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Can't Really Say If It's Paranormal... But Weird


I have a couple things to share.

First when I was about 6 or 7 I used to "see" a little boy and little girl. The reason why I put quotes on see is I never really saw them but from the first time I "saw" them I knew what they looked like. They both were white looked about the same age as I was then. Had on maybe 1900 clothing and the girl had long blonde hair that was in two pigtails and the boy had short black hair under a hat. I used to "see" them a lot. I was never scared by them. For some reason they ALWAYS stayed in the basement like they were scared to come upstairs or someone was keeping them down there.

I used to hear pounding footsteps at night and I always said that they were just running up and down the stairs and sometimes it got annoying, but who's to say it wasn't someone who were forcing them to stay there or the one who may have killed them! I didn't really talk to them but when I did they never spoke back and as a child it hurt me because they were friends to me but they wouldn't talk to me at all. But was I grew up I stopped "seeing" them and now I just think that they were my imaginary friends. Honestly I would LOVE to see them again!

Second Story: Sorry if its short I'll try to give as much detail as I can so you can understand.

This happened a couple years ago about 2007-2008. I was in my room and I had a desktop computer in my room (there was nowhere else to put it in the house) and I was on the computer and my mom came in asking me if she can get on for a couple of minutes to look something up. Now my room is kind of small.

When you first walk in my room the closet is right in front of you (I have like a small hallway) and right next to the door is the computer and behind me to the right is my bed and TV. So I moved over to sit on my bed and my mom left my door open so I could see in the hallway and I was watching my TV and I got a great urge to look in the hallway and about 5 seconds after I did I saw something walk out of my moms room (down the hall) and down the stairs.

All I saw was the head and the right shoulder but I made it out to be a man. I asked my mom did she see my sister come out of her room she said she hadn't (my sister was watching a movie) I guess my sister heard me ask about her and she came out of the room, right then I knew it wasn't her but I haven't see the man again I guess when he went down the stairs he was leaving. I'm surprised that my sister didn't see him considering he was in the room with her. Sometimes I wonder what he was here for and was he a family member or something.

Last One: This one is really about a BAD feeling I had one morning. It was about 7:30 am one morning and I was getting ready for school. It was about 2007-2008. And after I got my clothes on and brushed my teeth and everything I went down stairs to get breakfast. Now I don't usually feel this way but as soon as my foot touched down on the floor from the steps I felt an incredible sense of danger but I just turned on Sponge Bob to calm myself and made me some cereal. After I ate it I was combing my hair in the long mirror in my front hallway and the feeling got stronger and closer to me and I started to really freak out.

I don't really know if this was just from me being too scared but I was a face in the mirror in the closet behind me. Like someone was standing in the dark closet hiding everything but their face, it was a woman. She was white and she looked like she had been killed with the scratches, scars, and burn marks all over her face, it was scary because she like zoomed into the mirror making noise like the girl from the grudge.

Even though I was young I tried my best to stay calm (the sense of danger didn't leave when she went into the mirror) so I got all of my stuff and walked across the street to my best friends house (we walked to school together) cause I just could take it any more I thought something was going to happen to me. As I was walking it felt like someone was watching my leave like they were looking out the window. I was too scared to look back. When I got to her house she saw how freaked out I was and asked me what was wrong but I didn't tell her.

Well those are my few experiences...

Oh wait another thing I just found out... As I was writing the last one my big brother asked me what I was writing and I told him and he asked me about them so I told him about the little boy and girl and how they were always walking up and down the stairs and he looked at me in shock and told me that he used to hear the same thing. Now the thing that makes me happy about that is he sleeps in the basement so he heard them loud and clear. But the difference is he said that he believe that it was a man and a woman but I thought they were children. But we both agree that one was male and the other was female and they never really came all the way up the stairs. So comment and tell me what you think.

