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My Cousin Julie's House In The Summer Of 2006


Me and my cousin Josh were staying up late at my cousin Julie's house (josh's aunt. She was away helping her brother move from one military base to another) playing elder's Scrolls 4: Oblivion at about 11pm during the summer of 2006. Her German Rottweiler Oden was asleep at my feet and her dog Lokca was standing about ten or so feet from the sliding glass doors that lead to the back. I looked over because she was standing there for about twenty minutes or so and said to Josh "Hey look at Lokca, she's staring at us." When he looked over he said "Uh, I wonder what's up with her?" and right after he said that the closed blinds flew towards her and Lokca turned and bit the air. We ran over to see what really happened. I said to Josh it was Miley (Julie's friend Aleasha's dog. She was staying there for a little while with her two kids and one dog because she was homeless) he said that Miley was in the room with Aleasha while she was on the phone.

As we went to knock one Aleasha's door we heard a grown come from the computer room, then Julie's ferrets started going crazy in their cage as if someone just reached in it. Aleasha came out of her room and asked what we were doing, so we told her we saw the blinds fly at Lokca and then heard a moan in the computer room, and then the ferrets were going crazy. She started to freak out a little and told us to turn off the TV and sleep with her two kids. So I went to turn off the TV and PS3. (When the TV. Turns off it makes a loud click noise) When I turned off the TV it kept making a click noise as I walked away. When I looked back it stopped, so I kept walking away and it started again. By then I was at the kids room and I laid on the floor between the kids beds with josh (the feet of the beds were taken up by Lokca and Oden already) it was bout 1am now as I lied down Anthony (Aleasha's 4 month old baby) started crying. So Josh turned on the merry-go-round above Anthony on and almost instantly the baby fell asleep again. When it stopped Anthony stood up and put his right hand on the top of the bars as if it were a railing walked over the button at the foot of the crib and turned it on, walked back to where he was laying and covered himself with the blankets again and went to sleep (Note: Anthony couldn't even walk at that time). Both me and Josh started tripping out and didn't go to sleep at all that night.

I still remember this as vividly as it happened that night two years ago and still don't know what really happened at my cousin's house. I haven't been back there since because I've and summer school and I also had to go to a couple of camps.

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