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Haunting Connection Between My Cousin And I


This story starts off a bit odd for me anyway. Let me start off at the beginning. Several years back, I used to notice some things. I have seen things move, or heard noises and not know where they came from, and so on. I have had several experiences like this. The main story is not about me though. This story is more about my 14 year old cousin.

I will start with a few of my personal experiences. When I was 10 or 11 I used to have a dog that would stop and stare at something in my room. Every time she did this, my room would get very cold. A few times she did this; she would put her tail between her legs and run out of my room. I always thought it odd, but never really paid any attention to it. One night, my brother and I woke up at the same time because we thought we heard our dad tell us to get up. We had bunk beds and slept in the same room. I looked down to him, and he asked me, "Did dad just tell us to get up?" Right when he asked, our TV came on. I told him to turn off the TV, and it went off. The remote was sitting on top of the TV and the TV was about 4 feet away from my brother. We got up and went to my parent's room and they were both sleeping.

Things like that would happen from time to time, but never paid much attention to them. I did not think too much about it. I mean, it was not hurting me, so why bother with paying attention to it? Which brings me too many years later and much more recent. My Great Grandparents recently passed away. At the funeral I was reunited with a cousin that I had not seen since she was born. Our Birthdays are 14 years and 4 days apart. So we celebrated our birthdays that year together. It's been almost a year that we have been talking to each other.

What is odd though is that we found, the very first day we were reunited, after not seeing or talking to each other for almost 14 years, that it seemed as if we had always been close. I am not someone that gets very close to anyone. I mean it took a lot for me to get close to my wife. I am not close with my parents, my siblings, or friends. So this seems odd to me. Well a few months ago she started telling me about some things that were happening to her that she could not explain.

Every time we are together, I always get a feeling that there is something bothering her. So I always ask her about it, and she didn't seem to want to tell me what was going on. When she started telling me about some events though, and realized that I was listening and not just passing it off as she was lying, she started to tell me more. Ever since she was 5 she has felt that she was being haunted. She has felt that she has been pushed, grabbed, tripped, hair pulled, and so on. She has also heard a voice, but it's never loud enough for her to understand what it is saying.

Well she has had some problems at home, so she comes to stay with me every now and then for a few days to get away from some of the stresses she is going through. One night, while she was at my house she was talking and then got quiet all of a sudden. I asked her what was wrong, but she just shook her head. I thought maybe it was something she was thinking about at home. I noticed the next morning that she had a red mark on her neck. She told me she didn't know what it was from. It was a few days later that she told me about feeling haunted.

A few days ago, my wife came to me and told me about an experience she had after my cousin left. The very night we took her home; my 1 year old daughter woke up at 3am and started crying. My wife heard her on the baby monitor so she walked to her room. She thought she heard a voice in my daughter's room so she opened the door and my daughter was standing in her crib looking around like someone had been there and left. She was also talking like she does when she is trying to say something to me or my wife. My wife put her back to sleep and came back to bed.

My wife had just fallen back to sleep when she felt something on the bed. We have one of those temperpedic mattress with the memory foam. My wife woke up thinking that my 4 year old son had come into the room and sat on the bed. When she looked to the spot where she thought my son was, there was no one there, but there was an imprint on the memory foam. She got up and walked into my son's room and he was asleep. When she came back into our room the imprint was still there and her imprint from lying in bed was gone. Just as she started to really pay attention to the imprint of what she thought was my son, it started to go away.

Then today, I started talking to my cousin online through messenger like I do almost everyday, and she told me that she woke up with scratches on her thigh and buttocks. I drove to her house to look around her room, and did not find anything that would have caused it while she was sleeping. She showed me the scratches. They were very high up on her inner thigh and on her buttocks close to her hip like someone had grabbed her from behind and tried to pull her towards them.

I looked some things up before writing this story. From what she has explained and from the scratches, it seems like an incubi is what she might be dealing with. I am very much a skeptic though, and I am looking for ways to try to find out what is happening. My wife is also a skeptic and is not someone that scares easily. So with this story I am also seeking answers to questions because I am not really sure where to look. I am an Atheist. So looking towards religion doesn't really work for me. First, how can I find out if what is happening to my cousin might be related to things that have happened to me and my family? Second, is it possible that my connection to my cousin is more than just a close bond that seemed to form so quickly? Third, is a story like this ever happened before?

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SxeMichael (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-27)
Sorry to everyone that has commented on here so long ago that I haven't got to respond too. Have not been on very much since I posted the story. Should be able to respond a little more regularly now.

Miracles, I do not think sexual abuse or self harm is what my cousin is doing either. I have been researching some of that though, and both could be possible. I mean that could explain a few things that she has told me except the red mark on her neck when she was at my house. The marks she got at home could very well have been caused by many diffrent things. I just don't think she would lie to me about her experiences though. Of course anything is possible. I will look into your story.

