaps there are some that create this reality with out none of the above. Another theory I have is perhaps this happens on a spiritual level and our mind can transcend these sensation to our sexual organs, the reason I say this, from a previous story I was reading, the author said she was in bed with her husband and then she felt her legs part, surely if they really were her husband would have felt them? Then of coarse it could be real, If a person seeks out these sex spirits then it is their choice and I pass no moral judgement on them, but I don't think you invited the dude you mention, so I'm not sure if its something you should pursue,
Good luck let me know what you think, of coarse I could be wrong
But debating the possibility of reason will deliver us the satisfaction of answer.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
Sorry for the..."deviation" of topic there. Anyhow, I'm really glad for you that you can treat this objectively rather than, as you put it, being a victim. A lot of these situations are likely cured by the simple mind over matter tactic. Good for you! 😊 Please keep us posted as to any other goings-ons around your home.
WTVick (3 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
I really appreciate the feedback.

Succubussed, Your posts have always seemed to be the most logical on all the other stories I have read on here. And since I've ignored these things they have not bothered me. But I am of the mind that they use our own Energy, not necessarily against our will either, and that if the energy supply can be cut off and on at will, which I believe is possible, then these encounters can be controlled. Now that I feel I DO have control, I'm considering on furthering my education on these things.

When I feel an energy flow, usually in a meditative state, I can ask a question and still receive answers using the hand tapping technique.

DeviousAngel, I feel in control and I firmly believe that if I allow myself to feel out of control and helpless, then that weakness can be seized upon. I feel if I approach this with complete confidence then I will emerge how I want to, rather than as a victim.

I do believe many things that people don't understand they tend to automatically fear, and I avoided that until my question/answer sessions revealed slightly disturbing ideas, which I know can be solved either way now. The experience was UNREAL, and I'd feel a bit disappointed in myself to simply close my mind and forget the whole ordeal. Though I do believe that if a person wants one of these things bad enough then they're practically summoning them, and the more they believe the more powers of manifestation they have.

Thanks people, I'm still open to conversation.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
Oooooh wow, look at you bdfalcon, the big website bully on the block. You're so cool and important and everyone really cares about you. You're so powerful and bad because you can come onto a website, hide behind a keyboard and talk down to people you have never met. Do you feel like a man now? Feel like a big boy? What if I am a virgin? What business is it of yours? Do you really think the people on here care? You say in your bio that you have come here to help people with their experiences but so far all you have done is spew random bile at people. Go back under the rock you came from and work on your self-esteem because you are clearly a bored, sad individual.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
bldfalcon, you are an extremely offensive individual. If you're looking to start a flame war based off of your trolling comments, go somewhere else because it's pretty likely that Succubussed doesn't give a crud about what you think. I hope the moderators remove your post.

That aside, I'm glad you're taking a logical approach with this, WTVick. In the long run, you have to do what's best for you. It may be that this incubus/succubus duo are an attached pair, and it might be best to try a cleansing and then ignore them both if they return. They cannot physically harm you if you refuse to allow them to feed off of your energy, though they might try to annoy you from time to time.
Succubussed (guest)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
WTVick, I am of the belief that what you are experiencing is real, and outside of yourself. In other words, I don't think it is your subconscious, nor do I think that these Beings were made manifest by your desire or thoughts.

I believe Incubi/Succubi are real and not Human and have been around for thousands of years.

For more on this, you can read my story, or follow the link on my profile to a forum where you can talk about this with others who have had or are having similar experiences to what you relate here.

My own personal take on your story here, is that if you don't mind, or even do want, the female and really only object to the male's attention, then it might be worth a try to tell them that. My Succubus is very cooperative as long as she's getting regular sex with me, and if you show some flexibility with yours rather than making a complete prohibition you might have satisfying results. It might be possible to have the female without the male participating

If on the other hand, you definitely do not want any of this, not even the female (and I would be sure that you are basing this decision on your own true feelings rather than what you'll get from outside sources, religious or not), then my advice, is to completely ignore them and do not acknowledge their presence whatsoever, even to yourself. If you feel them touch you in bed, roll over on your side (as you yourself have noticed, this quite frequently works, as they seem to like us on our backs), if you find yourself thinking about them during the day, or drifting into that lustful daze that they are capable of making us feel, then make the effort and think about something else.

Don't rebuke them or engage in conversations with or about them. Don't tell them to go away. Don't even talk to them. They love attention, and if you deprive them of any of yours whatsoever, they might leave. There is no guarantee that this will work for you if you do in fact decide for yourself 100% that you want to be rid of both pf these Beings, but it's the only thing I have ever heard of that works even part of the time.

This advice is based on the experience of several people that I have had contact with who have successfully rid themselves of their own Incubus/Succubus, and it seems to be the only thing that works, even sometimes.

My opinion is biased, but if it were me in your shoes I would see about trying to keep the female and just get the male to leave. I can tell you from my own experience that the relationship with one of these Beings can be quite rewarding, and the pleasure that they are able to induce in their Human partners is indescribable, and as far as I can tell, improves indefinitely.

It's your decision however, and in a matter as critically important as this, you're the one that must make the choice.
WTVick (3 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
I've considered the subconscious aspect of this, and the fact that it goes where I go supports that. I kind of wrote the first half of the story in a panic. I DO believe the mind makes them stronger, and perhaps the initial reaction of lust and want helped manifest them, while ignorance and confidence in their dissipation will bring about results. I've always been a firm believer in the power of the mind. I slept peacefully, I will say I was enticed, but I rolled over and ignored it. Didn't have nightmares or anything, so I know I'm on the right path. Thanks for the input everybody.
forestdweller (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
Your story has a lot in common with my own experience, while I haven't experienced things as extreme as you there are many similarities. I've submitted my story - "Amorous Night Visitor", I do hope it's published here, I'd like you to read it.
If it feels bad and makes you feel bad then it would be a good idea to contact a psychic/medium for help. I haven't felt at all threatened or indeed regarded the presence that visits me as "evil". I emailed a "Spiritual Emergency Line" given to me by a friend who attends a Spiritualist Church overseas for help. I never heard back. Burning the "Dragons blood" resin and smoking Sage DID WORK in clearing my house of any energies that were present (for a while). It all sounds a bit dungeons and dragons and too weird for words I know... But try it.
Peace and Love to you.
ZiShu (281 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-02)
Hang on, keep praying to God, resist and reject as much as you can. A solution will eventually come as long as you are stronger.
It may help if you drop negative habits that the succubus likes.
Help will soon come.
God Bless
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-01)
I'm not sure if these experiences are real or not, from my own experience many years ago, I felt it was created from my own subconscious and driven by lustful desire, one thing I will tell you though, many years ago reaching out for the lord through prayer, I was touched by the holy ghost, the reassuring and overwhelming power of love this experience brings, is far far greater than the trickery and cheap sensations of these sex demons, thank you for your honest account good luck
Alivia_Valliance (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-01)
You're taking a mature and calm approach to this,
That's good.
I have no idea how to help you, but perhaps you should consult the church? I don't like organized religion either, but there is a God I'm sure. It may be embarassing to tell someone, but you really should.
Peace love and god's luck be with you.

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