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I never really thought about the paranormal as a child. Now that I'm 24 years old and have experienced paranormal events I look back and have to reconsider exactly what happened to me as a child. I was horrified of the dark and had plenty of nightmares consisting of the infamous boogeyman. We've lived in many houses over the years and my mom tells me that the house we now inhabit is lucky number thirteen. But at one of these houses I had a bedroom that was right down the hall from my parent's room. There were stairs that led down to the first floor and I had a bad habit in the middle of the night of waiting for my dad to get up to use the bathroom and getting him to fix me waffles. Ha-ha, I know fond memories.

One night I was awake, and waiting on him while I lay in bed (with the bedroom door open, always open) and I saw him come out and walk down the stairs. I thought it was my lucky day so I got up and walked down the stairs. When I reached the bottom all the lights were off downstairs and I couldn't even see five feet in front of me. I must have been 6 or 7 years old. I wasn't about to step into the darkness and was certain that my dad would make his way back to me on his route back to bed, and it's the only reason I had the guts to sit on the bottom step, knowing he'd be returning. A few minutes passed and nobody comes, I didn't even hear him moving and then from the top of the stairs behind me he comes down.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I thought you came down here," I said, wondering how he'd gotten back upstairs without me seeing.

"No, I was asleep," he said, and I could tell he had been because his eyes were tired and his hair was messed up.

"Oh," was all I said in reply and he took me back to bed.

I'm sure he was curious as to why I was sitting all alone in the dark at the bottom of the stairs. I didn't really think about ghosts, let alone know what they were in reality, aside from Casper the Friendly Ghost. But it's safe to say it wasn't my dad I saw come out of the bedroom and go downstairs. I guess in my child's mind any male figure coming out of that bedroom would have been my dad, as it was the only male option in my head. We eventually moved into a new-to-us house that had been built in the 1800's. I was still afraid of the dark and I slept on a mattress on the floor in my parent's bedroom because being near them eased my fears, as it does with most children.

One night while I was laying there awake on my mattress, afraid of the darkness surrounding me, I felt a hand, or finger, tap me twice on the shoulder. I was lying on my right side and I don't recall having heard any footsteps as our floors were hardwood. Any movement in my general vicinity would have been heard since I was awake. Not to mention the hardwood stairs a person would have to climb to enter the bedroom, which I also would have heard. I was terrified. So terrified I didn't roll over to look behind me, or call out to my parents. The best idea was to squeeze my eyes shut harder, knowing it could possibly come around to my other side, in which case I might possibly catch a glimpse, and I didn't want that. I guess at this point I should mention that my mother was into the occult. As far as detailed knowledge of any ceremonies she may have done I wouldn't know, but I have heard from my sisters that she did them, and my oldest sister also practiced the same. I know she performed a Binding Spell on my sister and her husband here in the past two years. My mom still has Tarot books and spell books somewhere in her room. The funny thing is my dad is a Christian man. He tried raising my sisters and me in the church, but I didn't take a liking to it and agreed to this day with my decision not to participate. Though I will say my faith lies in other areas, one is definitely not witchcraft.

My experience on my mattress was the only firsthand account I had in that house. But my mother and sisters experienced more. I know one sister checked on another sister in the night because she heard crying, but everyone was sleeping. My mother confirmed having heard the crying because she and my sister met in a hall the same night with the same intentions, to check on my sister. The sister who heard the crying also heard boot steps in the room above hers which later became my room. I wasn't told of the boot steps until much later. The same sister had also recently had a baby, and woke in the night to a man standing behind the baby bed. He faded and my sister checked the baby and she had been covered more thoroughly by her baby blanket. My mother also saw this same man from outside our house peering at her from what became my bedroom on the second floor. There was always the smell of dirty diapers in parts of the house that didn't make sense if we assumed my sister's baby was responsible, and she wasn't.