Whitebuffalo, its cool, don't worry about going off about things, it doesn't bother me. I am pretty sure that guy was just trying to be a smart [at] $$ since he never responded again. I think you might be right about the annual ghost though, cause we only had those experiences for a few days and then they stopped. So I am pretty sure its not the same as what my cousin is experiencing cause she still has things happening. As far as being attention seeking, I don't think is any worse then any other teen I know. In fact, most of the time she seems to be happy to be left alone. The stresses in her life have been increasing though, but her experiences have not. Most of her stress is being caused by a family feud between her older sisters, her parents, and a boyfriend that was with one sister, but is now with the other. Parents are not happy, one sister is not happy, and they argue with each other a lot and she hears it all. As it gets worse though, her experiences seem to stay the same. The scratches went away and have not happened again since then, but she still get her hair pulled every now and then, she gets pushed, but no more then what she says she had experienced before. I will pass the info on to her about the cleansing bowl. I figure it can not hurt. Thanx for the response.

Zander, My cousin is related by my mothers side. Something I did not mention in the story when talking about my father, is he is my step father. My mom will not tell me to much about my biological father so trying to search my history is kind of difficult, and we are a family full of fathers that left their kids, and step fathers taking their place. I would love to search our family history, but extracting certain information from my family is like trying to cut and iron bar with a tissue. I will have to check the mattress for stuff, thank you for your response.

Danny, sounds interesting, to think about reincarnation, and past life connections, and I will think about it all. Thank you for your response.

Fashionista777, No, my wife does not have a problem with my relationship with my cousin. It does not effect my relationship with her. I am not sure why it would be a problem. If you could explain more about why you might think that it would be I would be able to address it more. I mean there are only a few things that I can think of that would cause my wife to have a problem with it, but the relationship does not go that far. Not sure if that is what your meaning or not... So if you explain further I will try to answer the question better.
Fashionista777 (4 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-24)
I don't mean to offend you, but does your wife have a problem with the relationship between you and your cousin? You're about 28, right, and she's 14, that's not a huge difference in age. Sorry if I'm pissing you off, it's just that most women I know wouldn't like it regardless of the fact that she's your cousin.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-22)

Your situation reminds me so much of the movie Paranormal Activity, Emily Rose, and The Exorcist.
I've never made fun of any of those people's experience, only because when I had my experience, not one single person accepted my private hell that I went through.
Not that anything that extreme happened to me, but I've never been one to deny those things do not happen to people.
As for the connection... It seems people are so much more connected than they will accept. Good or bad. I have several examples, but I'll just tell you about my most extreme experience.
Some people on this web site say that people make claims without proof, I won't mention names.
But I was hired as Creative Director for a company called Insight Corporation in 1996.
That's a fact.
I had to interview all the creative employees in the creative dept.
And I did.
One of those creative ladies was a twenty three year old girl with a shaved head.
She spent a few minutes with me, she then said. "I can't do this interview anymore."
I asked: "Why not?"
She said: "Because I know who you are."
I said: "What?"
At first I thought she knew about my past and my serving time in prison.
Then she said.
"I know you from my past life."
You would not believe my experiences with her over the next year. If anything, she convinced me about how people are connected in more ways than one. I truly believe. Even centuries.
One of my favorite subtle movies about Satan (If you've read any of my stories, I'm sure you know I'm obsessed about Satan) is "Angel Heart" with Mickey Rourke.
Have you seen anything else besides a shadow? And how is your cousin now?
I guess I better read more of your posts...ahem.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
13 years ago (2010-03-22)
SxeMichael - I've posted my story about my daughter and her scratches. I'm not sure how much help it will be, but it will at least let your cousin know she's not the only one. Tell her to hang in there, okay? Hopefully, as with my daughter, it'll just go away.
Zander (7 stories) (138 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-21)
Abilities and connections to the supernatural tend to run in families, in my experience. Is your cousin related to you from your father's side, by chance? He seemed to be the one about whom the initial paranormal activity which you described occurred. You have mentioned that you have no particular religious belief but I wonder if you have considered reincarnation as an explanation of the closeness which you share with your cousin? It is my understanding that families tend to find one another and reincarnate together.

I do have one practical consideration for the marks on the skin which I would want to perhaps eliminate as a possibility if I were you. There are certain ectoparasites which can produce scratch-like marks on the skin, among them cimex lectularius. If you and/or your cousin closely inspect the mattress seams of the bed where she sleeps, you would likely find them hiding there if that is the cause.

