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Strange Things At My Dads House


Up to the age of 18 my family lived in the house that my dad now owns, it is only a short walk away from where we live now but with my parents not getting on and my dad refusing to move out it was left up to my mum, little brother and myself (my older brother had already moved out with his fiancé and their baby at this stage) but whilst I lived at my dad's house I had a few strange experiences.

When I was really small probably about 4 or 5 maybe smaller I can't quite remember, me and my older brother (who is 2 years older than me) shared his room for a few months whilst my cousin stayed with us in my room. We had bunk beds and I got the bottom (as younger siblings usually do). I remember it was early morning and my brother was still asleep but I heard a guy's voice telling me that playdays was on, it was as if someone was right in my ear as they said it, it was not a voice that I recognized a deep man's voice. Well me being young this woke me up and I went downstairs to put the TV on but it was only 4am so long before playdays would start. I never found an explanation for this.

(I have never been sure if this was a dream or real my parents did argue a lot and my dad wasn't a very nice person when he lost his temper) I was probably about 12 and sleeping in my bed when my light came on and my dad was there shouting at my mum (I cannot remember for the life of me what about) my mum was telling him to get out and leave me alone, he leant over me in the bed I was trying to pretend to be asleep. He was getting very close to my face when my mum grabbed him and pulled his arm back, he them pushed her out of my room closing the door and leaving my light on. Not long after this I was laid in my bed still hearing the shouting going on in the next room, when I started to very slowly move down my bed, I was not moving myself and could feel nothing grabbing hold of me but it was as if someone had hold of my leg or something was slowly pulling me down my bed under the covers. I sat up and this stopped. I eventually fell back to sleep but the next morning when I woke up my light was still on (which has made me wonder if this was a dream or not)

When I was 13 my little brother was 6 and I was left to babysit him my next door neighbour had come round she would have been about 15. We were downstairs watching some cartoons with my bro. There was a massive bang upstairs so we all went to investigate. Well for the sound of this bang we thought the explanation would be pretty obvious to spot but we could not find anything that had fallen over or anything we searched everywhere. We told my little brother that it was something on my bedroom floor that had fallen of the side just to put his mind at rest, but we knew it was something else.

When I turned 16 I decided I'd put a key lock on my door (my parents and older brother had one) I was sick of my brothers going into my room and taking my stuff! So when I went out I would lock it (on the inside you could just turn the latch on the door handle and lock it but from the outside you would have to have a key to lock it) well one day I was in my room and I wanted a drink so I went down to get a drink and since it was just me and my little brother in I didn't lock the door as I was only going to be a couple of minutes and he was downstairs, so I got my drink and ended up watching TV with him for about 5 minutes and next to me was our house phone, it was one of those cordless handsets on the base. It rung but the ring was the ring the phone would do if someone pressed the intercom button (used mainly by us to find the phone) we only had the one handset which was already on the base nobody had pressed it, it rung for about 5 seconds me and my little brother looked at each other confused and then it stopped. Well after this I decided to go back upstairs and my door was locked. As I said before I didn't lock it, my keys were still inside so I had been locked out of my own room, I had to wait for my dad to get home so he could break in to my room.

When I was 17 my then boyfriend came over and we had moved a lot around in our house at the time as my mum was redecorating the living room. Well one day he told me that he didn't want to scare me but he could see a elderly lady at the bottom of my staircase, he told me that she had grey hair and was wearing a blue dress, this immediately freaked me out and I went to get a picture of my great Nan which was usually at the bottom of the stairs, I showed him and he went white, he told me this was the lady he had seen. This was the first time he had been to my house and could not have known.

I always felt like I was being watched I that house and it was not a pleasant feeling, my parents went away for 2 weeks to Cyprus when I had turned 18 and I stayed at home had a few parties and what not, but once it got dark I hated being there alone just such a bad vibe, I had lived in this house for 18 years and been left alone countless times before but it was just a feeling like pure evil from that house gave me goose bumps and a horrible feeling in pit of my stomach! I hated it most nights I'd ask my friends to stay there with me.

Hope this post didn't bore you too much but these are just a few things I can remember from that house.

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clo-clo (4 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-20)
Ok so my parents are now back together I had moved out with a boyfriend but at the moment that's not working so I'm staying with them for the moment, last night, the first night I am back I took my things up to my room- the bedroom I grew up in I searched around for ny phone charger and couldn't find it, looked down stairs still nowhere to be found so came back up stairs, nothing. After about 10 minutes of emptying bags and searching through things I went back down stairs and there on the sofa sat my charger, right on a cushion wrapped neatly and everyone had came up to bed the first time I went up with my things...
clo-clo (4 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-25)
not dreaming about the house so much, but I do have strange dreams but this site won't let me post them. Just dreams where I'm dreaming that I have woken up and freaky shiat happens but its sooo real! Like the feeling of being drugged trying to get into my mums room rom my bedroom but I couldn't walk straight an something like a dark mass was trying to pull me back to my bedroom. After this happening 3 times I went to sleep in my mum (sad I know) but she told me I sat bolt upright and was screaming at something in the room which she couldn't see for about 10-15 mintues, she couldn't wake me up from it. But I don't remember any of this, I had a simular expierence when I went away to spain with an ex about a year ago... X
shahidutz (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-23)
contact any good person, if you re cristian, then contact any good father, he will solve the problem, if muslim, read ayat verses of God and pray, to keep save and hire angels for my help.
robertar (223 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-22)
do you still dream about the house?

I had some time in a similar situation, it was my grandmother's house. When she moved, "it" did too.
clo-clo (4 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-22)
haha its ok thanks for reading and thanks for your comment:)
Take care
Clo xxx
chopis (78 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-22)
Hi Clo-clo,

Not at all, it was interesting, sorry to hear that your parents didn't get along but sometimes, when that happens, it's better to part ways:)



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