What's crazy is later a woman came to visit us because she had ancestors that lived in the house before us and wanted to ask my parents questions. We found out the history of the house and every experience my family had up to that point was confirmed by her. I'm not sure if my labeling of her family members is right, but you understand what I'm saying. I think it was a great uncle of hers had died from an ear infection, and he was a bearded confederate soldier, which confirmed my sister and mom's experiences. Her great grandmother had lost her newborn baby, and the recollection of her she had been given was that she was very sorrowful and cried about it often. I think she died soon after the child had been lost. Needless to say I do not doubt the idea of spirits or ghosts. But wait, it gets crazier.

We eventually left that house, whether or not it was because of the spirits I do not know. I found much of the previous information out after our moving out because my parents knew I was already afraid of the dark. Like I said before, this is house number 13, and I'm not very superstitious at all. But I must admit some weird things have happened, regardless of the number. I guess you could say I hadn't quite developed my own thoughts on the paranormal seeing as how I only had a couple of experiences of my own, and the word of family and their experiences. I'm still amazed at how those memories of my childhood glazed over. It took some thoughts of my childhood for those thoughts to resurface later, after some interesting experiences in this house I live in now.

Some stuff started, nothing big, just televisions turning off, and a wardrobe door unlatching and swinging open. Occasionally we'd have the same dirty diaper smell, which didn't make sense because my sister's baby had grown out of them. In fact by the time this next experience happened that baby would have grown into a ten year old girl. I was probably eighteen at the time and I'll admit I partied a lot with a regular group of friends. A friend had spent the night and left the next morning. While I was in my room I noticed something carved into this three tiered bookshelf I owned. It was the letter W.

I just assumed it was either my niece the ten year old girl, or the friend that had stayed over the previous night. I even did a scratch test to see what instrument was used to carve it. I had this three inch long pewter PENDRAGON sword and when I scratched the shelf it made the same exact mark like the W had. And the small sword sat only a few inches from the carving so it made sense to believe it was the instrument that had been used. It wouldn't be until additional letters appeared on the carving that I would inquire to my family about it. I'm still uncertain whether or not they were truthful with me, and to this day I still ask occasionally.

A lowercase e had been added to the W and there was a space, and then a D. We D is what it looked like. I dismissed the idea that it was any of my friends because my finding the additions to the carving didn't correspond to days they had visited. The next two days revealed the final letters to say We Dre, which didn't make sense to me. I thought it was a joke, but the next morning an exclamation point had been added to the end and I realized the D was actually a very roughly carved A. It spelled, We Are! Exclamation point and all. I swear on my life. Like I said, it was hard to believe that a person hadn't carved it. So I grilled my niece, the only other person who would have been capable of playing the joke. She swore she didn't do it. And to this day, in the absence of repercussions of her actions, she still denies ever doing it. She's 16 now, so maybe it's time I asked her again.

We also had this cat who earned the name Mama Kitty. She was my best animal friend ever. She had a personality, unlike any other cat I've ever had or probably will have. She used to run around the house when she got frisky and she also used to paw at things in the air that weren't visible to us. Like something was playing with her. We have pictures of me and others in my family with orbs floating around us sometimes I think these orbs are what Mama Kitty would chase around the house. But then I also saw a Ghost special on TV that recreated these orbs in photographs by shaking a dusty rug. Something in the way the light reflected off of dust particles, and we have plenty of dust around here. Also, this house was newly constructed when we moved in. Which would suggest my family is haunted, rather than the house.

This one night, I had a couple of friends over and I only say we experimented with drugs because I believe it is relevant to the story. We had taken mescaline, which I know is used by Native Americans out West where it is grown as Paoti. They use it to induce visions and to dream quest with. We had also smoked some Marijuana along with it and I can admit I have NEVER experienced anything like I did while under the influence of those drugs combined, and that actually says a lot. I believe my friends either went home, or fell asleep in my room. I can honestly say I AM NOT A LIAR. In fact, I have a lot of trouble just telling a white lie, which has earned me the ridicule of being brutally honest. I have no use for lies or liars so what I tell you is the absolute truth. This was NOT a dream.