The next thing that I would look at if I were you would be the age of your cousin [is she an adolescent] and the possibility of her dabbling in occult practices. One needn't be actively pursuing occult practices such as a Ouija board in order to have paranormal phenomena occur, but it is a possibility given the curious nature of youth. Adolescence is a unique "battery" time all in its own wherein supernatural phenomena can be more prevalent in one's life. In my case, from 13-15 I experiences things which were remarkable in that regard which have not occurred again, nor did they occur before.

The last thing that I would look into if I were you would be your family history. What country your family originally hails from, your genealogy and what not. There could be a clue there as to what is occurring. On that note, a bit of what you describe is reminiscent of the experiences of a young person from Sweden whom I knew years ago. That young lady was experimenting with a Ouija board at the time. Mind you, I have no judgment against nor for a Ouija board. I do feel that they can be dangerous in the same way that randomly dialing phone numbers and doing whatever whomever answered at the other end said to do, but modern people who dismiss the Ouija out of hand as dangerous neglect the fact that this type of oracle has been in use since ancient times and is indeed a part of the new years eve celebrations in the Ukraine to this day. Intention and the precautions which one takes have a lot to do with the results from a Ouija or the like.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
Geez. Are you kidding me?
If I had even the sliver of a thought that this was a case of abuse, I would have posted it myself. I was in no way implying, insinuating, suggesting or even HINTING at that possibility. Are you serious? And yea, that teed me off to be linked to that thought.

Sorry, SxeMichael.
I did not mean to go all postal on your page, but to be connected to such a thought just fried my rational thought process.
Please believe (as a few of the comments directly after my post seemed to point to the thought that is what was implied) this was NEVER my thought. I have NO CLUE how some people just assumed that is what was meant.
Anyway, what I meant by "there is just some things missing" (paraphrased) I thought I explained out, but please allow me to be more clear.
It would appear that what your wife has encountered is an "anniversary ghost", that simply put, means that on the anniversary of an event, the ghost will show up. This has happened for such people as Edgar Allan Poe, his "griever", and a few people who were involved in war like situations.
I DO NOT think your wife's Grandmother is the same thing that is effecting your cousin.
With the space in time missing (14 year olds, no matter HOW close they are to an adult, ARE hesitant to share ALL that is going on. It is just in a trust issue that we ALL work through when coming of age), in order to see if it WAS "connected", there would have to be a known "progression" of aggression.
THAT is not obvious through this story. Not saying that it did not, just saying it would be difficult both to think of a Grandmother scratching your cousin in such a manner AND no one else seems to have encountered the same thing. You did not put in here that anyone else encountered ANYthing this physical.
WReck72 makes a very good point. But use caution when addressing her about self inflicted marks. What I have encountered is that to straight up accuse (which, regretfully, is how I handled the situation) seems to intensify the situation. I have no doubts you will be gentle with the questioning, as your post suggests a strong bond that usually means a person is sensitive to the others emotions.
What I would also suggest is asking her to check all her clothing, bedding, any chairs that she sits in, anything that would be in contact with that part of her anatomy for tags (plastic or otherwise), feathers, or the like. I know you searched her room, but maybe it needs closer examination. Has she mentioned it happening again?
Is she a highly excitable youth? Is she prone to emotional outbursts? Do you THINK she might resort to some sort of "attention seeking"? I only ask that as it is posted that she has many stresses.
IF you believe this MAY be an aggressive entity, I would suggest using a cleansed bowl (to cleanse it all you have to do is rinse it with pure water and set it out in the sun to dry) and putting a handful of dirt from her yard (it is best if SHE get the handful herself), add a few drops of pure water and a pinch of sea salts. Mix it up and place it somewhere in her room that it will be out of the way. Another thought is a ring of salt around her bed. Lavender at her threshold to keep negative beings at bay, or something made of Cedar in her room.
I am so sorry that my stating there was "something missing" caused that particular line of comments. I truly never even thought this would go that way, as the idea never even entered my mind. Your added comment DID fill in some of the "holes".
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
SxeMichael, I'm going to post a story about that same thing. It started happening to my daughter when she was 10-12 (I can't exactly remember when it started) and it went on for several years. My story, if you'd like to read it (and share it with your cousin) is going to be called "She Wakes Up With Scratches." Not very catchy, but true. I don't have any advice, just my own experience with this. After about 4 years, it stopped happening. My daughter is 18 now, and it hasn't happened in almost 2 years. Anyway, I hope for your cousin's sake it just goes away. She's lucky to have you to confide in. I know the first thing a lot of people want to believe is self-mutilation or sexual abuse. That wasn't the case with my daughter and I hope it's not the case with your cousin. After checking for all the obvious reasons, sometimes it actually is something else.
SxeMichael (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
Wreck72, reading your second post more closely, got me thinking. There are some stressful situations going on at her house. One of her older sisters has been having a lot of arguments with her parents lately. There might be something to that. So I will see if I can get her to talk to me more about her home situation. Perhaps there is something that I don't know that might help figure out what is going on. Thanx for the help... That does give me another direction to look into. I will see if I can get her to write her own story and post it here. Thank you for the help.
SxeMichael (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
Jerryhend1, first things first, I am male. Second, as far as claiming that I am molesting my cousin, everything except the mark on her neck happened at her house, not mine. For implying that, there is something you can go do in the corner with yourself. In case you did not get that, I was telling you to go F%^$ yourself. I was writing her and my story, not yours.

