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The Haunted Apartment


Me and my husband at the time and my two sons were renting this apartment, and it needed a lot of work when we moved in, but that's what he did for a living, remodeling apartments. We had no problem in the beginning, until we were almost done remodeling, then it all started. The front door gave us such a hard time trying to open it, he and I literally slammed our bodies into the door together, while turning the knob, finally, after a while it opened. So, we decided to use the back door, even though the front would've been more convenient.

One day, all four of us were sitting in the living room, near that door, locked it opened by itself. Then around 8-9/PM my husband ran to the laundry mat, while I stayed with the kids, who were 2 and 7 years old. I stayed home painting. I heard that door-knob jiggle, I almost ran to it to let him in (but if it was him, he would open it). I heard a woman voice, as if she were talking to a little girl say, "Hello" I ran in the kids room and slammed the door behind me, grabbing a baseball bat. My eldest son said, "Alright mom" but I was scared. I could hear (in my mind), outside that bedroom door that I ran into, men's big, black shoes, pacing back and forth outside the bedroom door, it was picking up the nails that my husband threw into an old roller tray for painting. Nails being picked up and dropped, over and over. I ran out into the hallway (the one we could use) with the kids until he came home. I heard a lady say "Hi" in my ear while walking across my kitchen.

Another day, I flew into the other room where my husband and kids were. The people downstairs kept coming up all the time, saying "They couldn't stand the noise anymore, of bodies being thrown to the floor, and banging coming from our apartment..." And we weren't even making any noises. The toilet and kitchen sink filled up with black water, over flowing also in that apartment. A bathroom light turned on after I just shut it off, I walked a couple of feet away, turned my head, it was back on. As I was walking by the kitchen cabinets, they clicked open with every step, one per step. Bugs started coming in the house, rats, and slugs all over the steps, when we'd come home. A bat was in the house, so I turned and ran from this bat, I struck my husband, took him down, he was holding his face in a fetal position, face down on the floor not moving. I accidentally took him off his feet, while running. I didn't see him, he hit his ribs on the edge of a thick wooden end-table, cracking his ribs. Because the bat was flying right into my face, I ran, slamming a door behind me.

We had to go to a hotel because we couldn't get the bat out that night! We moved in with a friend, just to get out of there, because we couldn't find an apartment. In time.

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Hillary (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-08)
wow. You should def. Try to find out that history of the apartment, maybe you could of tried to communicate with the ghost and tell it to leave you alone... But I know how that goes, you don't think about that at the moment! =]
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-06)
They say when you make changes to a home or in this case an apartment, spirits who may be attached to the home and have otherwise gone unnoticed may become upset and may make their presence and feelings known.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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