I was pulsating with what I can only describe as Psychic Energy. I mean, literally I felt like I was bathing in this ENERGY, that's the only word for it, it's like my aura increased ten fold. I lay on my bed and may have been the happiest I have ever been. I didn't actually think in sentences, but I did wonder where Mama Kitty was at. Low and behold a few seconds later I hear my cracked door creak open and she walked into my room. She regularly pawed open doors in our house that weren't completely shut. As she walked toward a corner of my room I thought to her. "Come up here," I thought, with no physical mannerisms or actions to suggest that was what I wanted, mind only.

She stopped mid-walk and looked at me, changed course and hopped up on the bed. She stood, looking at me from the edge of the bed, as if waiting for my next command. So I thought, "Come lay here," and thought of where I wanted her to lay, and she did it immediately. I started petting her and within seconds she was asleep, purring like crazy, basking in this energy I was emitting. I know people will be skeptical of things that they have not experienced themselves, but it wasn't just coincidence that she joined me. She heard my thoughts and felt my psychic energy. So, believe it or not, I have experienced one-way telepathic communication with an animal that can perceive things we cannot. On many occasions after this occurrence I experienced telepathy with Mama Kitty. I could think suggestions and she would do them, not always, only when my mind was properly focused.

I told this story because I believe in my shedding or accidental expulsion of all that psychic energy that I created a beacon of psychic energy which attracted a dark entity. I had not experienced a Dark, or negative entity, before this so it was very intimidating. I believe it was the night after my telepathic experience. I was sleeping on my back, arms at my sides and head on the pillow. I believe I was what is called, Lucid Dreaming. Because I was still in bed and I wasn't moving, but I didn't try to move because I didn't want to. I thought I was awake, and I'm almost certain my mind was aware of my surroundings, only my body was sleeping.

Sitting on my futon, I say sitting because where the entity was there was a futon that sat very near the bottom right corner of my bed was this evil presence. My mind looked directly at the spot as if on its own. The room was dark, but I knew the layout so I knew exactly where the entity was, only a couple of feet from my feet. I have NEVER felt such a dreadful, hopeless, despairing evil in my life. I could feel its emotions, because its mind was focused on me completely, as if it was staring me down with the deepest hatred, as if it meant to do only harm. It was like concentrated dread focused on me from this one spot, hanging in my room.

Upon realizing the threat my eyes snapped open and my body woke up. I saw nothing and the feeling of extreme hatred dissipated, though the fear still remained and grew more so because I felt the abnormal, extreme cold in my bedroom. People will say it was a dream, but what I FELT, was there emotions not of my own. Surprisingly I dealt with this entity much the way I dealt with those similar fears of my childhood. I rolled to my side, pulled the covers up, closed my eyes and went to sleep. I didn't experience the dark entity again after that.

Many times I felt as if Mama Kitty were keeping an eye on me, or watching out for me. She spent a lot of time in my room. I also communicated telepathically with our family dog. It had been a long night at work so I was tired, which is weird because one would think being tired would negatively affect the ability of the mind to focus. But then I thought again and realized maybe that's when the mind is used to being focused, when we're sleeping. The communication wasn't coincidental either. I was watching our dog Cooper tromp through the back yard oblivious to anyone watching. What's strange is I wasn't attempting to send thoughts to him.

He had grabbed one of my parent's work gloves and was shaking it around and running and I guess I thought of what I would say if I was outside. Because as soon as I thought it, which was "No, Cooper!" he immediately stopped running and looked around with his head low to the ground, eyes up, as if being scolded. Then I added "Drop it," and he opened his mouth and let the glove drop out. "Good boy" I thought when I realized he had done exactly as I had commanded with my thoughts. He still looked around like he didn't know where it had come from Crazy right? I have no doubts of this capability and I believe ALL are capable. I avoid telling people these stories for fear of ridicule and the fact that I am not capable of it at all times, but I know they happen for a fact and maybe in context to this whole story it will seem more believable for the reader.

