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These are some experiences my granny and her family had years ago when she was young. My granny told me these only a few months before she died.

Haunted House on Moore Street

Around the time of the 1916 Uprising my granny's mum (my great granny who lived here for a while) used to live in a house on Moore Street with her family. While trying to sleep at night, their bedroom door would be closed. Although no one would enter the room, they would hear a sound like a dress dragging across the floor. Every morning they would go to the sitting room to find everything from the mantelpiece in the fireplace.

The Old Country Road

Years ago there was an accident on an old country road. All I know is a man died in it. Years later my grandparents' friend was driving down that road when a man stood in the middle of the road looking for a lift.

He realized what was going on straight away, that it wasn't an actual person. He kept driving and sped up and drove straight through the man.

I've no idea where this happened and can't find out. My granny and grandad died about a month or two ago and stuff has been happening since then but that's another story which I'll post soon.

Haunted Country House

My granny's nephew bought an old house in the country. It was an old barn converted into a house. His wife heard their baby crying one night went up and found the blankets off the baby. Came back downstairs then heard a baby crying again a few minutes later. She went back up and found that their baby wasn't crying and the blankets were tucked under the mattress. She wouldn't tuck the blankets in like that and their baby was sleeping too peacefully to have been crying a minute before. They reckon another baby was crying, not theirs.

Their son always talked to someone, an imaginary friend or so they thought. He told them his "friend" told him not to go outside the gate and onto the road. We believe he had a protector of some sort, someone watching over him. I don't know of any deaths in the family around this time. We believe the house must have been haunted by a good spirit who was taking care of their children.

My granny's brother stayed in his son's house one day while everyone was out. He heard a door and called his wife thinking she was home early. He got no answer but heard footsteps walking down the hallway going into a room. No one ever went into the attic in the house. Everyone was too afraid to even think about going up there, not knowing what they might find - bones or something of that sort.

Please comment and let me know what you think. I've always been wondering could the old house have been haunted by someone who lived there before who cared about their child or could it have been a residual haunt? Could there have been more than one spirit there? I don't have any way of contacting some of the family members who had some of these experiences to find out more about them.

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Shadead (91 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-20)
Some decent experiences there enjoyed hearing about them.

As for your Ghost sounds like a family thing, eg Baby died at that location and so did a parent or both hence the children protector so you kind of lucked in with that one you know its a good thing to have someone or something watching over you for safety.

Best wishes and post more I'm interested.

Aya-Love-Carrots (150 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-13)
Residual spirit are those spirit who died on horrible death or emotionally burden... I haven't heard a happy spirit that live residue... 😁 I also think that any ghost can be a guardian not only or relatives 😊 and about the attic, there are many possible thing why the ghost is in the attic like: 1.) the skeleton or bone (this is your theory but I think there's no bone in there...)
2.) empty spaces or silent space attract ghost (you do say that no one goes in the attic)
3.) maybe its a place where that person enjoy his/her time when hes still alive)
4.) a thing that belong to that person is inthere)

Yosh! Feel free to add more guys... Anyway do take care... ❤ nice story and thanks for sharing it with us...:D

Mada mada ne...

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