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metanormalcom (guest)
12 years ago (2011-12-24)

I can understand your hearts braveness because I'm like you, I hear stories and I see things that others would go to pshychologists for.There's something you should know about the life: Paranormal is paranormal and must be kicked away from normal life, If you just saw those kids and talked everyday like they were real then you were living the paranormal situatuation like a normal one... This is not right. If you grew up like this then don't be surprised if the paranormal is still haunting your feelings. Great story, thanks for sharing.
TheRealIcePrincess (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-09)
You know what you sound like to me MsKiaraJ. You sound like a sensitive...
Most infants can see and talk to ghosts, and some do it still as they get older. Sometimes parents mistake them for "imaginary friends". So the kid hears this and starts to believe it themselves. They grow up, lose their childhood sensitivity and their "imginary friends" disappear.
Maybe you should try to go down to the basement and take a recorder. Ask questions, take an hour or two... Give them a chance to respond.
Maybe you are mostly a seer, instead of being able to hear them. People can be sensitive in different ways.
Just a suggestion though, I may be way off on this.

^-^ Peace.
lulu_6192009 (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-05)
hi wow interesting story maybe you should find out what really happened. There is a story there and they don't leave the basement wow I think they were murdered. Go to the library and find out if there was murder in the 1900 where you were at let us know what happend
samara (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-04)
I think you'll find that ghosts can easily change their appearance, to suite themselves. Maybe these ghosts are trying to share a story with you
1900's may have been a dangerous time for some, for Australia, those who didn't agree with federation would ignore the law & cause riot, & I've heard many more stories from around the world, I have a feeling these ghosts are telling you a story, to help you understand why they are there, a story that may go for a lifetime... They may be desperate
I gave this same advice to someone else, & probably will to a couple more people.
Try to gain contact with the spirits by writing questions on a piece of paper, leave a pen & the paper with questions on it in a place you feel safe for the ghosts to visit, eg. Lounging room / basement etc.
& leave it there for about a fortnight, see if there are any responses.
MsKiaraJ (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-02)
Well BadJuuJuu no they didn't speak to me but yeah they knew I was there we used to sit and talk but yet again they didn't talk back. For the girl and boy I used to see them everyday mostly when I got home from school like they were saying "welcome home" or something. But the man in the hallway and the woman in the mirror yes they were only seen that one time. The reason why I got to thinking they were killed is that even they were sitting right in front of me they were so distant I guess that's why they didn't talk. I understand what you mean about the healthcare back then, good point. No I haven't found anything on the house. In all honesty I haven't really thought about lookin up the history on it but I really think I should. Thanks for your input ❤
BadJuuJuu (guest)
14 years ago (2010-07-02)
The chidren never spoke to you at all? Did they ever do anything to acknowledge your presence? Did they vary their routine, or do the same things over and over again? I'm curious about the possibility of them being a residual haunt.
The other two things that you mention seem to have both been one-time events. Sometimes entities are just "passing through" and are never encountered again.
Do you have any reason to believe these kids may have been killed? In the early 1900s medical care wasn't readily available to everyone and disease was a pretty common way to go.
Have you been able to do any research on the house and land? Sometimes older houses can be difficut to find information on, but if you are stubborn enough, you may find some answers.
Interesting account btw. Hope you find the answers to this ❤.
cutechoy (42 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-02)
w0w! Great story! It is sooooo nc! I think the man, the children and the woman is a family masaker (correct me if its wrong spelling) in your house...

23_Chantelle_23 (84 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-02)
i would have been soooOOOOooo scared! I sometimes get that eerie feeling when I walk upstairs alone at night but its usually after I have read a bunch of these stories so I'm sure I'm just phsycing myself out, good collection tho keep us updated! 😊
haysw1012 (1 stories) (22 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-01)
omg. The thing about the face in the mirror and the grudge O______O I'm going to show my mom this bc today we were in a hotel that we're staying in and we walked up the stairs rather than taking the elevator. I always used to not be able to take the stairs in hotels BECAUSE of the grudge. For years now I haven't been scared as I'm 19 and older hahahaha but today I just psyched myself out:| and told my mom and she was like "oh well... At least its not real" -.-

How you handled that and walked over to your friends house... I have no idea, but I applaud you because I would never be able to try and stay calm.

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