My house is a really creepy house, so it's easy to trick the mind into believing what it wants. Our floors creak like mad. I can't walk a single step without squeaking a board that the whole house will hear. It's kind of sad considering the house was new when we moved in and now it's practically falling apart. So when the wind blows hard outside, I can hear the floors creaking, starting on one side of the house and slowly moving to the other side, as if the whole house is swaying back and forth. It would be easy to trick myself into believing that a spirit, or entity, is traveling across the second storey of the house, and may be what my mind's initial reaction is until I logically deduce the actual cause of the things that go bump in the night. But there are differences between creaking floors and doors that close on their own, and I find it very important to distinguish the causes of the two. So any small occurrences I dismiss as nothing, even those that can possibly be something, and the ones I know for a fact are paranormal activity I commit to memory, not that it takes much effort to do so. And the latter I can say does not happen too often.

After the dark entity in my bedroom I must admit I didn't encounter anymore otherworldly beings until recently. What could also be a symptom of sleep paralysis or apnea as I understand, I woke early one morning unable to breathe and as I woke it felt as if a hand released my throat. I was groggy and have never had any problems with sleep paralysis or apnea before, but I thought maybe I just positioned my head to where my air supply was cut off and dismissed it. About a week later I had just cut the lights off and laid back in bed when I could feel something a few feet away, starting with that static feeling in my feet and it seemed to just consider me, it didn't attempt to interact. A few minutes after I no longer felt it and my niece, who was spending the night, started to cry in my parent's room across the house, she's two and a half. I inquired to my mom the next morning what my niece woke up for and she said she just started crying and that she asked for a bottle and a pacifier and asked if she could sleep with them in their bed.

About a week after that I was sleeping, and I even recall the dream I was having at the exact moment this happened. I won't detail it but I can tell you it was not a nightmare.

What I will say is that my senses were tuned to my surroundings, much like when I encountered the dark entity. I guess I can say my Third Eye was open because I was Lucid dreaming once again. What's so weird is my body was sleeping and my mind was dreaming something, but it was like I realized I was dreaming (which I have done before) and then it was like the dream was merely something being pushed away as my senses adjusted to the Lucidity. In that moment I heard a creak in the next room over, a lone creak in a completely silent house where everybody else, including me, is asleep. It caught my attention and then suddenly, a mere instant after that creak a presence appeared, not visibly, but so suddenly that it felt like it was ON me and I snapped awake. I have never GASPED before, but I couldn't help it. It felt like somebody had latched battery cables to me. One instant I'm calm, the next as I snap awake my heart is beating faster than it probably ever has before, thundering in my chest. What I believe happened was this, either:

A) This presence was trying to peer into my dream. Maybe it sensed me in a lucid state with my Third Eye opened and just had to take a peek.

B) I've heard lucid dreaming could be Out of Body Experiences (OBE). Is it possible as I became Lucid that I sensed my OWN presence leaving my body?

C) Maybe as I became Lucid an entity noticed and was going to enter my body once I left it? Is the body vulnerable during an OBE?

I do not know exactly what to believe happened. But I'm almost certain of another presence. I have felt it again since and I was wide awake this time. I had just turned out the lights to go to bed and I felt something similar to static electricity in my feet and legs. And then it felt as if a presence passed through me. It gave me the sensation that a person gets when they slide into a cold swimming pool and have to draw in a quick involuntary breath, which I also had to do as it passed through. Then it was gone.

I've told my mom about this stuff and we tend to share any experiences we have. But it all seems to be happening to me here lately. That's pretty much the extent of my experiences and while I do not feel threatened by this presence I'd like to understand what it wants.

Sorry if the story was too long or lagging in some parts. I have no reason to lie and if I did I sure as hell wouldn't take so long to do it, so take from it what you will. I left out that I had a severe depression problem when I was fifteen to about eighteen years old. I have since determined that I am a sensitive and that many things that I have experienced through my life that I didn't understand such as my extreme fear of the dark, or my problem with depression, may have been my involuntary reactions to things I sensed around me that I did not understand. Any opinions readers may have I would be interested in reading. If you read the whole story,



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princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-27)
i believe you. Every word. It happens to me ALL THE TIME & all my life. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad to find another one of "us" anywhere any time. I really think there should be support groups & things like "camp" where people who experience these things can gather. Can you imagine what would happen? With a bunch of "us" & all that energy?! Yeah that would be sweet. Thanks again for sharing, this was writtenn very well its now in my faves! ❤ ❤ ❤

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