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The last time I wrote was when I was recapping a few experiences that my friend and I have had over the past few years. Since that time quite a bit more has happened, first of my friend got rid of her old cell phone (the one that wasn't active) and when she did she told me that she has since started to hear foot steps down her hallway and banging on her bedroom window in the middle of the night, (she lives on the second story of an apartment building with no trees or power lines or anything that could make such a loud banging noise.) She has also said that her oldest son started to have dreams a few months ago about her and her youngest son (she was pregnant with her second son when her oldest son started having these "dreams") the dreams that he has, (keep in mind he is only 5) are that he dreams that my friend and the then unborn son were killed in different ways each time. They were very detailed and it's nothing that he would see on. TV as they were very gruesome, he says that he only gets them when he sleeps directly on his bed so most of the time he will only sleep on the floor of his room. So that is what has been going on with her.

With me it seems that whatever I have in my house has been attempting to contact me for some reason, there have been a few things that have been happening for example my TV and my sound system turn on and off by itself. (you have to walk up to the sound system to turn it on) and no matter how low you have the sound on it will turn up full blast and the TV always turns on to cartoons, as well that I have seen a few times that my mouse for the computer will move back and forth by itself as well. I also feel someone playing with my hair at night or tickling my feet, I have attempted to communicate with it a few times but nothing that I have tried has worked I have tried to yes/no answers using candles, or since he (I get the feeling it's a he) plays around with my computer I have left note pad open to get him to type to me, things like that. I don't feel uneasy at all I actually get a little excited when he does things around the house, but I am up for suggestions on how to communicate with him so that I can see why he's still here and help him get to the light or just talk to him please let me know

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pangie28 (2 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
no you didn't confuse me at all.:) yeah my ghost tends to turn the tv on and such when I haven't been home for a while he also does it to my friends when they sleep over (they sleep in the living room) and it seems to calm down if I tell him to stop because I'm trying to sleep or something. And lastnight he started something new I have a sea shell wind chime in my living room and he has started to turn it and make it chime. I actually video taped it but thanks for the advice I'll for sure try it and I'll also tell my friend to just keep an eye out... The oldest son seems to love the new little one but non the less I agree that it could be a little bit of jealousy 😁 😉
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-02-11)
pangie: Your visitor sounds like my ghosties!...Not threatening at all, and kind of looking for attention... When they start their stuff like making me look for my keys, or some of the other things in my stories, I just tell them hi or thanks for the keys...Whatever, so they know that I know they are there... Then things calm down for a few days or weeks... I find my friends extremely entertaining though 😆

About your friend's son, well that could just be a little bit of sibling rivalry at it roots... Maybe he doesn't want to have a sister or brother, and his sub-consious is telling him so... That would be the logical explaination...However, we should always pay close attention to our childrens' dreams, specially one so young... I believe that we are all born with a sixth sense, a throw back to primitive times, (an animal instinct so to speak) and as we mature the necessity wears thin... So tell her to be careful, just in case... I hope I didn't confuse you! 😆

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