WReck72, there maybe a gap in the story because my cousin is still hesitant to tell me things. I do not think that I have gotten the full story myself. I mean the things that my wife and I have experienced, do not bother me. I mean a lot of what has happened to us lately started 9 years to the very day that her grandmother passed away. My wife and her grandmother were very close. My wife drove her to all her radiation treatments for cancer and my wife was the first one to find her when she passed away.

The experiences from my childhood, with the room going cold and my dog acting weird, all stopped when I moved out of my parents house. Then the new experiences all happen every year around the same time of year, so my wife is pretty sure its her grandmother.

To Robertar, what I mean by Athiest and Religion, is, if you tell me to tell my cousin to go to a church and ask for advise, she has already done that. Their advice to pray it away does not work. I do not believe in god, and therefore I do not believe that something would be trying to take my cousin away from god. I still gave her the advice to check with them anyway, because she is a Christian, and should follow the path she feels is right.

To your questions.
1. I am willing to find out anything. I have an open mind, and if it can help to either figure out what is going on, or just stop it, I am open to it... Even if it is relgious.

2. Really any of those, being supernatural, paranormal, or spiritual

3. This is for everyone, as she tells me more of the story, I will try to add to help answer questions.
WReck72 (1 stories) (116 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
jerryhend1 you may want to read more closely before commenting not many girls in the US are married at age 14. As for SxeMichael Sorry so many people are assume a history of abuse however it is common in situation such as this and is something many people might not want to mention. That being said there are also a lot of psychological Issues that could be causing this or possibly medical there are some skin conditions that may cause her underwear to leave marks like that non I know of that are localized though meaning it would effect all her skin not just remote locations. Also cutting is a common issue in girls especially ones that are highly stressed and the inner thigh is often times a choice area. Paranormal is a possibility but there are so many others to try and give accurate advice is difficult at this point. After all this is about your cousin and there just wasn't all that much about her in the story perhaps you could have her post her own story. There are lots of helpful people on this site and many have had similar experience.
robertar (223 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
reading your story made me think of family type hauntings where "whatever it is" goes after various family members and is passed down from generations.

Not sure what the other's mean by "somethings missing". Suggestions of some sexual abuse or something? I wish they would expand as well.

Not sure what OP (poster) means by "atheist" and "religion". Please define as it seems to mean different things to different people.

OP's questions

First, how can I find out if what is happening to my cousin might be related to things that have happened to me and my family? Second, is it possible that my connection to my cousin is more than just a close bond that seemed to form so quickly? Third, is a story like this ever happened before?

1. What are you willing to do to find out?

2. Do you mean, "is it possible this is supernatural, paranormal or spiritual"?

3. I don't know but I have heard other stories like this so they seem just as likely as your to have really happened.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2010-03-19)
Yes, it HAS happened before.
But I tell you truth, there is a bit too much that you are protecting (and I totally understand) or are thinking is not all that important, that seems to be missing.
May I suggest you look up a few of the stories on here by Ghostseer? In particular, perhaps the story "Ghost Bite On My Inner Thigh". Sounds very much as it might be in about the same location as the scratches on your cousin.
I would NOT jump to the "demon" conclusion as of yet, however. I also would not, as of yet, deem this an Incubus. Unless there is more to that incident that you have not written here.
You seem to be a researcher. I would suggest looking up "angry ghosts", "revenge ghosts" (believe it or not, their experiences are not as horrid as that sounds) or perhaps even "malicious entities".
I really hesitate to leave you with any advice because there just seems to be a gap, like WReck72 stated as well, that may all be in not wanting to put too much out there. From just what you shared with us, I do not see any kind of connection. What would make you question if there were?
WReck72 (1 stories) (116 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-19)
I have read this story a few times over and something isn't right. Usually I would assume it was just written poorly or made up as some stories here clearly are. However in this case I want to know what it is you left out of the story. I was wondering if anything comes to mind that you may feel might have any importance that you forgot to included. Sorry I if I come across and prying or intrusive for asking. Like I said though I read the story a few times and really think there's something missing.

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